Month: August 2011

Asylum seekers’ riot in Australia

Today in Darwin, Northern Australia, a riot broke up in a detention center and set the whole facility afire. Firefighters went to the location trying to extinguish the fire and were greeted with stones thrown at them. Quite “coincidentally”, this day is also the Muslim holy day Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of the month-long of fasting of Ramadan. Also another one “contingent” fact is that the detention center “happens to” detain lots of third-world inveterate “asylum seekers” from neighboring country Indonesia. Most of the asylum seekers are Indonesian Muslims. Not exactly knowing how paying to be smuggled to Australia on an overloaded raft equals the “asylum seeker” status, they are there in the detention center.

“A source inside the centre said no detainees were allowed to attend Darwin Mosque today to take part in the festivities.”

Blatantly revealing as it is, the officials has to be politically correct to omit certain facts:

“The Federal Immigration Department confirmed there was an incident at the centre but said it was too early to comment”

Of course they don’t want to comment on it. The truth is they accepted a bunch of Muslim mobs in their land, and must have a real headache on how to deal with them without being seen discriminated. Is it incorrect to associate Muslims as loose cannons and mobs potential? Quoted from the Australian Federal Immigration Department: “it was too early to comment“. Islam in Indonesia has undergone a rapid radicalization process in recent years. The old peaceful jungle people are more than ever devoted to the religion of those Arab traders nowadays. The result is all those radical Islam movement you see in the country: banning ancient pagan tradition, bombing Western devils, restricting young people’s public behavior etc. However, the mentality of you-don’t-allow-me-go-to-mosque-I-burn-your-house does perfectly match the IQ and the ideology of its believers and the warrior religion itself.

Australia should send those barbaric mobs to Malaysia as part of the immigrants swap agreement with their government. They must not release them and grant them the Asylum Seeker status. Picture this: a block where Muslim family waving to a gay couple next door while women walking in bikini on the street. The likelihood of that happening is laughably slim as long as Muslims still take Islam as the guideline for everything they do. If the liberals really feel compassionate at the starving third world people, there’s plenty of infidel minorities in those Muslims countries under fierce persecution under Muslim governments.

Unfortunately, The incident comes on the same day the High Court ruled against the Federal Government’s refugee swap deal with Malaysia.” A great victory for leftists and their Muslim brothers.

A pair of twins, one mommy, two daddies

Before I could get all my things together and write another lengthy article about serious matters, I am introducing another entertaining piece of anecdote here first. Like all the other peculiar news I highlighted, this one’s weirdness is guaranteed high enough for everyone to enjoy a slight of grin and hit the pondering on our modern society right after. Here is what happened:

In Denmark, two twin brothers, Tommy and Lucas, both 6 years old, apparent are not that close as other twins. It turns out that they actually have two different fathers, in spite of only 48 minutes difference in between their age. There are only 3 previous known cases like this in the whole world.

Here is the follow-up: Two twin brothers are significantly different in terms of physical appearance (based on Danish standard?) and temperament. Well, obviously to me that one is blonde and the other a ginger. One seems outgoing and energetic and the other is rather a bit shy and quiet comparatively. Heredity proves a point here, isn’t it? Once again, a humble mockery of nature on inveterate compassion abuser’s universal equity claim. Look likes people are not only born different, people are born different even if they came out from the same womb together within an hour, with different dads though.

Enough for the rant, how did this happen in the first place? Infidelity? Fornication?  or simply just Promiscuity? Everyone knows Nordic country women are famous for their open attitude towards sexuality, thanks to the blossom of feminism there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mother happened to be a bit more occupied with more than one man in a short time period. Normally it would be fine with me, but without any contraceptive protection?

Either way, what has been done couldn’t be reverted. Apparently this woman admitted in the news article that she was a bit busy sleeping with her new boyfriend and EX-husband within two days. She didn’t tell her new boyfriend immediately because she thought it was an one-time-off thing with her EX-husband and she intended to stay that way. Now that everything is clear, they somehow managed to reconcile among two men and one woman and appear to get very well along with each other. Her EX-boyfriend even befriends her NEW boyfriend as two joint daddies.

