Free Syria?

Syria opposition vows protests until regime ousted.

Let’s just take it as some piece of serious news. Then take a closer look to those appealing pictures they showed on how those innocent and good people are fighting for freedom in Syria:

The first picture shows “the determination” of “Syrian people” to strive for freedom, and the ouster of Al-Assad. They are learning fast and getting more pro on the PR (assisted by AFP of course). Bringing a clueless kid on the street with a “Free Syria” sign in English to be pictured by AFP is a brilliant trick (special effect: the red stripe painting dripping down…). Somehow it just reminds me of those images in many Western leftist protests… When people see a kid shouting “Free Syria”, we do feel immediately emotionally connected and overwhelmed. We get your message: Kids + Protest = Always the good side.

This picture probably depicts a much more accurate of what’s really going down there than the previous one. Oddly, the thing that was set ablaze was not the picture of Al-Assad or Syrian Flag. According to the picture’s subtitle in that news article, they were ferociously torching a Russian national flag. Looking at the guy who was valiantly waving the Syrian flag near the fire, it must be quite a show. They should really just storm into Russian Embassy and tear down the concrete wall as well, I am sure they got enough talent to make that happen.

Let’s call it Arab Spring Revolution, for freedom, justice, and most importantly, democracy. Raging Fire.

Free Syria?

Free Syria!


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