Runaway train

Some interesting news for a little entertainment for us to forget about the gloomy economic environment for a minute:

An Indian train found lost its direction after hundred kilometers on the wrong way

Pure magic. Reminds me of the song “Runaway Train“:

Runaway train never going back 
Wrong way on a one way track 
Seems like I should be getting somewhere 
Somehow I’m neither here nor there 

The train first took the wrong direction in some intersection after the operator mistakenly issued a different destination code. Starting from the Southern Indian city Tirupati, the train was supposed to head towards Eastern city Bhubaneswar. Instead, the train mystically traveled over hundreds of kilometers on the wrong track to Central Indian city Warangal, 980KM away from its supposed destination.

“The express train had managed to cross three of India’s railway divisions and travel hundreds of miles without anyone noticing it had lost its way.”

It was those overloading passengers who first discovered the oddness when they found the landscapes along the railway weirdly unfamiliar. Check here to see the itinerary of the accidental adventure.

It’s difficult for me to understand how this could happen and remain undiscovered for so long in the Indian railway system. It’s even miraculous to see that the “runaway train” actually manged to make its way safe and sound after traveling for days in the wrong track without hitting any other trains in India’s old and overloading railway system.

Speculation: first, the train operators probably still use the colonial style train operation system with handwritten cards and telegraph for information exchange, the only reason why this peculiar incident could happen in the first place (when at the same time not a single staff is familiar with the route). And secondly, it’s a really lucky train in a country that train accidents aren’t something that rare…

If India is ever going to fully embrace modernity, and I am not talking about how many engineers, scientists, or billionaires India has produced, if India wants to be developed wholly as a country, then they have to focus their major energy on improving its sketchy ageing infrastructure system first. Nothing else, just the darn infrastructure.

What we consider epic, they deem bland



  1. Population control – first and foremost. India’s libs don’t get it.

    India has too many fecund, low IQ people.

    Dysgenic trends in India are pretty visible, and the cognitive elite/upper caste population is reproducing at way below the replacement level. The (direct) tax payer base will not be able to pay for infrastructure when there are hordes of semi-literate people that detract from society, economically speaking.

    India’s a doomed nation. I’m glad I got my ass out of there.

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