We are leftists and we are hardcore!

As I was searching interesting news that could keep my attention longer than reading the title, this one pops out into my google news column:

Mercedes Targeted as Luxury Cars Burned in German Globalization Protests

Apparently there’s been some arsonists burning all the good-old German cars in Berlin. Though no one is found or claims to be responsible for the vandalism yet, many suspects that it might be another masterpiece of the hardcore leftists, aka neo-luddite, aka anti-nuclearist, aka anti-globalist, aka just pissed off hippies running out of weed (whatever you name it). I have mentioned couple of times in my previous articles that Germany has a serious issue with obsession and specifically obsession with all these liberalism, gaiaism, anti-modernism “fashionable” stuff recently (here and here). This one goes even further, tossing the message that “Look I would torch your rich bastard’s cars you darn globalist and capitalist, you should all burn in hell!”.

Do those people really understand what they are doing? I doubt it. As far as I could see is there are lots of confused and bored youngsters here following some type of fashionable ideas that look cool and political enough to scare normal law-abiding citizens. I’ve seen so many perfectly healthy young men and women with deadlock and tattoo, and sometimes even with a dog, sitting in the tunnel shamelessly asking money for every passersby. The only other type of people who hang around tunnels and hauptbannhof in the city all day and night is those aging hobos who are always drunk on beers. I take it as they are mentally challenged to be sober. But those young people are there most likely because they think it is fashionable and cool to appear rebellious. Whatever you call them, punks or hippies, I wouldn’t be surprised that they are the ones behind those German car arson in Berlin. In a city full of leftist hippies and punks and experiences regular hardcore leftist revolution every 1st of May, finally anger is shed upon their own national pride.

Off the topic, the only thing that is fashionable and against leftist ideology in Germany at the moment is their growing resentment against the Turks. They have reason to do so. After all, Turks are everywhere and everywhere they are it feels like Turksland rather than Deutschland.

Either way, leftism is conceived when people are really bored with their life and have nothing better to do to kill their time. So people start to get inexplicably pissed off at the society and the government. That is a perfect job description for those vacuous revolutionists. What I was wondering is that if it were during Nazi’s National Socialism era, they would probably be the most hardcore Schutzstaffel to abduct random Jews on the street.

All those “political riots” are usually done by mindless proles, regardless of left of right. It just happens that leftism is the current fashionable idea among the youth,especially when it marks itself together with Gaiaism, emotionalism, and most of all, rebellion! Whatever it is, I am just glad that it wasn’t my car who got burned for their anger over capitalism and the society. Moreover, bad timing for the leftist municipal government in Berlin, as the municipal election is approaching…



  1. There’s a temptation, viewing history or reality over a relatively limited timespan, to believe all that political ebb and flow is actually headed somewhere. Taken over a century or even half-century the direction vanishes and everything goes back to business as usual, boxing the compass hoisting the sails to catch brief winds to carry things along with an illusion of destination out somewhere in a general overall direction.

    Thinking back on it, all those chock-full gulags, Cambodian killing fields, Great Cultural Revolutions, wars enough to satisfy the hungriest history enthusiast and most everything else in the 20th Century hasn’t settled itself out sufficiently to provide even a hint of who will be killing whom this century and for what most popular ideology. Doubtless it will sort itself out in time.

    Meanwhile, if someone burns your car I hope for your peace of mind it gets done by someone holding the ideology you find most satisfying.

    1. Hi Jules, ever heard of Yin Yan theory? Germany has been going too far on the right side in first half of 20th century, so they are heavily bouncing back to the other extreme to offset their frustration in the past.

      If someone burns my car, first time I will do is to contact my insurance company and get the money for a new one. And I doubt the people who set the cars afire would have any ideologies other than slogan repeating.

  2. Never heard Yin Yan dubbed a ‘theory’. Novel concept, however.

    One man’s ideology is another man’s sloganeering and car burning. Nothing saying an ideology has to fit into a particular mold with rules and fences, though those help when it comes to the squares and cubes of polishing off largish groups of people.

    But the better class of people, as you imply, have more formalized ideologies to justify their slaughter of people who disagree.

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