It’s like picking up the scissor and emasculate yourself

Such a scary topic, but don’t worry. This is just a metaphor, I am not going to discuss about human anatomy and the excision of male reproductive organ. That is just cruel.

Exactly because this is so cruel, usually you don’t do it by myself, but in some rare circumstances others do that to you like the fate of those blacks slaves in the old Arab world, or eunuch in the Forbidden Palace in Beijing in the old time. But why would someone want to do it on themselves? Are they crazy? do they hate themselves so much? Or simply they like to suffer in endless pain and shame for the rest of their life?

I am not talking about an individual being, I am referring to such act on behalf of one ethnic group, one country, one culture, and one civilization as an entity. The manhood of a country/culture/race entails the very essence of its existence, that is their identity, sense of belonging, pride of their history and tradition, and of course, belief and optimism in the past and the future of its identity. Those issues are therefore the unquestionable foundation that supports the unity and prosperity of one culture/country/etc.  In one sentence, they are like the manhood to a man. Suppose a man imposes his will forcibly on other men and discarded those men that are out of shape or simply too weak to compete to survive in the mother nature. Then other strong men try to convince this man that what he did was not right and cruel. The man would ignore others if he out-competes everywhere. Or the man probably listens to the opinions and apologize and give some help to the poor guy he almost crushed. Or in the worst case the man gets punished by others in jail or fine. But that’s it. Should the man emasculate himself just to compensate his natural survival skills at the time?

Well, the Australians surely think that they could emasculate themselves to compensate to what their ancestors did to the Australian aborigines. Even an official apology is not enough, the Sydney officially declares arrival of British settlers ‘an invasion‘! So Australia was built on barbarism and cruel invasion that was established on “the ruins of one of most ancient civilization of the world” – the mighty Australian aborigines.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing, except everything? This is: to accept that most of the Australians, along with their invading colony cities like Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne are all bogus and invalid. It is officially self-declared that most of Australians are ruthless and despicable invaders and they do not belong to the holy aborigines land! Imagine a normal Australian kid (demographic majority) learns about the history of his country: “Australians are bad colonial bloodless murderers that invaded the civilized aborigines and took their land, you should be ashamed of being an Australian!” If this happens, I really don’t see the point of being an Australian and feeling proud of being an Australian. That kid would probably develop a sense of guilt that hates his own root so much and get so twisted and confused and either claimed he got aborigines blood (like the “native Americans” in the US) or … feel he is inferior in every way to those alcoholic “native””s kids, whose their “great civilized ancestors” did not even invent a ducking wheel before the Europeans arrived (some places like Tasmania they did not even invent FIRE!).

If this is not a self-emasculation, what is it? as much as I don’t approve mass killing of uncivilized people or people that are just simply stupid for modern civilization, I don’t think Australians could blame themselves so much and castrate themselves. To most people’s understanding, what’s past stays in the past, move on! As far as I concern, an official apology is well enough to serve the angry native mobs in the Northern Territory, who probably don’t really care about white people’s emasculation anyway. True that Australians did loads of bad things to the aborigines, some of them are rather unethical in nowadays moral standard. But as I said what’s past is past, and Australians have indeed already done a lot to revive and preserve the aboriginal community and their culture. One thing fair to say, look at the glory and prosperity of modern Australia, I dare to say Australia wouldn’t be so smooth now if those bad shits didn’t happen on this lost continent.

But why Australians nowadays are so self-twisted and got beef with himself because his past behavior, to the point that it announces to itself that it is invalid?

In human history it is common that there are always winners and losers. Clearly aborigines are inferior to their European counterparts and therefore submitted and institutionalized and assimilated by the latter. There are tons of such examples in the long river of human history. The whole America’s history. The Anglo-saxons invaded Britain and became dominant. The Magyar invaded central Europe probably raped and killed the local inhabitants (prob slavs, germans etc.) and established Hungary, Ottoman turks crushed the Byzantine empire and took over Anatolia and changed it to Turkey! I don’t see they are mind-twisting with their past and try to emasculate themselves. Even the Japanese and the Germans didn’t void its whole identity after their epic defeat from their fascist invasions in Europe and China!

But those NORMAL examples did not really explain why Australians emasculated itself, did it?

No it did not. My brain hurts when I am trying to use my empathy to look for answers on behalf of the Australians. In end end, I could only think of one thing that explains this twisted mindset – leftism

One similar case I could think of is the Cultural Revolution under the China Communist Part (CPC) in China during the 60/70s. Under extreme leftism, we Chinese basically destroyed our culture and tradition, a continuous magnificent civilization that lasted for 5000 years and survived and prospered from early waves of aggression of nomads and later European and Japanese colonial sabotage, got crushed by ourselves. During this period we denounced and bombarded anything related our Chinese culture. Perhaps we feel we are so inferior as Chinese civilization that we just wiped off and denied the whole package in the history. The nowadays China is what I always refer to the Peasant’s China, it no longer relates to the glorious Chinese culture, tradition, and manners. Thanks to the Cultural Revolution, we tossed away, ripped in million pieces, and burned down all those essences that make up the identity of Chinese civilization – Confucianism, Chinese etiquette, and Chinese literature etc. We madly emasculated ourselves so hard that nowadays we have to look up to Taiwan and oversea Chinese to retrieve the identity of China. Though even the CPC realized it was a mistake, it does not change the fact that contemporary China is suffering enormous pain in recovering itself and trying to sew our manhood back to the way it was before. Screw that, I am so much troubled with contemporary China because of our extremely foolish act 40 years ago.

