Trivial story about Strauss-Kahn

Exclusive story about Strauss-Kahn!

Recently I wrote an article talking about his dramatic legal case in New York and predicted that he is probably going to walk out of it but does not justify him being an old pervert. Well, I was talking about him to my fellow French friends in a random BBQ in the neighborhood. And to my surprise, one of my friends told me that she actually once bumped into him in a train in France and got very unpleasant experience with him.

Here is what happened to my friend basically:

She told me it was many years ago when she was 16 (specifically mentioned) on a train to visit one of her friends in Southern France. She was the only one on the wagon. Then Strauss-Kahn walked in and chose to sit at the very next seat next to her while he had all the choice all over the wagon. That was creepy enough for a little teenage girl travelling along. Not to mention he actually tried to talk to her and flirt with her (by direct quote he was asking why my friend was doing along on the train and uncomfortably fawned about the appearance of my friend). My friend told me specifically that he approached her and talked in a very uncomfortable distance for strangers talk alone on the train. She used an excuse to go to bathroom and moved to other wagon shortly after.

This little story was never forgotten by my friend because of the creep she got from that old man, who later she learned from the TV be to THE Strauss-Kahn. Well, my French friends claim that this dude being a sexual pervert is not really something secretive and unknown in France, but people still would vote for him.

Now that I got the first part of the sentence, but not quite sure why French people still vote for him after knowing his pervasive sexual desire. Either way, that even further proves my point: that the dude deserves this black gold digger, it is just a matter of time when he fucked one of those type to blow everything up. What a disgrace!



  1. I shall ask you a question . Colin Powell has officially admitted there were no weapons of massive destruction in Irak, and the US government had lied to his citiezens, causing the death of over 100000 Iraki people, and of thousands of US youngsters . ( Remember the WMD were the only argument to start this war ) .
    Did American people stop voting for the criminals who made so many people die ?
    I’m just French, that means for me sex is just an innocent pleasure, and not a matter of great importance . If a man flirts or trys his chance with women, it’s normal . French women are used to it, know how to deal with, and use it whenthey want too .
    In France people won’t vote for a declared criminal ( but for undeclared ones yes, everyday ) . Somebody convicted of murder, rape, robbery can’t be elected . DSK is a serious womanizer, more than the average Frenchman . But for us it’s not more relevant than his favourite football team when it comes to politics . What matters about politicians is their politics, not their wife or their kids or any emotional bullshit your medias like to present instead of serious reality .
    I admit I’m surprised by the story from your friend . But he didn’t do anything illegal . He didn’t force her or even make her a sexual proposal . That’s the key point for us .
    If I have to choose between a man who tries his chance with every woman he meets and a man who lied to trigger a war, well …What is the worst to an American eye ?
    The answer has a planetary importance .

    PS I don’t like DSK because of his politics, not because of his private life . I firmly hope he won’t be the next French president .

  2. To phildange:
    Bush is a lame example in this case. He was just defending American’s interest in the middle east with very unskilled lies. When he was seeking for re-election in 2004 he did manage to convince people that he was fighting a war on terror and it was not wise to switch the leader amid the process. Bush started a war with lame excuses, but at least he was attempting to maintain the superiority of the US (which is inevitably collapsing anyhow). I think he is just a lousy politician, not really a criminal. In your logic almost every great leaders in history should be called criminals for they have wasted young lives to fulfill their satisfactions (Napoleon huh?). Of course nowadays you are sort of right (society value more on individual beings), that’s why French are arming the rebels and bombing with guided missile against Gaddafi instead of sending French sons there.
    Regarding DSK, I have discussed it in the previous article, that if a public figure (aside from religious figures of course) exerts his superior courtship skills in a way that the public accepts (being a womanizer, playboy, seductive and attractive to women), people will start to even like him better. But if the dude is just an old whoremonger who likes to get into every women’s pants (e.g. that black hooker in New York) with money and disgusting face which is regarded creepy rather than charming, the dude is thus seen as a loser with no dignity and personal charisma. When most average Joes are having similar confusions in their average lives, they are looking up to the leader, political leader. It’s normal that they expect the political leader not only competent in politics but also a charming and honest man with integrity and dignity. This mentality does make sense everywhere, for politics is not just about putting up some domestic policies and signing foreign treaties with other countries. National politics is to manage a country, it is important that our leader sets up a “positive” standard for the rest.
    Having said that, you are quite reasonable in your argument. People hypothetically should vote for the guy who could do a good job in politics, not about his sexual misbehavior. But there are few people as rational as you. I believe most would feel ashamed and disregard him as an eligible leader. A politician’s private life is everyone’s interest, DSK is very lame. In everyday life if you see some old man tries his chances with every women (and most likely couldn’t get women’s consent), that is absolutely a disgraceful human being. And for the solidarity of a country, there’s no way in chance a pervert like that could be people’s leader. He might have a chance in politics in the old time, but not any more in the information era.

  3. Why do people insist in separating everything? Of course politicians have a right to their private life, but do you really think a man can be a horny creep flirting with every woman at sight, and at the same time be a honest politician worried with the wellbeing of its people?

