“The Clone” the telenovela

One classic piece of news brought you by the leftist media: Islam takes root in land of mini-bikinis and Carnival

The title is a total spoiler, but if you dig a bit further into this piece of bizarre news, you will be surprised how distorted the way they broadcast something that could definitely be seen as a concerning (if not alarming enough) trend in Brazil. The whole article basically tells one clear message: Islam is growing fast nowadays among the Brazilians. And AFP is staying “absolutely neutral” in broadcasting this issue, except for quoting some extremely retarded comments from those newly converts. Here is some funny lines in the news article:

“In a land known more for its mini-bikinis and extravagant Carnival featuring scantily clad women, a small but growing number of Brazilians of various backgrounds call themselves Muslim”

This line shows how great the progress of modern society Brazil has achieved. Not only the blacks in the slums (which is totally omitted in this diversity talk), we could have scantily clad women and completely clad women coexisting in the same city!

“At the seminary, you learn that Islam is one of the monotheistic religions. There is no prejudice against this religion”

So the locals learned Islam from the seminary, and it’s “one” of “the monotheistic religions”. How humble the way he put it! There’s no prejudice at all except there’s no god but Allah and the rest are infidels and all should “revert”(a term specially favored by the Muslims, which I found very amusing) to the truth of Islam one way or another (revert, extra tax, or death). People tend to forget Muslims still live in the medieval age. I don’t see the major difference of a small but “viable” Muslim community to the predominant Muslim country like Pakistan, Iran, or Egypt. As long as they still believe that Sharia system, there’s nothing but prejudice.

“Brazil is a mix, made up of several different cultures. This mix makes Brazilians very adaptable and tolerant.”

Exactly what culture Brazil is mixing with? Amerindians? Boy they’d be happy to hear that if they didn’t get obliterated by the outsiders. Africans? Only if you count drumming and naked dancing into your culture… Even if Brazil is mixing with “different cultures”, how does that make people adaptable and tolerant to Islam? Only leftism could shamelessly admit that to Islam. One Muslim could be friendly, but I don’t think one Muslim street or even a block would have the same attitude towards your daughter’s hot bikini and booty shaking addiction.

“In the beginning, my mother was mortified at the thought of going outside with me. I wear the veil to show I am Muslim and aware that I am part of a minority”

Congrats! Now you are officially a minority, aka the superior group in the modern society. Leftists worship you, media bow to you, we fear you. Nothing better than being a minority in the modern society, provided that you are not a Christian in Pakistan or a Zoroastrian in Iran, or a Copt in Egypt. In the future there should be a float exclusively for the veiled women in the Rio Carnival. After all, nothing better than minorities exerting their super-citizenship.

“After the September 11 attacks in the United States, “there was a growth of interest in Islam, and many people decided to convert,” Pinto added. “Islam was seen as a new form of resistance.” But it was a “telenovela” or soap opera launched just three weeks after the 2001 attacks, “The Clone,” that sparked some Brazilians’ infatuation with Islam. Set in Morocco, the popular show showed a “positive imagine of that part of the world, with a benevolent Muslim hero,” said Pinto.”

This is the best part of the article. It made me laugh very hard for literally 30 seconds. Have to give credits to the person who said such things. So that’s what the Brazilian “reverted” Muslims think: Sept.11 serves as an opportunity for them to appreciate Islam, for the first time they saw someone is hard enough to whip American’s ass? What a great logic to embrace Islam. To make it even better, here comes the telenovela “THE CLONE” (supported by the leftist media of course, they love showing multiculturalism on TV) that push this article to a higher entertaining level. Sure let’s pretend there is A benevolent Muslim here, it’s just I don’t think I am classified as the type of people that hero could be benevolent to. So essentially people are driven to embrace Allah and veil themselves because of a cliche TV show praising Muslims created by leftist liberal believers.

“There is a tendency to think that Brazilian culture, as liberal and sensual as it is, is against the rules of Islam. But in fact, there are many conservative rules that are part of moral and sexual control. Look at how many evangelicals are successful in Brazil!”