Good for you, both new boyfriend and EX-husband. First the toast goes to EX-husband: It might be the right decision to divorce her. You would never know how many decisions she secretly has taken a vow to hide. You did not knock her up when you spent so much money (I assume in the beginning and in the end as well) to make a legitimate certificate for such thing. But it’s okay, it’s even better that you managed to seduce that woman even after you divorced her (I don’t know, is that common? Or the other way around?), WITHOUT any protective measures, AND made a kid out of her uterus. Very impressive shot. Truly successful seeding. You not only have a son, but have a free son who is raised by another man! That reminds of how cuckoos put eggs in some other birds nest and made others feed their babies eventually. Straight winning.

Then to the NEW boyfriend: Though you have to raise one bastard in your cohabitation with that woman, you have one for you own at least. I admire your virtue in bearing your woman’s fornication with an ex-lover, for that’s something I would never tolerate. A great family guy, I take it as your already forgave her and embraced other’s kid as yours with great compassion and paternal instinct. That woman probably found the right guy to live with. Good for you.

To the woman: you are truly a fearless tigress. Apparently you totally owned all those men, physically and psychologically. Credit to whatever you did to convince the new boyfriend to accept the truth. Next step, marry the new boyfriend and raise those two kids happily ever after. You have the virtue of the legendary Amazonians, the power of your Viking ancestors. Good luck with your expecting parenting in your genial polyandrous family!

In the end to those kids: however confused and disappointed you are, probably you just have to learn to accept it. Other kids may pick up on you, tell your mom to tell their moms that their kids are ignorant and bigoted. Don’t confuse with your dad, and get out of that bizarre “family” as soon as you can.

Each kid is a special one

Painkiller tainted with anti-psychotic drugs

This peculiar incident takes place in the land of the former Great British Empire, where British regulators found some packages of Nurofen Plus, a typical painkiller, were in fact filled with Seroquel XL, an anti-psychosis pill which treats schizophrenia and depression.

“The 32-pill packs came from three different batches, each containing around 5,000 boxes, which amounts to a possible half a million affected tablets. … All affected boxes were purchased in south London … People should check to see if they have any affected packets. If you do, return them to where you bought them. If you’ve taken a tablet, speak to your GP

“People who accidentally take Seroquel may experience sleepiness and are advised not to operate any tools or machinery until they know how the tablets have affected them.”

Who would expect to take an anti-schizophrenia pill when all he need is a simple painkiller for his back? The first reaction is: Is this how people get schizophrenia Darn it’s scary how do I even know which is safe to take nowadays! Momentarily the second reaction follows up: Why the heck did this happen?

Indeed, nothing is safe nowadays and you are living a life at your own risk (isn’t that what we do all the time?). However, such news is simply too surreal to believe it’s actually happening right in front of your nose. Seroquel XL is a prescription-only, anti-psychotic drug used to treat several disorders including schizophrenia, mania and bipolar depression. It is even not manufactured by the same company that produces Nurofen Plus. It would be a real miracle if it was a technical error made by the pharmaceutic company. The mix-up most likely occurred at the wholesale chain. I would argue it is 99.99% sure that the whole thing was a deliberate set-up, a clear sabotage done by someone who really hates this pharmaceutic company so bad that they are willing to risk lots of innocent lives just to bring the company out of business. Pure evilness I said.

