Month: June 2011

Updates for the ritual slaughter ban in Holland

In my previous block I have acclaimed the Dutch move of ritual slaughter ban targeting halal and kosher slaughtering as a brilliant move to use the dismay of one leftist group (animal rights group) as an excuse, or at least the most visible rationale to tame the growing trouble-making Islamic influence in the Netherlands.

I found this quite interesting and funny, especially the fact that Dutch legislation picks up animal rights, a common leftist ideology associated with affluence and excessive feminine sympathy , as a new sharp sword and shell to confront the most controversial social issue in Europe (that is… grrr. Immigration, Islam etc.). Though the Dutch move is not as sophisticated and convincing as it seems, it still counts as a big leap forward from simply denying the existence of those problems with wishful thinking of a peaceful neighborhood where gay couples neighbor a Wahhabi clan and say hi to each other with smile.

Gotta give credit to this action for that. However, there’s the follow-up of this ban which I found even more entertaining and amusing than the original story: the annoyance of the Jew in the Netherlands

What’s with the Jews? Well, the modern Europe is simply too intimidating to do anything that looks even slightly anti-Jewish (I avoid the term antisemitism, as their Muslims counterparts are the same breed – Semites, except for the Turks and Hausa). And there is really no reason to disdain the Jews in Holland anyway. Sure they may not believe in Jesus Christ and pretty much dominated the capitalistic financial world and help created ideology monsters like Communism and leftism, but they coexist pretty nicely with the other people nowadays and have produced loads of smart fellas that propel the voyage of modern human civilization. Looks like Jews are clean from European’s bash on Muslims, but why are they bitching about ritual slaughter ban?

Well, to answer this question, it is important to clarify that some Jews (though most of Jews in Europe and America got emancipated from strict religious belief) are still practicing their ancient rituals, which pretty much share a lot in common with their Muslim/Arab relatives. For example, Jews don’t eat pork, just like the Muslims. In this case Jews also perform a ancient ritual slaughtering called Kosher that is almost like the Jewish version of Halal in Islam, or the other way around (whatever makes you feel better). Evidently when the pretentious Dutch politicians were desperately looking for a way to curb the Muslims implosion in the country while still claiming to be much of a believer in universal equality and freedom that would attract enough votes to be popular, they could not single out the Muslims and deal with the issues publicly (though I think it would be much more effective to deal with the situation alone) due to their paradoxical “political morals”. Thus they have to bring down the whole clumps of “ritual slaughter” into the muddy water; and that act unfortunately also targets Kosher slaughtering as inhumane and banned as a result. This is basically how the Jews get spotted into the collateral damage (like the French ban on religious symbols at school, you think the French don’t like the cross-necklace wearing Catholic or Jews with Star of David?). So at the end of day, in this story, Jews get served, Kosher slaughter banned. Even though it is so obvious that Jews are not the target and Kosher is not Halal,their interests have to be sacrificed for the sake of aiming at Muslims. Even though Rabbis openly protest for the innocence of Kosher slaughtering, clarifying them not being the target but the Muslims (and they are absolutely correct), the hypocrisy of European politics matches on. Pity the Jews, just inconvenient timing when leftism deters any effective actions without hypocrisy and contingent  collateral damages. To me, it is such a relish to look at the contrasting stances and arguments of different claimants in this case.

It’s like picking up the scissor and emasculate yourself

Such a scary topic, but don’t worry. This is just a metaphor, I am not going to discuss about human anatomy and the excision of male reproductive organ. That is just cruel.

Exactly because this is so cruel, usually you don’t do it by myself, but in some rare circumstances others do that to you like the fate of those blacks slaves in the old Arab world, or eunuch in the Forbidden Palace in Beijing in the old time. But why would someone want to do it on themselves? Are they crazy? do they hate themselves so much? Or simply they like to suffer in endless pain and shame for the rest of their life?

