Paris as it was

Paris is a city that has been heavily abused by the mass media. Somehow to most people in the world, two shallow impressions have been framed for them about the French capital: a city that is full of love and romance; and a city for shopping.

Don’t really get why only those two ideas were chosen to brainwash the mass about Paris. In Paris, the city center is overloaded with endless tourists everywhere to the point that it is not even funny; the suburbia around is full of Muslims and blacks to the point it is also not even funny to go there, at all (remember where the nationwide riot started a few years ago in France?). I don’t see how Paris in reality would be seen as submerged with love. I guess people just see too many those postcards and cliche movie clips. Likewise, Paris is too good to be labelled as a shopping paradise. Why? Only cities with no great history and culture would promote its as the sheer shopping paradise. Look at Dubai, an artificial castle built with oil money, and Hong Kong, a sheer port for the merchants where people take shopping as the first leisure activity off the work, if they ever have some free time.

Truth is I just feel it’s a pity that no one would care about the glorious culture and great history Paris has. For hundreds of years, it was the center for Europe: the magnificence of the Bourbon Dynasty, the Enlightenment, even the French language… Those are somehow lost on the current name card of Paris. As a tourist myself in Paris, all I could do was to walk through those lonely memories scattering around the city, trying to resonate with the forgotten pride and glory of Paris as it was…

Louis XIV


Foch, the great general of WWI

Fleur-de-lis, the elegant symbol in The France Ancien and The France Moderne

Charlemagne, King of the Franks


  1. Walking in the little streets of Le Marais, having a picnic in the pont des arts, hanging out with the artistic minded parisians and having endless discussions, this is a apetizer of why i feel paris as a romantic city. but you need to live there to feel it i guess.

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