There are usually two types of suspects in such deliberate tampering: 1.Some incompetent former employee, who should probably be the one to take those Seroqeul XL, simply couldn’t get over with his dismissal and grow into an enormous detestation against his former employer. History told us humanity (emotion) is capable of all sorts of things, such case could be found in the Chinese dumpling contamination incident which evolved into a serious international dispute between China and Japan (some former employee injected pesticides into dumpling bags which were eaten by innocent Japanese consumers). I wouldn’t be surprised if some crazy dude pops up to be responsible for his mastery. However, based on the scale of such sabotage (half a million tablets affected), I would say it is more likely to be done by a group of haters, which raises the second type of suspect: 2. a violent and militant group that ideologically loathes the company who makes this painkiller or has profound economic dispute with this company. The latter one is unlikely to risk its legal and public status in such disgraceful vandalism, assuming those with economic dispute still have a sense of sanity. As far as I could see, a violent and militant group that ideologically loathes the company who makes this painkiller is most likely the one who committed such pure evilness. I’m sure they got a whole bunch of their “moral values” to justify their disdain over other people’s life. Those people are usually fanatic to the bone and would believe everything they do is the right thing to do for their own good. Then the next question is, what type of fanatic ideology group that may go against such pharmaceutic firm? Well, anyone but the animal rights group, huh?  Obviously I am not the only person who suspects the animal rights group. Those news articles decided to blatantly point fingers at them even before thorough police investigation.

Animal Rights and Naked Girls no longer works?

Those animal rights group wouldn’t be innocent from acting violently in their campaign in the past. Pharmaceutic firms are the typical target for them, as they believe animals should not be used as scientific experiments for the betterment of human livelihood. Their overloaded compassion has twisted them so far to the point that they deny their own species’ value of existence and unconditionally place lower biological organisms over their human fellas. Protesting against those animal experiment could be tolerated as most people are fine with a bunch of tree-hugging hippies of whatever they are doing with those chicken and cows. But tricking people to take anti-psychosis drugs? That is just way too much for this self-denial, self-destruction Gaiasm nonsense. My speculation for their motive is that probably as they felt so lonely in those meaningless protest and there are not really many people who actually listen to them, they fly into a rage out of humiliation and become openly hostile to all rest human beings who didn’t listen. So messing up some “ignorant human chauvinists” would be deemed justice and revenge for what the human society has done to those poor fluffy animals.

Those youngsters’ life are way too cozy to have anything better to do for them apparently. Last time I heard PETA was even considering opening a porno website to attract horny dudes into their animal right groups. The wisdom of animal-god gibberish.

Chinese as a language

Chinese as a language, called 漢語 or 中文 in Chinese, is one of the four languages that successfully devised its own writing script independently (the rest being Ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and Mayan). Prompted by  a recent discussion about Chinese language, I decided to construct another amateur article to elaborate the concept beyond Chinese as a language over historical and geographical scales.

Chinese writing script

Small Seal Script

Like another other language, spoken Chinese was first developed and matured among the nomadic groups that settled down in mid-stream Yellow River (黃河) in early Neolithic Age. Those group of people, considered as common ancestors for all Chinese, developed a flourishing agricultural culture. Proto-writing was developed as a result no later than 6000BC (Jiahu symbol). Based on the archaeological evidence, the first systematic writing system for Chinese is the Oracle Bone Script (甲骨文) as early as ca. 1400BC in middle Shang dynasty (商朝 ca.1600BC-1046BC). As the Oracle Bone Script is highly systemic and it is largely speculated that a mature writing system had already come in place in China way before the era of Oracle Bone Script. In Chinese mythology we credited Cang Jie (倉頡 ca. 2500BC?) as the ultimate inventor of the Chinese writing system, the Chinese logogram character. Many believe that the writing system may at least exist in the Xia dynasty (夏朝 ca.2070BC-1600BC), albeit lack of strong archaeological support yet. Chinese writing system has uninterruptedly been developed based on the Oracle Bone Script. People started to engrave words on metal vessels such as Ding (鼎) since late Shang dynasty, later Bamboo and wooden slips in Zhou Dynasty (周朝 1046BC-256BC), followed by actual papers first invented by the Chinese since late Han Dynasty (漢朝 206BC-221AD). Variations of writing scripts among different regions reached a significant level in Spring and Autumn Period and later Warring States Period (春秋戰國 770BC-221BC), when the nobility emerged as strong individual polities with the decline of Zhou imperial military might. Many different fiefdoms started to develop their own version of the script based on the early imperial Zhou Chinese Bronze inscription (籀文). Luckily this trend was cut off as soon as Qin Shi Huang (秦始皇) unified the whole China proper and founded the Qin Dynasty (秦朝 221BC-206BC) in 221BC and standardized the writing script in China (書同文). The standardized script was named the Small Seal Script (小篆). At the same time the Clerical Script (隸書) was developed to be the widespread civilian writing script and later gained official recognition in the following Han Dynasty. From then on Chinese writing script has developed a couple of other variations: including Regular Script (楷書), Semi-Cursive Script (行書), and Cursive Script (草書) developed from later Jin Dynasty (晉朝 265Ad-420AD); the series of Song Typeface (宋體) that were developed based on the popularization of Printing in the Song Dynasty (宋朝 960AD-1279AD). The Regular Script was adopted as the official writing script since late Jin Dynasty and the Song Typeface was popularized with the emergence of printing books in China since Song dynasty. Modern Chinese writing script is mostly based on the Song Typeface, as they are the most standardized for the printing purpose nowadays (people rarely write these days and most of our “writing” is done by typing). Other writing scripts nowadays merely serve as different styles of Chinese calligraphy with artistic values.