    It doesnt work like that. There´s a holistic thing about morals. People are good , or they are not. And DSK is a dishonest evil dude.

  4. You see the use of the word pervert in modern times America frightens me . Sexual perversions are classified by psychologists, some are dangerous and some are inoffensive . But the word pervert appears more and more in American mouths, out of its proper use, and tends to be stuck to many sexual intentions . When I see that, sorry but I can’t help from smelling this problematic attitude towards sex that is one of the basis of America .
    Didn’t you ever wonder why you have so many sex crimes, serial killers or perverts who like chopping women’s bodies ? We don’t have that in France, or even in Europe .

    All that to say a majority of French don’t feel much concerned by anything sexual, except sex crimes such as rape or pedophilia . We all know nearly every man go for prostitutes sometimes, and all politicians still more . It’s the same in America, but there it seems to be a shock each time it becomes public . For us this kind of things don’t deserve to be spoken about .This kind of things are parts of human condition, and besides, sexuality is not at all a taboo in France . Relationship between men and women are more a source of pleasure than a source of struggle . ( I speak in general here ) .

    The American attitude when a politician is caught with a call-girl looks like a form of madness to me, or at least like a supreme hypocrisy . And we don’t, like you , expect our political leaders to be sorts of moral models . We know they all are screwing the people, they are thieves, liers, and if needed mass killers . The only important thing with a politician is his politics . if we want moral models we look into spirituality, or sport, or various fields .
    There’s a strong separation between political power and religion . The hostile attitude towards sexuality comes from religion, and we don’t care about that .

    But coming back to my first point, which was ” How could the French vote for a womanizer ?”, I repeat ” How could the Americans vote for a government who blatantly lied to the country to start no less than a war ?” I don’t want to discuss about the legitimacy of any war, I’m just asking why a blow job on Clinton could make a national fuss, and the recognition of a deliberate lie from all the US government hasn’t .

    As David Bowie sang ” I’m afraid of America” .

  5. To Phildange:

    First of all, I absolutely agree with you. American perceptions on politics are too puritanical. Political figures are usually scanned with microscopes, especially regarding their private lives.

    Sex is indeed a private matter. But once again, if you become public, your private profile turns public interest. Spandrell made a good point in this one: “Of course politicians have a right to their private life, but do you really think a man can be a horny creep flirting with every woman at sight, and at the same time be a honest politician worried with the wellbeing of its people? It doesnt work like that. There´s a holistic thing about morals. People are good , or they are not”

    The difference between Clinton and DSK? Let’s see: Clinton got the girl go down on her with her full consent and still crazy about him; DSK fucked a deceitful whore and got in deepshit and now there is a French woman suing him for attempted rape (don’t think the relationship here is a sense of mutual pleasure)?

    As much as puritanical politicians hate Clinton, American people dig him for his charm with women, that’s a real womanizer. As for DSK? He ain’t no womanizers, he’s a whoremonger.

    Even for France I think, down to the mortal morals, why would you vote for an open lousy adulterer for president? This is not about religion, it’s about the commonsense of morality in a country.

  6. Allright sir . Morality in USA mainly regards sex . It remembers me Europe in centuries XVIth, XVIIth,etc… The powerful could make people die from starvation but they couldn’t do the major sin, sexuality . All your, and our, officials steal fortunes from public money, support companies like Enron, or defend the idea that the poor cannot get healed, they make people die for them and their friends to become richer, they let New Orleans for weeks without a real help, but this doesn’t concern morality . Sex yes. I’m sorry but we are not from the same planet .
    And about that woman in France, you have things to know . ( Unless you still think DSK did rape the maid . I didn’t get if for you fucking a whore is a sin which should expel a man from official functions or if you don’t believe the maid’s story was a plot) .Here is what is easy to know about this woman, Tristane Banon :
    She officially works for the news website Atlantico . This website was in the center of the great suspicion in France of a conspiracy against DSK , main Sarkosy’s rival for the next presidential election , because it spreaded the information about DSK’s arrest a few minutes before the NY police actually did arrest him, in complete night time in France .
    The website manager, Mr Ferjou, is a close friend of Sarkosy’s advisor, Patrick Buisson, himself an ex-manager of the extreme rightist newspaper Minute . Atlantico is a clearly rightist news site, and Sarkosy’s supporter . After the evidence of the first plot in NY, I find strange this Banon files a complaint right now, 8 years after the event . Don’t you ?

  7. To Phildange:

    You are more than welcome to debate, but please use proper reasoning logic. Just put down your sentimental disdain on the United States of America, a country from which neither of us could find a sense of belonging.

    Now let’s talk about DSK. I am sure there’s going to be conspiracy theory in France, and to some extent I do think there are definitely people who would like to see him fall (or even set him up in some sense). Your information about Tristane Banon is very nice. There is only one point I would like to raise: I am not saying DSK is guilty of what he is doing (or set up by his political opponents). I am saying he is a dishonorable man who do not deserve to be trusted. It’s possible that his opponent focuses on bashing his stain and set him up. In my view, he kinda deserve it. A guy who crept out innocent girls on the train and a prominent political figure at the same time? It’s a matter of time his dirty secret exposed to the public and used by his opponents.

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