I am not talking about an individual being, I am referring to such act on behalf of one ethnic group, one country, one culture, and one civilization as an entity. The manhood of a country/culture/race entails the very essence of its existence, that is their identity, sense of belonging, pride of their history and tradition, and of course, belief and optimism in the past and the future of its identity. Those issues are therefore the unquestionable foundation that supports the unity and prosperity of one culture/country/etc.  In one sentence, they are like the manhood to a man. Suppose a man imposes his will forcibly on other men and discarded those men that are out of shape or simply too weak to compete to survive in the mother nature. Then other strong men try to convince this man that what he did was not right and cruel. The man would ignore others if he out-competes everywhere. Or the man probably listens to the opinions and apologize and give some help to the poor guy he almost crushed. Or in the worst case the man gets punished by others in jail or fine. But that’s it. Should the man emasculate himself just to compensate his natural survival skills at the time?

Well, the Australians surely think that they could emasculate themselves to compensate to what their ancestors did to the Australian aborigines. Even an official apology is not enough, the Sydney officially declares arrival of British settlers ‘an invasion‘! So Australia was built on barbarism and cruel invasion that was established on “the ruins of one of most ancient civilization of the world” – the mighty Australian aborigines.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except everything? This is: to accept that most of the Australians, along with their invading colony cities like Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne are all bogus and invalid. It is officially self-declared that most of Australians are ruthless and despicable invaders and they do not belong to the holy aborigines land! Imagine a normal Australian kid (demographic majority) learns about the history of his country: “Australians are bad colonial bloodless murderers that invaded the civilized aborigines and took their land, you should be ashamed of being an Australian!” If this happens, I really don’t see the point of being an Australian and feeling proud of being an Australian. That kid would probably develop a sense of guilt that hates his own root so much and get so twisted and confused and either claimed he got aborigines blood (like the “native Americans” in the US) or … feel he is inferior in every way to those alcoholic “native””s kids, whose their “great civilized ancestors” did not even invent a ducking wheel before the Europeans arrived (some places like Tasmania they did not even invent FIRE!).

If this is not a self-emasculation, what is it? as much as I don’t approve mass killing of uncivilized people or people that are just simply stupid for modern civilization, I don’t think Australians could blame themselves so much and castrate themselves. To most people’s understanding, what’s past stays in the past, move on! As far as I concern, an official apology is well enough to serve the angry native mobs in the Northern Territory, who probably don’t really care about white people’s emasculation anyway. True that Australians did loads of bad things to the aborigines, some of them are rather unethical in nowadays moral standard. But as I said what’s past is past, and Australians have indeed already done a lot to revive and preserve the aboriginal community and their culture. One thing fair to say, look at the glory and prosperity of modern Australia, I dare to say Australia wouldn’t be so smooth now if those bad shits didn’t happen on this lost continent.

But why Australians nowadays are so self-twisted and got beef with himself because his past behavior, to the point that it announces to itself that it is invalid?

In human history it is common that there are always winners and losers. Clearly aborigines are inferior to their European counterparts and therefore submitted and institutionalized and assimilated by the latter. There are tons of such examples in the long river of human history. The whole America’s history. The Anglo-saxons invaded Britain and became dominant. The Magyar invaded central Europe probably raped and killed the local inhabitants (prob slavs, germans etc.) and established Hungary, Ottoman turks crushed the Byzantine empire and took over Anatolia and changed it to Turkey! I don’t see they are mind-twisting with their past and try to emasculate themselves. Even the Japanese and the Germans didn’t void its whole identity after their epic defeat from their fascist invasions in Europe and China!

But those NORMAL examples did not really explain why Australians emasculated itself, did it?

No it did not. My brain hurts when I am trying to use my empathy to look for answers on behalf of the Australians. In end end, I could only think of one thing that explains this twisted mindset – leftism

One similar case I could think of is the Cultural Revolution under the China Communist Part (CPC) in China during the 60/70s. Under extreme leftism, we Chinese basically destroyed our culture and tradition, a continuous magnificent civilization that lasted for 5000 years and survived and prospered from early waves of aggression of nomads and later European and Japanese colonial sabotage, got crushed by ourselves. During this period we denounced and bombarded anything related our Chinese culture. Perhaps we feel we are so inferior as Chinese civilization that we just wiped off and denied the whole package in the history. The nowadays China is what I always refer to the Peasant’s China, it no longer relates to the glorious Chinese culture, tradition, and manners. Thanks to the Cultural Revolution, we tossed away, ripped in million pieces, and burned down all those essences that make up the identity of Chinese civilization – Confucianism, Chinese etiquette, and Chinese literature etc. We madly emasculated ourselves so hard that nowadays we have to look up to Taiwan and oversea Chinese to retrieve the identity of China. Though even the CPC realized it was a mistake, it does not change the fact that contemporary China is suffering enormous pain in recovering itself and trying to sew our manhood back to the way it was before. Screw that, I am so much troubled with contemporary China because of our extremely foolish act 40 years ago.

