Who is who?

I am trying to clarify several identified groups observed since the social turmoil in Egypt:

First you heard (the most) those young people who long for democracy and freedom in Egypt and rally for the ouster of Mubarak. Set M1

Then in the middle of the rally one blonde female CBS news reporter got assaulted on the street in the middle of a hot sunny Cairo day. The mob who attacked her accused her being a Jew spy in their rally for freedom. Set M2

After the country turned brief anarchy and the military took over. Vacuum in the local regions emerged nevertheless. Then you heard of (Muslims) Egyptians raided Copt churches. Set M3

Not long after that, we saw furious Egyptians stormed into the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Their fury literally scared off all the diplomats in the building and tore down a thick concrete wall with bare hands. Set M4

The same night a Russian female correspondent (presumably blonde too) was once again accused of being an accomplice of the Jewry by the mobs. She was much luckier than the previous female journalist in Cairo though. Set M5

Not to say every protester is a mob in Egypt, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a  large part of those people are simply angry mobs. Democracy for Egypt? Don’t see it happening. Sharia theocracy? Great tendency from the populace. Junta authoritarian? Possibly the best solution for the West and Egyptians themselves.

Good for you!



    1. of course. there’s always a trigger line for the riot. the mobs just need some legitimate reasons to start rioting. With no authoritative regime in control, the only institution that could mobilize people in Egypt is the Mosque. I wouldn’t even bet on democracy in that place even in a couple decades.

  1. @the slitty eye – “Democracy for Egypt? Don’t see it happening.”

    me, neither. and like you, not in a couple of decades, either. you know what i think needs to happen there before they’re ready to handle democracy. (hint: lots o’ outbreeding!)

  2. @hbd chick:

    outbreeding for the Muslims? that would totally crush their social structure which is heavily built on patronage…

    I am all in Europeans get back to Egypt again. The Greeks did well in ancient times, the Brits did a not-bad job as well….

  3. Egyptians intellect have been unfortunatly retarded by centuries of inbreeding due to muslim conquests sadly like most North African/ Levantine populations.

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