Tigress on the court

Regardless of the mess Rupert Murdoch got himself into in UK, his wife could surely smack hard and fast. This is a 3D simulation of what happened when his wife was trying to save him from an attacker by some Taiwanese media. It’s just too funny not to ignore in my google news columns. Taiwanese media always makes me laugh so hard. I just love their sense of humor in broadcasting all types of news.



  1. Wendi Deng strikes me as a bit of a gold-digger. From Wiki again:

    In 1987 Deng met an American businessman and his wife, Jake and Joyce Cherry,[6] who had temporarily relocated to China to help build a refrigerator factory.[6] Deng asked the couple for tutoring lessons in English, which Joyce eventually provided.[6] In 1988, Deng abandoned her medical studies and travelled to the United States to study, with the Cherrys sponsoring her student visa.


    After entering the United States, Deng lived with the Cherry family for a while when attending university. Mrs. Cherry suspected her husband was having an affair with Deng (30 years his junior) and demanded she leave the house. Mr. Cherry soon followed and moved in with her.[6] The two married in 1990.[5] Deng and Cherry’s marriage lasted 2 years and 7 months before they were legally divorced,[6] but he would later explain they only stayed together for 4 or 5 months,[5] after which he learned of the extramarital relationship Deng had with a David Wolf, a man closer to her age.[5] Nonetheless, she had been able to secure a green card through being legally married to Cherry.[5][6]

    1. Yea, she is absolutely a gold digger. She married an old man had two babies (probably from Murdoch’s frozen sperms). Chinese media said she used to be a volleyball player. She is a high quality gold digger, a sporty one. lol

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