That’s what extreme leftism could bring to a country and civilization.

Leftism is based on denying the diversity of different individual beings and societies, denying the inequality that has always been in the universe we live in. In another way of saying, leftism is based on denial of empirical facts. It says minority should be the superior group rather than the massive majority. It says all people in different beliefs and environment are equal and therefore should be treated equally (which is basically contradicting to previous leftist doctrine itself), regardless if wahhabis in Europe just think Allah is the answer and all others should be in hell or if Papuans just don’t understand why the white men are flying god’s plane on the air. So those people, without any struggle or actual emancipation like the Europeans, Americans, and latest the Chinese, all of sudden given the equal and even superior status by compassionate white dudes. You think they will become one of your illusionists? Sure leftism comes from sympathy, which is basically a christian philosophy. But to castrate oneself to appease those undeserved kinds is just … dumb and suicidal for the country and the culture. And there’s no need for excessive sympathy either. If really every human beings are equal, YOU DON’T HAVE TO ACT LIKE THE GOD TO FEEL COMPASSION ABOUT ALL OTHER LESS FORTUNATE. Your sympathy won’t be fully appreciated by others and it just makes you a bigger smug idiot that performs self-castration and beaten by others.



  1. “Sure leftism comes from sympathy, which is basically a christian philosophy.”

    The Marxist element in leftism has always been about a minority destroying the *unity* of the majority. Marxists *manipulate* other people’s sympathy but are not themselves motivated by it. It sounds a bit like the Chinese Communists took the cultural version of Marxism, which was developed as a form of cultural poison to destroy western civilization by cutting it off from its historical roots, and then applied it to their own society.

    1. that’s very well said. It is indeed a cultural poison. It’s very difficult to look for historical roots (Classic Chinese) in nowadays Chinese society, instead, low-class peasant Chinese folk culture survives with the peasants and workers, who were the “defined class” that nearly exterminate the Chinese classic intellectuals during the Cultural Revolution.

  2. The parallel you draw between the Chinese cultural revolution and Western leftism contains a lot of truth. Just as Western leftists are busy tearing down our cultural, racial, creedal and financial heritage, so the Chinese Maoists tore down your cultural, creedal and financial heritage, and to some degree, tried to destroy your race as well. After all, how could Mao’s destruction of millions of your most creative and intelligent (“let a hundred flowers bloom”, etc.) not adversely affect the creativity and intelligence of your nation as a whole?

    And I suppose it’s no coincidence that your cultural “revolution” (i.e. destruction) and our sexual “revolution” happened at around the same time. They had their genesis in the same, evil germ of Marxism, which was our most toxic export to the world. The white race has certainly contributed a great deal, materially, intellectually, and spiritually to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, for every Sir Isaac Newton my ancestors produced, there was also a Karl Marx not too far behind.

    Great blog and great work. I’d be interested in understanding more about how leftism has impacted the Chinese and how well anti-leftism is progressing there.

    1. “After all, how could Mao’s destruction of millions of your most creative and intelligent (“let a hundred flowers bloom”, etc.) not adversely affect the creativity and intelligence of your nation as a whole?”

      It did adversely affect the Chinese society. However, the damage was not as profound as the masterpiece of leftism on the Western society. I have briefly discussed about such damages in my article on the recent train collision incident in China. You could take a look first.

      ” evil germ of Marxism, which was our most toxic export to the world.”

      No doubt about it. But since the atrocity this crazy Norwegian dude had committed it is almost certain that leftists would decry such thoughts as signs of right-wing extremism in no time. I completely agree with your view. Before it’s just disheartening to talk about such things, now it’s even risky to talk about it as you would be immediately labelled as extremists fanatics by the true leftist fanatics.

      “The white race has certainly contributed a great deal, materially, intellectually, and spiritually to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, for every Sir Isaac Newton my ancestors produced, there was also a Karl Marx not too far behind.”

      I agree. Caucasians have the fortunate and the talent to achieve most of modern civilization achievement out of the impossbility. Thing is nowadays people rather focus more energy and talents on financing and financing than endeavoring in science and technology. Plus you have leftism that pretty much dominates the democratic, or should I say populist governance system, it’s much more difficult to have guys like Newton and Darwin in modern White population. Maybe there’s still a chance. I wish I was too pessimistic about the reality. As for Karl Marx… I don’t really want to talk about him that much….

      “I’d be interested in understanding more about how leftism has impacted the Chinese and how well anti-leftism is progressing there.”

      That’s what I am interested in understanding as well. As a Chinese myself, I am also trying to define the potency of western leftism on Chinese society, you’d be interested in reading my article “Liberal’s cognitive bias”.

      “Great blog and great work.”

      thanks, I hope to do as much as I could to inform people better about certain things and hope to foster as more intelligent discussions as possible.

  3. I love the basic concepts to be considered in the piece, cringe at the title, will have to read this repeatedly to grasp exactly what you were driving at when you wrote it.

    Do you still agree with the views you expressed here? If so I hope you’ll bring them up in future posts after I’ve had the opportunity to digest what’s been said here, both outward and implied.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. I still stand by what I meant in the first place. Of course I will bring the concept to future articles as long as the leftists made some blatant idiotic moves again, which is very likely to repeat constantly. Thanks for the comment

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