Religious fundamentalist?

Not sure about who did the bombing in Olso yesterday (he suspected to be in charge of that as well), but it has been confirmed that the massacre in youth camp was done by this dude, Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old right-wing Christian fundamentalist (who expressed his right-wing thoughts from his facebook and comments on various blogs but nowhere near a Christian fundamentalist).

By the time I am writing this article the death toll has already risen up to 92 The death toll has risen up to 93 been confirmed to be 76, the highest death toll in a single day after WWII in Norway, not to mention that out of these 91 93 innocent lives most of them were poor young fellas in that camp.

What a tragedy! If confirmed that indeed this dude was behind all these savage barbarism, then he is no different than those Jihadists and violent leftist protesters either.

I usually consider myself a logicist, a pragmatist, and a eugenicist. I do share a lot of concern with the conservative rightist about Islam, illegal immigration, and failed attempt of multi-culturalism. However, there are always a lot of low-IQ and ignorant epsilon proles, who oversimplify the reality to mere love and hate, mostly hate,  appearing to be in the same block with the conservative right-wing . I am of course talking about those true racists, white nationalists, and jingoists. At the same time, though disagreeing with most of their arguments, I do recognize few of the good points made by the liberal and leftists, such as the idea of liberty and human rights, though they have been largely distorted by modern populists and abused by many who don’t deserve such nobility. But of course, there are way more widespread violent reactions to dissidence from the extreme leftist/liberals than extreme conservative rightists (see the graph).


I don’t think there’s much difference among extreme conservative rightists, violent liberal leftists, and those uncivilized barbaric who calls for jihad. They all tend to easily get influenced by simple opinions and start to build stark emotional attachment upon it. To them those philosophies, ideologies are simply RELIGION to them. After unconditionally and wholeheartedly taking those religious doctrines they see themselves as the ultimate defenders. So in the end of day they would not mind pouring every single profane word they know on you and viciously and ferociously attack you verbally and physically with full emotion as if they were fighting a holy war against infidels, if you somehow unfortunately project a different opinion or a simple unacceptable fact that they couldn’t handle rationally. A perfect example is the inexorably slandering comments by this fellow who thinks I am a disgusting chink who likes picking up others. Those breeds turn to assume that every other people are the same like them, highly emotional, religiously devout to a rigid ideology , and resenting dissidence wholeheartedly.

A picture is emerging of Norway attacks suspect Anders Behring Breivik

However, having said that, conservative rightism do have the tendency to appeal more messed-up sociopath who misinterpret the ideology and dress himself as a medieval crusader to justify his anti-social behaviors. Such is the case with this horrible tragedy in Norway. So he is not happy with the labor party youth camp preaching around liberalism and leftism to those kids. Then why not start exerting your own influence? I doubt if he ever got the intelligence to start such work anyway  If he was largely driven by his anti-Islam sentiments, why didn’t he choose Mosques or Muslim community for his targets rather than Norwegian kids in a central-left political party camp? What on earth happened to him that made him commit such horrible terrorism is still a myth, given from all the internet traces (see comments below). The bottom line is: there’s no any reasonable justification for such mass killing anywhere. The only explanation I could speculate is that this dude somehow unleashed his antisocial darkness that blended with too much blindness and inhumanity. And only a devoted religious fundamentalists or a total sociopath could condone such disgrace (reminds me the lunatic who conducted the mass shooting in Tucson).

Let’s wait for a thorough investigation of who he is and why he was doing so in a few days.

May those innocent souls in this Norwegian tragedy rest in peace.


  1. I dont think he is a religious fundamentalist. He might pretend he is Christian but since when FB has been accepted as an official source of information?Nobody can base their assumptions on what we posted on FB. And who knows if he was the person using this profile.

    I would rather say he was a member of some mouslim community which aim is to make ppl believe that Christianity is an aggressive religion. Why do I “smell” Khadafi in this story????

    I read a book some years ago about creating truths. So,to keep it short: a producer of weapons made sth like a scandal between Russia and China because he wanted to provoke a war. In this way they would buy his weapons and he would become even richer than he was…. One of the characters in the book (who was controlled indirectly by this man’s company) had a blog: his posts were always connected to Russia and when he attacked an office and killed all the people from the building there (because actually he wanted to attack another blogger working there) they all concluded-well, Russia attacked this office because the people working here defend Russia’s enemy – China. What a mess…

    But I somehow believe that Norway’s terrorist is not a Christin and his enemy is not any political party. This was (for me) an attack of the mouslim world over christianity…

  2. Well, based on the information available so far there’s more evidence to prove that he has been associated with extreme right-wing thoughts. He might not be a Christian fundamentalist, look at a good analysis article here

    Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a psychopath incapable of empathy and sympathy. As I mentioned this kind of case happened before in the West, extremist individuals might who have the tendency of such anti-social behavior tend to get condoned by certain extremism, being extreme leftism/liberalism, conservatism/rightism, or Islamism.

