A pair of twins, one mommy, two daddies

Before I could get all my things together and write another lengthy article about serious matters, I am introducing another entertaining piece of anecdote here first. Like all the other peculiar news I highlighted, this one’s weirdness is guaranteed high enough for everyone to enjoy a slight of grin and hit the pondering on our modern society right after. Here is what happened:

In Denmark, two twin brothers, Tommy and Lucas, both 6 years old, apparent are not that close as other twins. It turns out that they actually have two different fathers, in spite of only 48 minutes difference in between their age. There are only 3 previous known cases like this in the whole world.

Here is the follow-up: Two twin brothers are significantly different in terms of physical appearance (based on Danish standard?) and temperament. Well, obviously to me that one is blonde and the other a ginger. One seems outgoing and energetic and the other is rather a bit shy and quiet comparatively. Heredity proves a point here, isn’t it? Once again, a humble mockery of nature on inveterate compassion abuser’s universal equity claim. Look likes people are not only born different, people are born different even if they came out from the same womb together within an hour, with different dads though.

Enough for the rant, how did this happen in the first place? Infidelity? Fornication?  or simply just Promiscuity? Everyone knows Nordic country women are famous for their open attitude towards sexuality, thanks to the blossom of feminism there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mother happened to be a bit more occupied with more than one man in a short time period. Normally it would be fine with me, but without any contraceptive protection?

Either way, what has been done couldn’t be reverted. Apparently this woman admitted in the news article that she was a bit busy sleeping with her new boyfriend and EX-husband within two days. She didn’t tell her new boyfriend immediately because she thought it was an one-time-off thing with her EX-husband and she intended to stay that way. Now that everything is clear, they somehow managed to reconcile among two men and one woman and appear to get very well along with each other. Her EX-boyfriend even befriends her NEW boyfriend as two joint daddies.

Good for you, both new boyfriend and EX-husband. First the toast goes to EX-husband: It might be the right decision to divorce her. You would never know how many decisions she secretly has taken a vow to hide. You did not knock her up when you spent so much money (I assume in the beginning and in the end as well) to make a legitimate certificate for such thing. But it’s okay, it’s even better that you managed to seduce that woman even after you divorced her (I don’t know, is that common? Or the other way around?), WITHOUT any protective measures, AND made a kid out of her uterus. Very impressive shot. Truly successful seeding. You not only have a son, but have a free son who is raised by another man! That reminds of how cuckoos put eggs in some other birds nest and made others feed their babies eventually. Straight winning.

Then to the NEW boyfriend: Though you have to raise one bastard in your cohabitation with that woman, you have one for you own at least. I admire your virtue in bearing your woman’s fornication with an ex-lover, for that’s something I would never tolerate. A great family guy, I take it as your already forgave her and embraced other’s kid as yours with great compassion and paternal instinct. That woman probably found the right guy to live with. Good for you.

To the woman: you are truly a fearless tigress. Apparently you totally owned all those men, physically and psychologically. Credit to whatever you did to convince the new boyfriend to accept the truth. Next step, marry the new boyfriend and raise those two kids happily ever after. You have the virtue of the legendary Amazonians, the power of your Viking ancestors. Good luck with your expecting parenting in your genial polyandrous family!

In the end to those kids: however confused and disappointed you are, probably you just have to learn to accept it. Other kids may pick up on you, tell your mom to tell their moms that their kids are ignorant and bigoted. Don’t confuse with your dad, and get out of that bizarre “family” as soon as you can.

Each kid is a special one



  1. only in denmark! (or maybe sweden.) *facepalm*

    i have to say, as much as i like red-heads, the red-haired kid looks like a little sh*t. the other kid looks much nicer.

    i betcha i know why the marriage didn’t work between wifey and husband #1: 1) husband was an *ssh*le (as is evidenced by his jerky looking kid); 2) wife was a sl*t — well, we all know that; or 3) some combination of both. (~_^)

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