Eventually I came to the point that I need to pack up my suitcases and move to another place for an unknown period of time. The feeling is mixed. On one side, after being a “Bonner” for almost four months I feel I just started to get to like the city and mingle around with a group of people and now I have to leave. But on the other side, I am always feeling a change of place could bring something refreshing to my thoughts and plans for the future. And I know it’s the option that makes more sense than staying right now. Either way, this is not the first time that I had to move from one place to another over a period of time, I am so used to it as if it is already part of my life, since six years ago.

The goodbye to a familiar place and genuine friends is like the grief of the fall, when you see the helpless yellow leaves lost their last grip on the once safe haven – the branches that fed them. The embrace to a change and a shining new environment is reminiscent to a pilgrim trip to the holy land; it’s full of expectations, excitement, and also uncertainty, but the trill it gives you would simply boost you up on the whole unknown journey. If I could only be more idealistic, I’d have faith to comfort myself that I would be back again. And just like the good old times,  nothing will change.

Poor thing, as much sentimental as I feel, it doesn’t help stop me from realizing the senseless truth: that it’s time for everyone, everything to move on. A rootless feather floating around shall always be lonely even though the loneliness itself could never be explained but felt all the time. Modern lifestyle, you enriched us with what our ancestors couldn’t even imagine of, and yet you ruthlessly stripped off what was essentially granted to the old generation from us.


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