    Either way, other possibilities still remain. In the next few days we will have a much clearer view on who he is and why he did so.

    BTW: religious fundamentalist not only means the narrowly-defined devout religion-believers, it applies to all sort of people who blindly worship one ideology unconditionally and would have the tendency to justify for their anti-social tendency on non-believers.

  3. Very gay post.

    P-lease. The dude is not stupid and is no religious nut. He was making commments in anti-islamic blogs forever:
    And all are very measured, objective, very few things there I disagree with. How can he be a Nazi if he never talks about Jews? In fact its content is very similar to this blog’s.

    But of course the Left just LOVES to have a white terrorist. If he had been a 3rd worlder they would have hidden the information for days (as Australians did with the Hmong).
    But the guy is white, blonde! plays videogames!! and says he’s Christian!!! Now just minutes after the fact he’s a Christian fundamentalist Aryan supremacist far-right freak! Go get him!

    And wtf is a christian fundamentalist? Did he believe the Earth is 6000 years old? In virgin conception?

    1. Too bad, Spandrell, that he’s dead. Were he alive, you could have voted for him or something, though he supposedly didn’t believe much in democracy.

      Are you stupid? It’s not necessary to be a Christian to support Christian culture. If the left loves a White terrorist, the extreme right loves being unapologetic about white right-wing terror (much like the Muslims they despise).

      Like Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world 😉

  4. I think he is definitely antisocial, there must be something going on with him that coujd explain his savage action. Though it’s unlikely that he is a Christian fundamentalist, he is still an extremist which should never be encouraged in any ideology.

    By the way, just from the look of this dude from the photo, he got personal issues man… very obvious

  5. I was not researching much about that dude when I wrote this article. Though it’s true that it’s quite strange how a guy like him (judging from his internet comments) could commit mass murder towards children in the central-left Labor party camp. It really doesn’t add up. Anyway, the tricky thing is that there seems to be a gap between Oct 2010 and July 2011 see ). Even since his last comment on the internet in OCt 2010 no one really knows (at least no evidence on the internet) what he has undergone through, or he simply went extreme during that phase. (read ). Moreover, It is noted that this guy is a frequent drug user of anabolic steroids and ephedrine, which might partially trigger his antisocial lunacy (read ). Either way, as I said before, let’s wait a few more days until his story gets all dug out and then we could have a computation of his motives and explanations for his mass murder.

    Having said that, it is no doubt that he is a sociopath. There were reports from the survivors that he was literally laughing when he was shooting people one by one. The extreme calm and laughter could really not be explained from a normal psychological level. Therefore I stand by my original view: that he is definitely an antisocial sociopath with the inability to control his distorted emotion at the time he opened fire. He seemed a mild moderate liberal-rightist from his internet traces, which is definitely unable to compute his motivation for the killing. There must be something going on in that gap period. Either he was planning and hiding it for ages or he got recently provoked by certain issues and went extreme. We don’t know, but we will find out. But it’s unquestionable that he is no different to a religious extremist when he opened fire at each kid calmly and joyfully.

    P.S. I also don’t like the fact that media, which is predominately pro liberal leftist, make a big fuzz out his blonde appearance and inaccurate label of “Christian fundamentalist” while hiding the Hmong beyond the curtain. They would definitely use this incident to bash the right-wing as much as possible. Therefore it is very important to investigate thoroughly what he was thinking for the horrible terrorist attacks he plotted.

    UPDATE: His video clip and description of the manifesto has been exposed in this link : Seen from his clip that the guy is more plotting extreme sentimental judgement in common conservative values. He looks too smart to NOT realize the consequence of such horrified action on the growth of conservative values. In his clip he was bashing cultural Marxism and multi-culturalism fiercely. There is no logic explanation that he would commit a mass murder to “awaken people the toxicity of cultural Marxism and multi-culturalism”. However, he apparently wrote a 1,500-page manifesto to express his hatred against cultural marixism and Islam. 1,500 pages! Only an obsessed lunatic could write a 1,500-page manifesto to express his views. Let’s wait for his speaking tomorrow on the court.

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