Drug traffickers wiped out Amazon Indians

This sounds too surreal to be true. But it is indeed what happened recently. An entire group of intact Amazon Amerindian tribe was missing after Peruvian drug traffickers were spotted in the Brazilian Amazon jungle close to Peruvian border.

First let me introduce a few background settings of this bizarre mystery: those Amerindians were claimed to be absolutely isolated from modern human civilization until 2008 a scientific expedition team found them in the upper Amazon forest in Brazilian state of Acre (Interestingly, they were spotted and photographed from the air, pictures of them could be seen in the link above). As soon as they got spotted the Brazil Indian Affair Department (FUNAI) rushed into the jungle and established an armed sentry to study and protect this endemic tribe from human disturbance.  According to Times,

Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department set up a five-person guide post on the shores of the Zinane River, about 15 miles from the Brazil border with Peru and more than 100 miles from the nearest Brazilian town, to help protect a tribe of Panoan Indians.

This tribe, like any other tribes “discovered” in the Amazon jungle, consists of all naked Amerindians shooting arrows and painting themselves wholly reddish. Dudes like to tie a nod on their genitals and women cover their womanhood with some giant pieces of leaf.

Of course they need to be well “preserved” and carefully “studied”, just like other endangered endemic species in the Amazon tropical forest. This is NOT what my attitude. I am sure the anthropologists would be happy to study them and the leftists slash environmentalists slash human right groups want to act like the benevolent god to preserve them and even advocate us to learn from them.

Right, let’s assume those tribesmen would really need and appreciate those grateful and selfless help…

Since this is on the agenda of nowadays’ political correctness slogan, people start spending money to set up such sentry in this god forsaken place in the name of protecting those tribesmen and claim the whole region reservation region restricted to modern human’s entry. Unfortunately, not all are law-abiding citizens. That particular region also happens to be a frequent visiting destination for the Peruvian drug cartel. Drug traffickers often need to pass through their tribal habitat on the way to inner Brazil. Nothing would happen if those tribesmen aren’t as territorial as modern humans. Clearly those naked fellas have no idea why those trespassers show up in their hood but got pretty pissed off at it with massive arrow shooting. My guess is that those pointless arrow ambushes very much annoyed those desperadoes who are ultra-paranoid of any disturbance that stood their way to become rich. So the next thing you know is pretty much what was described in the news media: the drug traffickers besieged the FUNAI sentry and forced those armed guards to evacuate with helicopters first, and then executed the shooting rampage that wiped out the entire Amazon tribe.

A few days later FUNAI people returned to the sentry and found no sign of those tribesmen they are protecting, except a bag full of cocaine and a few broken arrows…

Well, what else needs to be said, the drug cartel wiped out this Amazon tribe completely. This kinda reminds me of a series of massive execution in Northern Mexico a few months ago. Those drug cartels, they are probably the only people, aside from Jihads, could do such things nowadays. As for those nameless tribal fellows, I am all up for leaving you guys alone on whichever way you want to live your life in the jungle. Based on my personal experience in Laos, I wouldn’t ever think that they should be incorporated to the modern society or we should try to act as the merciful god to “preserve” them on purpose. My attitude is, leave them alone and mind our mortal business. We don’t need to pretend to care about them nor they need to know about us. If it happens, it happens (the clash is somehow inevitable sooner or later though; but blunt preservation is definitely not a viable solution). I highly suspect if the establishment of those armed sentry touched the nerves of those drug traffickers and prompted them annihilate that Amazon tribe.



  1. Interesting post describing an equally interesting attempt to make sense of human events in an atmosphere of juggling perspectives, value judgements, priorities and biases contained within conflicting power spheres.

    Reality is a strange place for a human being to have to spend a lifetime. But the fundamental truth is that those people were doomed, one way or another, from the moment of their discovery, possibly earlier if they happened to occupy a piece of geography containing something of economic value.

    If they could be assimilated into ‘modern’ society in a short time the kids would be getting headsets, turning their caps sidewise and watching television, to the horror of anthropologists. But otherwise, and far more likely they’d vanish, either slowly or rapidly depending on the level of inconvenience they represented and the particular power sphere intentions they offended by their existence.

    Nice post. Gracias, J

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