That’s what extreme leftism could bring to a country and civilization.

Leftism is based on denying the diversity of different individual beings and societies, denying the inequality that has always been in the universe we live in. In another way of saying, leftism is based on denial of empirical facts. It says minority should be the superior group rather than the massive majority. It says all people in different beliefs and environment are equal and therefore should be treated equally (which is basically contradicting to previous leftist doctrine itself), regardless if wahhabis in Europe just think Allah is the answer and all others should be in hell or if Papuans just don’t understand why the white men are flying god’s plane on the air. So those people, without any struggle or actual emancipation like the Europeans, Americans, and latest the Chinese, all of sudden given the equal and even superior status by compassionate white dudes. You think they will become one of your illusionists? Sure leftism comes from sympathy, which is basically a christian philosophy. But to castrate oneself to appease those undeserved kinds is just … dumb and suicidal for the country and the culture. And there’s no need for excessive sympathy either. If really every human beings are equal, YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACT LIKE THE GOD TO FEEL COMPASSION ABOUT ALL OTHER LESS FORTUNATE. Your sympathy won’t be fully appreciated by others and it just makes you a bigger smug idiot that performs self-castration and beaten by others.

When left attacks “minorities”

This morning I have briefly went through this piece of news, which caught my great attention.

Dutch MPs vote to ban religious slaughter

Basically the Netherlands is following the steps of New Zealand, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland to become the latest country to ban halal or kosher animal slaughter in their own country. I always view religion as a guideline of personal philosophy and worldview (albeit being a stupid one), and anything else that does not have to do with this should not be labeled as religion in a free country (e.g. islamic finance, sharia law, and halal/kosher slaughter). I am glad to see the Netherlands is starting to deal with its issues with the Muslim immigration population in its country, this is so much better than left UK appeasement to Islam, which is going to bring down UK to a total sectarian clash forefront eventually (what a pity).

Either way, the most funny part is that the the animal right group is one of the most visible groups that are lobbying for the ban of halal/kosher slaughter. This is such a great combination to push such moves as a group of leftist animal rights group, which is considered as sort of able-to-come-common-ground thoughts in Europe, go against the so-called religious minority, as named by other groups of leftists. It is so obvious that to publicly denounce a religion practice or immigration is mostly likely to be labeled with racism and hatred  and get ridiculed in the mass media. As much as it is the right the move to deal with the practical issues, you need sophisticated public speaking skills to awaken the mass to stop denying the fact that those problems don’t exist and there’s nothing serious out of it. If you are too outspoken, look at that Geert Wilder. Basically if the visible voice beyond this ban is from realists like Wilder or Le Pan, the media tone would be much more different, I am sure there is going to be massive condemnation from the mass media, which is basically controlled by the leftist liberal who thinks all people think alike and should be treated alike. But if it is the animal rights group who accused the religious slaughtering inhumane to the animals, looks like people tend to stand along with the animal rights with a little bit of hidden annoyance against Muslims in their mind. Though animal rights are not something that I find appealing or worth paying attention to, I am more happy to see some restraint of the Islamic gloom in Europe.

The Energy War

Energy is the essence of modern civilization. It is often associated with economic development, geo-politics, energy security, and until recently environment and climate change issues. I have always been very interested in energy issues, especially the energy politics. Let alone the debate of climate change, I used to believe renewable energy should be THE answer to all these energy problems and conflicts emerging around the globe, to which I even dedicated my Master thesis. But after working in the renewable energy sector for several months, I start to realize that the reality is far from the Utopia I pictured in the first place, that the role of fossil fuel in our energy portfolio is unlikely to be challenged in the short run. Having said that, I do hope this oil/gas pattern could change, that our economy could be absolutely decoupled from the consumption of fossil fuel. The sole reason why I would like that to happen is that I hope one day we could stop giving the oil money to the middle east to fund jihadists around the world. Meanwhile, it is important to realize that renewable energy could power up your house, but not your factories and the whole city (except for large hydro power). So there’s need for a replacement for a central energy source for fossil fuel in power plants, industrial process, and transportation, which in my perspectives lies in the future of ITER. However, the reason I am bringing the topic of energy is neither about nuclear debate nor renewable energy leap-forward campaign, but simply about the good old fashion oil issues.