I know media doesn’t want to be labelled as “politically incorrect” these days; but the spread of Islam is DEFINITELY not kind of the positive progress for the social improvement. People have every reason to get worried instead of cheering for the great diversity the modern society has created here. What I see the trend described here is probably more like a bunch of lower social class, probably mostly blacks and mulatto in the slum (the race and social class of those local converts is totally omitted here), turned to the preaching of Saudi oil money, encouraged by the liberals, and incidentally embracing the religion of Arabian desert tribes. To them it’s probably just another way to express their anger over the Brazilian society where their status are highly marginalized, like the Nation of Islam in the US, or the case in India.

I really don’t see the fact that Islam is spreading fast in Christian states (or China in my case) could be ever counted as a positive sign for the prosperity of the country. All failed cases in the Western Europe should give those ebullient Brazilians some good lessons, if they’d listen. Longing for diversity and universal equality is biggest flaw of modern leftism. A hardcore liberal might send his/her kids to the public school full of bullying immigrants from the third world, but his/her neighbor Mohammed would absolutely not be okay with your daughter’s blasphemous bikinis and the sordid carnival.

I do believe that people are genuinely stupid in making our own decisions. It’s way more effective to convince others with touching emotions and inflammable passion about absolute non-sense than reasoning logic and cold facts about the truth that everyone hates to confront. Good luck to those Brazilian Muslims, as they most likely would have.

Edit: This post serves as my personal emotional outcry against the Islam. My biggest cognitive bias and so far I just couldn’t find a better reason not to bash it whenever I can… 

The famous "Clone" show poster



  1. I’m not sure how you’re getting the conservative = bad message out of Pinto’s comment. It seems to me that he’s explaining why, contrary to the expectations of those who think that Brazil is only a country of bikinis and beaches, Islam would find currency.

    Furthermore, there isn’t any indication that Pinto is a Muslim himself. He’s simply labeled as an “Islam expert” from “Fuminense Federal University”. It is worth noting that this is a typo. There is no such place as Fuminense Federal University. There is, however, a Fluminense Federal University in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

    Generally, I agree that the reporting is rather superficial and targetted at a liberal audience, but I think that you’re reading into the article some things that aren’t there.

    1. Thanks for the correction, I was a bit excited and misread some of the info. I think what he meant was that there are other conservatives that are stringent on moral and sexual control in Brazil. That one was my negligence.

      The other one, I wasn’t referring that Pinto is a Muslim himself. His comments were merely his explanation of the spread of Islam in Brazil himself of course. But it is the explanation that this article chose to give for rapid spread of Islam in Brazil, which is extremely absurd. As for the typo, well, I guess whoever wrote the article on AFP do not know Portuguese at all, neither do I.

      “but I think that you’re reading into the article some things that aren’t there.”
      Is it? what do you think that I read are not there? I have revised the post and removed the misreading comment on the sentence you pointed out. It’s just disheartening to see such news could be covered in this way in mainstream media.

      1. Is it? what do you think that I read are not there? I have revised the post and removed the misreading comment on the sentence you pointed out.

        That was the main area of contention I had with the post.

        I understand and agree with your concerns about the incursion of Islam into Western cultures and I think that the writer is a bit blithe in her assessment of the situation. In some ways I see this as mostly harmless. That said, I do think that media is largely structured in a way such that the message is tailored to be “culturally sensitive”, which in the end passively supports a multicultural outlook, so while I don’t think that the reporter was attempting to actively propagandize, the structure of the piece does support a general liberal point of view on the topic.

  2. Of course, Islam would be the biggest lurker under such social environment in the West. Such media tongues may seem harmless. But such general media attitude partially contribute to the snowballing troubles of immigration and Islam in the West. That’s what I found repulsive and unacceptable.

  3. I enjoyed the soapy very much,jade was my favourite actress..i mostly loved the part where she was imagining herself in all th four man she was dating and could make up her mind who to choose..that was a good example to those who get involve with more thn one person in a relationship,they saw how hard it is when it cums to the point where you should choose

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