Daylight bandits

Sotheby’s London to host exhibition of Fine Archaic Chinese Bronzes from Compton Verney

The goddamn thieves.

All I can picture is some scumbag greedy Chinese peasants exploding some cultural relics in China and smuggled the precious pieces away and sold to the Western relic mongers. Goddamn shame!

China should never dismiss the death penalty charge for relic smugglers. China would be a bit better without those lowly peasants.







  1. The government sucks in general.

    On this topic: Chinese government used to have death penalty for relic smugglers. They just recently changed the law. Every year tons of Chinese precious relics smuggled out of country for peanuts. It’s disheartening for me, as a Chinese classicism admirer, to see valuable cultural relics being sold for free on the open market.

    Modern Chinese society is peasantry. Ordinary people worship money. Local government cares only about money too. Intellectuals either emigrated or silenced. Modern culture and social order sucks big time too. The only good thing about China is that it’s a good place to make some fast money, for ones who are ready to battle in the jungles. At least you have to give credit to China’s stability and speedy infrastructure construction.

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