Breivik’s true intention?

As most of us are still confused at the real motives behind Breivik’s atrocity, unable to map the logic of connecting such mass murder to the empowering the extreme right wing thoughts in Europe, his 1,518-page-long manifesto has been leaked into the internet and provided with an extremely thorough explanation and description of his plan. I have not had the time to finish reading his insanely-long manifesto, but at least started to get a little clue of why he committed his deeds in such an atrocious manner.

First of all, it appears that he is unlikely to have any psychological disorder, as he was perfectly sane to commit the mass killing and even agreed it was atrocious himself. However, he deems such action “necessary” to awaken the European societies against the prevalence of cultural marxism and multi-culturalism. That’s where it puzzles me. I don’t see how committing the biggest killing since the WWII in Norway (especially many of the victims are Norwegian teenagers) would lead to the increasing public acceptance of those common conservative rightist theses. Public outcry against the extreme right-wing is absolutely unquestionable in no time. However, he seems to admit and even predict this in his manifesto. He also predicts that he would later be seen as “heroic” to ignite the “European Independence” away from those poisonous ideologies that he deemed failed and resented (he sees himself as the crusader willing to sacrifice self to save Europe?). I am still trying to follow his way of thinking from the manifesto to figure out his justification and motives for the petrifying tragedy. But it is definitely no easy task to read his incredibly verbose writing in short time. One thing that could be confirmed is that he definitely is not a man of sanity. One could clearly point out anyone who wrote a 1,518-page long manifesto on such issues has definitely something not quite right about his mind-set. He is obviously a very obsessive and egoistic man who sees himself as the ONE in enforcing his objective in form of extreme violence.

Meantime, there is a very interesting piece of news coming through my news search for Norway: Norway massacre exposes incendiary immigration issues.

… … Conflicting messages and political squeamishness in tackling immigration and multiculturalism have frustrated the public and given space for hardline ideologues … … If the twin attacks in Norway fail to trigger an honest discussion of the issue, exposing often scare-mongering arguments used by the extreme right, this may marginalise the radical groups and worsen the situation, which in turn could bring more similar attacks in the future … … Across Scandinavia and also in Western and Eastern Europe, you have a lot of people who are very frustrated by the lack of open debate … … ”

Noted that this news article is from Reuters, a mainstream pro-liberal/globalist news agency, exactly the type of media Breivik was expecting in his manifesto. It seems those liberal/leftist journalists are precisely following his prediction to shed light on more explicit widening the long-forbidden-by-“political correctness” discussion topic: immigration and multiculturalism in Europe. This is really spooky and scary, but does follow a certain logic. News media is quite predicable, but is that the whole reason to kill so many teenagers that are not really leftist/liberal for sure? I am bearing those questions to look for more explanations further, especially expecting to hear more about his own explanation at his requested open trial soon. I guess he wants to make the whole thing as BIG as possible (mass-killing + bombing + open court declaration request). The whole thing is rather creepy at this stage.

Latest update:  Norway suspect appears in closed court,

After requests from prosecutors and police to close the arraignment, the judge barred the media and public from attending.”

So I guess we will never know what he wanted to proclaim or declare for his shooting spree and bombing.


  1. I suspect that this is a case where Breivik thought that his ideas were so compelling that, even though his act would not provoke sympathy for him, it would allow the wide dissemination of his ideas, which would stand on their own and “wake people up”. I think that this is a case of ideological self-delusion. He’s spent so much time convincing himself that he is right that his worldview seems self-evident to him. The problem for him is that he didn’t have a proper understanding of how other people would react, and that’ll be his loss.

    1. “The problem for him is that he didn’t have a proper understanding of how other people would react, and that’ll be his loss.”

      It would be the loss of people who are holding conservative or rightist views. As mass media likes to label black and white, right and wrong all the time. It would be a devastation for those people who realize the danger of cultural marxism and multi-culturalism as well. As far as I could see these people would be directly susceptible to the collateral damage that ABB brought upon with his savage atrocity, albeit the danger of cultural marxism and multi-culturalism are not delusion at all. And most of people who realize such things are much more prioritizing logic, rational reasoning, and facts over subjective emotional responses in general than the liberal leftists.

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  3. Baudrillard observed that the one way to really get people’s attention in this age is terrorism. I think that Breivik had a similar motive to Kaczysnki; he KNEW that if he committed an act of terrorism, his writings would be widely read. He knew what he was doing.

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