Yesterday IEA, an organization that was set up exclusively to counter-balance the influence of oil producing countries in the 1970s, announced that it will release the oil reserves to the market to curb the increasing oil price – mostly due to the turmoil in Libya, from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). 60 million barrels from SPR will flow to the market as a defensive measure to maintain the oil price at lower level, after OPEC, an oil producing cartel refuse to increase its oil production in a recent meeting. IEA claims that a skyrocket high oil price would bring adverse effects on most fragile and crumbling oil-consuming economies that barely got recovered from the economic crisis 3 years ago. While OPEC certainly did not share the same vision, for the third time IEA started to use its own SPR to affect the market and show OPEC that suppliers are not the only one who got the power in this oil game. The last two times where IEA used its SPR, the most powerful arm of IEA that was ever designed for, were 1991 during the Gulf War and 2005 when Hurricane Katrina disrupted the Mexican gulf and blew away New Orleans. Coincidentally, both decisions were made under the Bush family. Once again, IEA initiated its SPR yesterday, but under rather odd circumstance compared to previous ones.

First of all, the oil price nowadays were around 100 USD per barrel, not even close to the price in early 2008 – almost 140USD per barrel, which did not really trigger the release of SPR reserve at that time. Major oil producing country Saudi Arabia even publicly claim to share the concern of western oil consuming countries that it might increase its daily production unilaterally, albeit OPEC made the decision not to follow. From simple demand and supply point of view, it does not really constitute an emergency situation that could trigger the use of SPR. Lots of people are therefore interested in digging out the real political incentives of such moves, most of them circulating on the role of Obama administration; others are questioning the capability or SPR release and its effectiveness on the global oil price. While most of debate seems to target conflicts in between the oil producing and consuming economies, I tend to intepret this move in a broader picture of global energy politics.

Looking at current international energy landscape, it is no longer a dichotomy between oil producing OPEC and oil consuming IEA. In terms of energy market, on one hand nowadays we have Asian countries like China and India who are engulfing huge amount of fossil fuel to satisfy its exponentially-growing economic appetite, who remain non-OCED members and thus not within the IEA club.  On the other hand non-OPEC countries are taking up more share in the global oil production, let alone Russia being the biggest single oil producing country by far, suppressing all other OPEC nations. This will nevertheless dilute the impacts of IEA-OPEC conflict, however, it also means that the IEA-OPEC energy war will extend to other parts of the world in a significant magnitude, due to the increasing involvement of other new players on the table. In this sense, neither IEA nor OPEC should have the legitimacy or the power to claim hegemony in the global oil politics. At least it determines that the actions like SPR release or OPEC refusal to increase the production would have diminishing impacts on the overall oil price on the market. At the same time, we are experiencing a huge boom in renewable energy technologies everywhere, including most IEA member states and OPEC countries to a lesser degree (bearing in mind that the headquarters of International Renewable Energy Agency is locating in Abu Dhabi, UAE, one of OPEC state). However, the development of renewable energy is highly dependent on the fossil fuel market, as investors eventually follow the basic economic principle in deciding where to bet their money on. Clearly an attempt to curtail oil price would bring less incentives for renewable energy development. This impact will only become more significant especially in Europe, after Germany swore to close down all its nuclear stations and Italians voted off future nuclear plans.

