July 28, 2011 around the globe

Three pieces of great news that just made our world even more wonderful:

An Australian old woman with kidney illness brought a young Filipino woman to Sydney in attempt to “harvest” her kidney for the organ transplant .

This is the first organ trafficking case investigated by the Australian Federal Police … … The deal was reportedly made without the Filipina’s full consent and uncovered during pre-surgical screening interviews at a Sydney hospital.

Are you sure this is the first case? or this is the first case that got caught. Poor Filipino woman, this Australian trip to her is no different to her fella countrywomen to go the middle east to serve some sadistic Arab masters. Oh wait, they are now banned to be abused there? Hmm… Filipino dudes, man up! Not like Manny Pacquiao man-up, but you know what I mean. As for Australians, see now you have another reason NOT to deport illegal refugees to Malaysia. It’s labelled as human trading anyway by the liberals, then just take them back. Hey, your country old champs always have some extra penny for some extra fresh organs. Or some young girls for some cultural child-lovers for the minority?

Let’s leave the Australians alone, it’s far away from anywhere else in the world anyway… In other news, a 18-year-old youth got arrested on bomb suspicion in Finland.

Police said in a statement Thursday they were tipped off after finding 10 kg of ammonium nitrate fertilizer from Poland addressed to the suspect … …  the suspect said he only wanted to make small explosives, like fireworks, for his own entertainment, with no intention of hurting others. The police also said they have not found any connection to the Norway bomb and gun attack

Good grief! Looks like ABB is not the only one who got mad of pissing off at the immigrants in Europe, or is it? All farmers who now have bought cheap ammonium nitrate fertilizer from Poland should all be arrested for interrogation for terrorism suspicion, especially those young folks. Or maybe this kid just had enough of all the bullies in the school and planned a revenge on the evil society? You never know, but we do know the world is indeed EVIL.

Moving the attention to the other side of the continent, Koreans in Seoul today are NOT going to have a good-old cozy weekend to chill this time. Why? Because the darn rain! The rain was so deadly that it even vortexed away the also deadly landmines close to Seoul. Wait! Those landmines are for the north commie sobs, not for the nice capital people!

At least 67 people were reported dead or missing on Thursday … … Landmines planted by the airforce in the 1960s could have slipped down the Wumyeon mountain hit by a mudslide in southern Seoul, the defence ministry said”

Good luck dodging the landmines! I like Koreans a lot. I hope they get rid of the water and those 60-year-old rusty landmines.

Indeed a wonderful day full of surprising news that annoy the heck out of me. Better catch some sleep, my tomorrow starts at 6AM. Goooooood morning Vieee-orld.


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