In modern era, Simplified Chinese (簡體中文) was further split from the Traditional Chinese (正體中文) script which is based on the Song Typeface. Owing to the Chinese Communist Party, since the 1950s mainland China was enforced with such coarse and compelled artificial political modification of Chinese writing script that had been uninterruptedly developed since 4000 years ago. Luckily Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and most of oversea Chinese still stick to the Traditional Chinese. Just like the communist wanted to destroy Chinese culture (see cultural revolution), they forced to alter the Chinese language as well. In recent years there has been calls in mainland China to resume the use of Traditional Chinese and hopefully it would get more strides and momentum in the future. I personally have refused to use Simplified version since my early high school years (All Chinese characters here are Traditional Chinese).

Spoken Chinese

Spoken Chinese (口語), contrary to the popular myth, was never officially standardized until early 20th Century. Little is know about the phonology of spoken Chinese in Xia Dynasty and Shang Dynasty. It was understood that from ancient literature, as early as Zhou Dynasty Chinese nobles were using the spoken language used by the Zhou imperial court (capital dialect). Such spoken tone was only used for official diplomatic purpose among the nobles and states. In the time of Confucius (551BC-479BC) it was known that such spoken tone was called “Ya (雅)”. However, Ya as a spoken lingua franca in China was downplayed along with the demise of Zhou’s polity since Spring and Autumn Period, when different fiefdoms started to regulate their own official languages based on the Chinese dialects they spoke in the region. Such trend ceased when Qin managed to unify all states in 221BC, though Qin never intended to imply the standardization of spoken language all over China. Neither did any of following dynasties and emperors in China up to 1912 when the last dynasty Qing (清朝 1644AD-1912AD) exited the stage of Chinese history. Since Qin Dynasty, the official spoken tone used by officials all over China and the imperial court (官話) in each dynasty was always associated to the spoken dialect of responding capitals (with some exceptions when dynasty preserved former capital dialect after moving to a new one, e.g. Nanjing tone in Ming Dynasty, 明朝1368AD-1644AD, and Chang’an tone in Song Dynasty). Meanwhile, various tones were developed all over China proper independently, especially in the mountainous Southern China. Historically spoken Chinese (official spoken tone used by the elites) went through four major phase: Old Chinese (上古漢語 ?-4th century), spoken from Xia dynasty until late Han and Jin dynasty; Middle Chinese (中古漢語 4th century-12th century), spoken from Jin dynasty to Song dynasty; Proto-Modern Chinese (近代漢語 12th century-early 20th century) from Song Dynasty to early Republic era; Modern Chinese (現代漢語 early 20th century – now). Geographically, at present there are generally seven major Chinese dialects in China proper. There are: Mandarin Chinese (官話), the official spoken tone that is widely shared by virtually all Northern China in addition to Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, and Hubei (though accents vary from region to region); Wu Chinese (吳語) mainly spoken in southern Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai; Hakka Chinese (客語) mostly used by Hakka Chinese in southern Jiangxi, eastern Guangdong, western Fujian, and Taiwan; Min Chinese (閩語) that is mostly heard in Fujiang, Taiwan, and Hainan; Cantonese Chinese (粵語) used mostly in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macau; Xiang Chinese (湘語), my mother tongue, spoken mostly in Hunan; Gan Chinese (贛語) used in Jiangxi. Even as late as early 20th century it is impossible to directly communicate between a Northern Chinese from Beijing and a Southern Chinese from Guangdong. Moreover, different sub-dialects under one major dialect region may also be mutually intelligible, e.g. the case with Min Bei Dialect (閩北方言) and Min Nan Dialect (閩南方言) in Min Chinese. In general spoken Chinese is a total mess and the only reason that all different parts of China proper did not split into different “languages” is because the consistency of written Chinese, and the logogram nature of Chinese writing (spelling independent of different pronunciations). Nevertheless, since early 20th century Chinese polity in China proper (including Taiwan as well) started to artificially regulate and promote Mandarin as the official tone. Mandarin thus now becomes the standard Chinese that is widely spoken and shared all over China Proper, and is the Chinese that you are learning from all those language learning courses all over the world.