I have always considered the funky performance of OPEC, run by sandy princes, crazy dictators, and shitfaced theocrats, a primary driving force that is most likely to boost alternative energy R&D in the future. Their well-known public image and controversial cartel actions are mostly likely to deter others from bidding all the money on the oil. We see in Europe there is a surge of renewable energy (esp. wind and solar power) in the past decade, and that trend could be found in China as well. Meanwhile, even nuclear is once again given enough media attention thanks to both climate change propaganda and energy security concerns. For sure OPEC has played a major role in accelerating this trend and as I mentioned before,  I am very much happy to see a major shift of our energy consumption patterns. Now that IEA releases its SPR trying to counter-attack OPEC’s actions, or shall I say IEA is attempting to preserve the importance of fossil fuel in the global energy politics. Personally this is not what I expect to see, I would be rather happy that global oil price be created artificially high by oil producing cartel and oil hoarding speculators so that we could seriously develop technologies such as fusion, hydrogen or even renewables. But IEA’s intervention just couldn’t let it go. But luckily, the energy market right now is much bigger and more complex from the time when SPR was created (1970s due to the oil embargo from Arab states). SPR release could not have a profound impact on the oil price nowadays. But I doubt if the oil consuming group is going to give up trying. After serving like a “think tank” for nearly 30 years, I am sure IEA would love to use this opportunity to reassert its image as a powerful and legitimate leader in the global energy governance, and SPR would consequentially be the Tomahawk that are going to be used more frequently, rather than the ICBM that you just create to scare others. While renewable energy is still weak in practice and nuclear bashed by environmentalist’s populist campaign, maybe clueless dudes like Obama feel it’s time to wipe off the dusts of IEA weapon in the energy war, but it’s very short-sighted and limited as long as most oil is still dug out in their desserts and gulf. I seriously hope one day I wake up and read the news that we could produce hydrogen or fusion in a massive scale, so that all these pointless war about energy would finally be put off (probably something new emerged, but at least you don’t need to feed those lazy ass in the desserts any more).

Another way to face the world

Hi Chinese and non-Chinese (mostly non-Chinese I assume):

Like millions of young smug dabblers on the internet, I read excessive amount of random facts and news and feel a bit cynical to everything that happens around the world, while  “busy” with what I am supposed to be busy with. I want to cast my views and I want my voice to be heard. I started with posting lots of bizarre and controversial news and information on my faebook wallpost, since facebook is the place where I spend most of the time on the internet, with usually one or two lines of often sarcastic and bitching comments. The topic of information and news that spam up in front of my facebook buddies news feed range from a wide spectrum of field from social-economic issues to modern technology development, from hardcore political and philosophical debate to pointless but damn hilarious demotivational pictures. At some point I post too many random things on my wallpost that some of my friends even start to complain that all they read in his news feed was those craps I post on the facebook. I took that as a compliment. At least one is reading what I want to be read by others. Sometimes my wallpost sparks huge debate among my friends, sometimes I offended some of my friends with my explicit opinions, sometimes I got flattered with loads of comments and like seconding my thoughts, most of the time those posts just condense at the bottom of my profile list while I tried to scroll down to actually see a wallpost by my friends on my profile.

I am always interested in knowing things, and at the same time I am always interested in learning how to deliver my messages to others. As a fan of public speaking, I always prefer to talk to the audience than writing to the readers. However, after being called a “情弱” (which in Japanese means I am literally a retard in obtaining information on the internet) by a friend of mine over so many times, I decided I should start to become somewhat more active on the mothership, the matrix, or somebody would call their entire life, aka the internet. I therefore decided to finally start typing in front of the computer for things other than writing some crappy pseudo scientific papers on the environmental and renewable energy policy and chatting bullshit with friends on skype. Through this blog I will try to exert as much influence as those Jehovah witness dudes knocking on my door every month and stir as much debate and thoughts as I could not possibly achieve on spamming my friend’s facebook news feed.

Finally, with an exclusive background of environmental science study, I found myself way more interested in much wider range of social and political debates. I am not a math guy, IT guy, an engineer guy, definitely not an environmentalist (though I studied the “environment” for 6 straight years) or some random dude just got pissed off on the internet. I am just a heretic Chinese who actually gives a shit about what is going on other than getting rich and live happily ever after. So let this be the prefix of the many unctuous articles that I am about to write on this god-knows-who-is-gonna-read blog with my ambiguous and authentic  muttering, if not making sense at all.

Hope my broken English serve you well, with my broken opinions based on my broken knowledge.


A parenthetically unctuous and blathering dabbler, with slitty eyes.