Great manners and great sport

那個。。。那個。。。In a “friendly” basketball game that was supposed to “strengthen the diplomatic tie between China and the US turned into an exciting melee, escalating from constant frictions between the two teams, George Town University Basketball Team and PLA team of China. A great embarrassment for both sides, especially when the US vice president is still in China smiling and shaking hands with everyone.  Great game, I mean the brawl. Looking at those giants fighting each other, I have to say that it sort of pumped me up and got me excited. This is not the first time an international “friendly” basketball game turned into an epic melee. I remember it happened probably a year ago as well when a Brazilian team was visiting and playing against a Chinese team.

Either way, it all doesn’t matter. Just once again proving basketball is a really lowly sport, and Chinese basketball players are too high on adrenaline. Competitive sports are real social dynamite. The baffling riot in Vancouver just happened two months ago and such drama just keep coming and coming. Why do we pay those overdosed gorilla so much that they could actually feel they are important to the society? As far as I could see they are mostly a bunch of drunk idiots who are better at running or jumping than the normal working class. If we want to see a real fight we could always go to a boxing match.



    1. soccer is even worse dude. Those hooligans in Europe…. Unbelievable… The only competitive sport I enjoy nowadays is tennis. Nobody would fight about a tennis player and they play pretty decent.

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