Written Chinese

Thousand Character Classic

Written Chinese (書面語), different from spoken Chinese, has always been consistent since late Zhou dynasty. Written Chinese has evolved to a stable format in late Zhou dynasty (770BC to 256BC) from simpler styles in Shang dynasty and early Zhou dynasty. Such written format is called Classic Chinese (文言文), which is mostly based on the then vernacular spoken Chinese in Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period (770BC-221BC). Even though the official spoken tone for the regime altered from time to time, the written Chinese remain highly consistent and unaffected from the change of way of speaking historically and geographically in China. Classic Chinese was adopted as the widespread only standard written Chinese in China and even other countries in sinosphere for thousands of years. In some sense, written Chinese was independent of the everyday spoken language in China after the disappearance of Old Chinese since the 4th century (though still somewhat related). The secret that written Chinese could stay intact from the colloquial erosion lies in the core of the consistent Chinese culture and education system (unfortunately discontinued in early 20th century). The emphasis on Confucianism requires all Chinese elites to directly read and well comprehend those Chinese classics (典籍), which were mostly written before 2th century BC. Since those books were written in the then vernacular format, which is based on the Old Chinese, elites were encouraged to follow their style in Chinese writing in their time as a sign of classicism. This trend was further reinforced by the centralized polity that China always experienced in history, which enforced the Imperial Exam system (科舉) based on the Classic Chinese learning and writing all over China. It is therefore easy to understand why written Chinese stood the test of time and the change of spoken tones over thousands of years. Only until very recently in the early 20th century that Vernacular Chinese (白話文), devised from modern vernacular Mandarin Chinese, was adopted and replacing Classic Chinese as the current standard format of written Chinese. As a result, nowadays there has been a convergent trend towards the spoken Chinese language, as it is witnessed in many other languages such as English, French etc. It is a pity that a normal educated Chinese now may quote more from Shakespeare or Hugo but couldn’t well understand the ancient Chinese literature written in Classic Chinese. In general, vernacular Chinese is the official standard written form along with Mandarin as the spoken tone. In between those two written format, though Classic Chinese could no longer serve our daily use, its beauty and concision are simply beyond any other written language. Classic Chinese IS always the written Chinese for me.

This character "徐" is in Small Seal Script, as displayed in my profile page

The Best part of this unique Chinese language system is, as the writing scripts have been standardized with little variation and we have preserved well (and I studied well) the Classic Chinese which was used literally for over 3000 years, I have the privilege for direct access to the original sources people wrote 1000 years ago, 2000 years ago, or even 3000 years ago in China. Most of my articles regarding Chinese history are mostly based on my original source study. This is something that other amateur dabblers couldn’t do in studying the history of other great civilizations such as Greek history, Egyptian history, and Mesopotamian history etc. (provided that English is the only working language for your study).

