I really have to get more serious nowadays. But once again I am posting stuff that is simply too epic to miss out.

This time is about the consummation of a man and a woman:

When a young man dates a young woman, we call them both “love birds”, meaning they are nice to be together in the great time of their life full of passion and vitality.

When an old man dates an old woman, we call them “twilight lovers”, meaning they are nice to be together when they are approaching their last mortal journey.

When a young woman dates an old man, we call the girl “the gold digger”, as in Kanye’s song title, meaning the chick is peeping on the old dude’s wallet when prescribing Viagra in her “lover”‘s routine pill box.

But when an old woman keeps dating young men, we call that woman directly “succubus“, A.K.A Madonna the menopausal singer who constantly pretends to be a 20-year old in and out of her music video. She is 53 and keeps dating 24-year old all the time nowadays. A lively example of succubus.

I don’t want to post her pictures with all the young boys to make people think “hey he’s just a dude who post pictures of Madonna in his blog”. But this story is too funny. So I provide the link here for you to see it yourself.

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