Crazy thought about Libya

The bewildering speed of the rebel in taking over Tripoli seemed too easy to be done; the Gaddafi’s troops seem disappeared all of sudden. Meanwhile Gaddafi’s “captured” son appeared free to walk on the street to openly embrace the crowd’s cheering… It just doesn’t compute quite well. There must be something missing. Is Gaddafi hiding somewhere like the case of Saddam? But look at those rebels, the way they hold their AK-47, I doubt Gaddafi’s well-trained and well-equipped veterans would have any problem finishing them in a minute or so. Momentarily the rebels and the West are immersed in the joy of a surprising victory without encountering the real enemies…

Where are Gaddafi’s finest men? Where is Gaddafi? Apparently rebels are in town already, without any significant resistance. With a force without organized leadership, the rebel is nothing but a bunch of motley crowd who aim the gun to the sky. It’s hard not to sense some kind of funky business here. Let’s think a bit further, Gaddafi’s primary concern is probably NATO’s bombardment from the sky; that would be the only thing they’d be worried about. Before rebels came to Tripoli the capital has constantly been a vulnerable target for all those precise bombings. Is there by any chance, I mean, any possibility, that Gaddafi is smart enough to trick the rebels in the city where he mastered and knew so well, and at the same time disintegrate his troops into intractable fractions that blend in a city full of the “good rebels” that NATO finds it hard to bomb again? If so, then the situation for the rebel would be disastrous. Major rebel forces would rush to the city, where Gaddafi’s troop could easily nibble out them in days. At the same time, the city combat would too foggy to tell where is the right place to bomb for NATO. Maybe Gaddafi is smart enough to read the Art of War after all.

If not, consider my speculation purely bogus and delusive. But I would definitely do so if I were him…


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