In the end, I have written another verbose article. I don’t know how many of you have the patience to read up to this point. If you do, here I provide you with some very useful tools in studying Chinese and Chinese culture:

Database of etymology of major languages (including Chinese character) ; “Chinese Text Project” for Classic Chinese philosophy literature (both English and Chinese version) ; “漢典” Online Chinese character dictionary (in Chinese, but with Chinese-English interpretation)

Crazy thought about Libya

The bewildering speed of the rebel in taking over Tripoli seemed too easy to be done; the Gaddafi’s troops seem disappeared all of sudden. Meanwhile Gaddafi’s “captured” son appeared free to walk on the street to openly embrace the crowd’s cheering… It just doesn’t compute quite well. There must be something missing. Is Gaddafi hiding somewhere like the case of Saddam? But look at those rebels, the way they hold their AK-47, I doubt Gaddafi’s well-trained and well-equipped veterans would have any problem finishing them in a minute or so. Momentarily the rebels and the West are immersed in the joy of a surprising victory without encountering the real enemies…

Where are Gaddafi’s finest men? Where is Gaddafi? Apparently rebels are in town already, without any significant resistance. With a force without organized leadership, the rebel is nothing but a bunch of motley crowd who aim the gun to the sky. It’s hard not to sense some kind of funky business here. Let’s think a bit further, Gaddafi’s primary concern is probably NATO’s bombardment from the sky; that would be the only thing they’d be worried about. Before rebels came to Tripoli the capital has constantly been a vulnerable target for all those precise bombings. Is there by any chance, I mean, any possibility, that Gaddafi is smart enough to trick the rebels in the city where he mastered and knew so well, and at the same time disintegrate his troops into intractable fractions that blend in a city full of the “good rebels” that NATO finds it hard to bomb again? If so, then the situation for the rebel would be disastrous. Major rebel forces would rush to the city, where Gaddafi’s troop could easily nibble out them in days. At the same time, the city combat would too foggy to tell where is the right place to bomb for NATO. Maybe Gaddafi is smart enough to read the Art of War after all.

If not, consider my speculation purely bogus and delusive. But I would definitely do so if I were him…

“The Clone” the telenovela

One classic piece of news brought you by the leftist media: Islam takes root in land of mini-bikinis and Carnival

The title is a total spoiler, but if you dig a bit further into this piece of bizarre news, you will be surprised how distorted the way they broadcast something that could definitely be seen as a concerning (if not alarming enough) trend in Brazil. The whole article basically tells one clear message: Islam is growing fast nowadays among the Brazilians. And AFP is staying “absolutely neutral” in broadcasting this issue, except for quoting some extremely retarded comments from those newly converts. Here is some funny lines in the news article:

“In a land known more for its mini-bikinis and extravagant Carnival featuring scantily clad women, a small but growing number of Brazilians of various backgrounds call themselves Muslim”

This line shows how great the progress of modern society Brazil has achieved. Not only the blacks in the slums (which is totally omitted in this diversity talk), we could have scantily clad women and completely clad women coexisting in the same city!

“At the seminary, you learn that Islam is one of the monotheistic religions. There is no prejudice against this religion”

So the locals learned Islam from the seminary, and it’s “one” of “the monotheistic religions”. How humble the way he put it! There’s no prejudice at all except there’s no god but Allah and the rest are infidels and all should “revert”(a term specially favored by the Muslims, which I found very amusing) to the truth of Islam one way or another (revert, extra tax, or death). People tend to forget Muslims still live in the medieval age. I don’t see the major difference of a small but “viable” Muslim community to the predominant Muslim country like Pakistan, Iran, or Egypt. As long as they still believe that Sharia system, there’s nothing but prejudice.

“Brazil is a mix, made up of several different cultures. This mix makes Brazilians very adaptable and tolerant.”

Exactly what culture Brazil is mixing with? Amerindians? Boy they’d be happy to hear that if they didn’t get obliterated by the outsiders. Africans? Only if you count drumming and naked dancing into your culture… Even if Brazil is mixing with “different cultures”, how does that make people adaptable and tolerant to Islam? Only leftism could shamelessly admit that to Islam. One Muslim could be friendly, but I don’t think one Muslim street or even a block would have the same attitude towards your daughter’s hot bikini and booty shaking addiction.

“In the beginning, my mother was mortified at the thought of going outside with me. I wear the veil to show I am Muslim and aware that I am part of a minority”

Congrats! Now you are officially a minority, aka the superior group in the modern society. Leftists worship you, media bow to you, we fear you. Nothing better than being a minority in the modern society, provided that you are not a Christian in Pakistan or a Zoroastrian in Iran, or a Copt in Egypt. In the future there should be a float exclusively for the veiled women in the Rio Carnival. After all, nothing better than minorities exerting their super-citizenship.

“After the September 11 attacks in the United States, “there was a growth of interest in Islam, and many people decided to convert,” Pinto added. “Islam was seen as a new form of resistance.” But it was a “telenovela” or soap opera launched just three weeks after the 2001 attacks, “The Clone,” that sparked some Brazilians’ infatuation with Islam. Set in Morocco, the popular show showed a “positive imagine of that part of the world, with a benevolent Muslim hero,” said Pinto.”

This is the best part of the article. It made me laugh very hard for literally 30 seconds. Have to give credits to the person who said such things. So that’s what the Brazilian “reverted” Muslims think: Sept.11 serves as an opportunity for them to appreciate Islam, for the first time they saw someone is hard enough to whip American’s ass? What a great logic to embrace Islam. To make it even better, here comes the telenovela “THE CLONE” (supported by the leftist media of course, they love showing multiculturalism on TV) that push this article to a higher entertaining level. Sure let’s pretend there is A benevolent Muslim here, it’s just I don’t think I am classified as the type of people that hero could be benevolent to. So essentially people are driven to embrace Allah and veil themselves because of a cliche TV show praising Muslims created by leftist liberal believers.

“There is a tendency to think that Brazilian culture, as liberal and sensual as it is, is against the rules of Islam. But in fact, there are many conservative rules that are part of moral and sexual control. Look at how many evangelicals are successful in Brazil!”

I know media doesn’t want to be labelled as “politically incorrect” these days; but the spread of Islam is DEFINITELY not kind of the positive progress for the social improvement. People have every reason to get worried instead of cheering for the great diversity the modern society has created here. What I see the trend described here is probably more like a bunch of lower social class, probably mostly blacks and mulatto in the slum (the race and social class of those local converts is totally omitted here), turned to the preaching of Saudi oil money, encouraged by the liberals, and incidentally embracing the religion of Arabian desert tribes. To them it’s probably just another way to express their anger over the Brazilian society where their status are highly marginalized, like the Nation of Islam in the US, or the case in India.

I really don’t see the fact that Islam is spreading fast in Christian states (or China in my case) could be ever counted as a positive sign for the prosperity of the country. All failed cases in the Western Europe should give those ebullient Brazilians some good lessons, if they’d listen. Longing for diversity and universal equality is biggest flaw of modern leftism. A hardcore liberal might send his/her kids to the public school full of bullying immigrants from the third world, but his/her neighbor Mohammed would absolutely not be okay with your daughter’s blasphemous bikinis and the sordid carnival.

I do believe that people are genuinely stupid in making our own decisions. It’s way more effective to convince others with touching emotions and inflammable passion about absolute non-sense than reasoning logic and cold facts about the truth that everyone hates to confront. Good luck to those Brazilian Muslims, as they most likely would have.

Edit: This post serves as my personal emotional outcry against the Islam. My biggest cognitive bias and so far I just couldn’t find a better reason not to bash it whenever I can… 

The famous "Clone" show poster

Great manners and great sport

那個。。。那個。。。In a “friendly” basketball game that was supposed to “strengthen the diplomatic tie between China and the US turned into an exciting melee, escalating from constant frictions between the two teams, George Town University Basketball Team and PLA team of China. A great embarrassment for both sides, especially when the US vice president is still in China smiling and shaking hands with everyone.  Great game, I mean the brawl. Looking at those giants fighting each other, I have to say that it sort of pumped me up and got me excited. This is not the first time an international “friendly” basketball game turned into an epic melee. I remember it happened probably a year ago as well when a Brazilian team was visiting and playing against a Chinese team.

Either way, it all doesn’t matter. Just once again proving basketball is a really lowly sport, and Chinese basketball players are too high on adrenaline. Competitive sports are real social dynamite. The baffling riot in Vancouver just happened two months ago and such drama just keep coming and coming. Why do we pay those overdosed gorilla so much that they could actually feel they are important to the society? As far as I could see they are mostly a bunch of drunk idiots who are better at running or jumping than the normal working class. If we want to see a real fight we could always go to a boxing match.

We are leftists and we are hardcore!

As I was searching interesting news that could keep my attention longer than reading the title, this one pops out into my google news column:

Mercedes Targeted as Luxury Cars Burned in German Globalization Protests

Apparently there’s been some arsonists burning all the good-old German cars in Berlin. Though no one is found or claims to be responsible for the vandalism yet, many suspects that it might be another masterpiece of the hardcore leftists, aka neo-luddite, aka anti-nuclearist, aka anti-globalist, aka just pissed off hippies running out of weed (whatever you name it). I have mentioned couple of times in my previous articles that Germany has a serious issue with obsession and specifically obsession with all these liberalism, gaiaism, anti-modernism “fashionable” stuff recently (here and here). This one goes even further, tossing the message that “Look I would torch your rich bastard’s cars you darn globalist and capitalist, you should all burn in hell!”.

Do those people really understand what they are doing? I doubt it. As far as I could see is there are lots of confused and bored youngsters here following some type of fashionable ideas that look cool and political enough to scare normal law-abiding citizens. I’ve seen so many perfectly healthy young men and women with deadlock and tattoo, and sometimes even with a dog, sitting in the tunnel shamelessly asking money for every passersby. The only other type of people who hang around tunnels and hauptbannhof in the city all day and night is those aging hobos who are always drunk on beers. I take it as they are mentally challenged to be sober. But those young people are there most likely because they think it is fashionable and cool to appear rebellious. Whatever you call them, punks or hippies, I wouldn’t be surprised that they are the ones behind those German car arson in Berlin. In a city full of leftist hippies and punks and experiences regular hardcore leftist revolution every 1st of May, finally anger is shed upon their own national pride.

Off the topic, the only thing that is fashionable and against leftist ideology in Germany at the moment is their growing resentment against the Turks. They have reason to do so. After all, Turks are everywhere and everywhere they are it feels like Turksland rather than Deutschland.

Either way, leftism is conceived when people are really bored with their life and have nothing better to do to kill their time. So people start to get inexplicably pissed off at the society and the government. That is a perfect job description for those vacuous revolutionists. What I was wondering is that if it were during Nazi’s National Socialism era, they would probably be the most hardcore Schutzstaffel to abduct random Jews on the street.

All those “political riots” are usually done by mindless proles, regardless of left of right. It just happens that leftism is the current fashionable idea among the youth,especially when it marks itself together with Gaiaism, emotionalism, and most of all, rebellion! Whatever it is, I am just glad that it wasn’t my car who got burned for their anger over capitalism and the society. Moreover, bad timing for the leftist municipal government in Berlin, as the municipal election is approaching…


I really have to get more serious nowadays. But once again I am posting stuff that is simply too epic to miss out.

This time is about the consummation of a man and a woman:

When a young man dates a young woman, we call them both “love birds”, meaning they are nice to be together in the great time of their life full of passion and vitality.

When an old man dates an old woman, we call them “twilight lovers”, meaning they are nice to be together when they are approaching their last mortal journey.

When a young woman dates an old man, we call the girl “the gold digger”, as in Kanye’s song title, meaning the chick is peeping on the old dude’s wallet when prescribing Viagra in her “lover”‘s routine pill box.

But when an old woman keeps dating young men, we call that woman directly “succubus“, A.K.A Madonna the menopausal singer who constantly pretends to be a 20-year old in and out of her music video. She is 53 and keeps dating 24-year old all the time nowadays. A lively example of succubus.

I don’t want to post her pictures with all the young boys to make people think “hey he’s just a dude who post pictures of Madonna in his blog”. But this story is too funny. So I provide the link here for you to see it yourself.