Idiocy and martyrdom

Looking back into history, volunteer martyrdom was either portrayed as the noblest sign of altruism if it was in favor of the right side, or treated like the most despicable  blasphemy of humanity if it was for the losing edge. So much for the manipulative indoctrination. The truth is: people who volunteer for martyrdom are either blindly fanatic or absolutely stupid. But then again, you need a strong emotional impulse to have the lunacy to not think through the 1,000 better solutions other than blowing yourself up like a worthless flesh bomb. That is essentially retarded, too.

Maybe Muslims are extremely sexually repressed and so darn horny about the 72 virgins in paradise promised by Koran. After all, who else is stupid enough nowadays to kill himself for nothing? What’s even more hilarious is that there are more Muslims, who were lucky enough to be raised in the West away from their shithole homeland Mogadishuor Baghdad, deciding to finish their lives in the most idiotic and senseless way. Here is a piece of news I read today:  US citizen perpetrated Somali suicide bombing: Islamists.

The sword on those flags always give me creeps

You know how rare and valuable it is for groups like Al-Qaeda or Al-Shebaab to have a guy who speaks perfect American English with US passport on their side? They could have made the kid into some kind of Jihad hero that could at least blow up some buildings in the west, or some radical imam so that he could get back to US and infiltrate the land of opportunity with extreme Islamism. But once again they chose to have him blown himself in the middle of the god-forsaken rubble of Mogadishu. The idiocy of such act is even beyond the common level of conducting martyrdom. But clearly this was not the first time for them, here is an excellent post by the War Nerd about a similar incident back in 2008: MINNESOTA TO SOMALIA: THE KINKO’S CRUSADE.

“If you were a real terrorist with a real organization, you’d convert to the Baptists, study electrical engineering in Alabama, blog on Free Republic about wiping out the Muzzies, and then, after a few years of living la vida un-loca, board a domestic flight with, say, a sharpened piece of plastic from the frame of your carry-on bag. Big, big difference between that and pulling your suicide string to blow up a roadblock in Puntland.”

If the only things they could do is to drop inbred babies like rabbits and occasionally blow themselves up to kill some innocent folks, it’d be an insult to say the Western Civilization would get rumbled by those people with their Medieval mentality. That reminds me of another funny story: A few years ago the Netherlands set up some ridiculously benevolent policy to grant virtually all Somalis the status of asylum seeker as soon as they claim to be the victims of the civil strife. This was followed by an insanely large flow of Somali immigration to the Netherlands, mostly through fraud claim actually. Of course when the Dutch taxpayers found out they were purely wasting money on mostly frauds (and most Somalis who landed in the Netherlands immediately become the welfare parasites or street criminals), a public outcry occurred that put such absurd policy to an end. Recently I have met one of those Somali in the Netherlands (on a random street at night). You’d expect his gracious attitude towards the Netherlands and his good luck of living in the land of freedom and modernity. But through the whole conversation, the only thing he was talking about, or rather bashing, was how racist Dutch government was to colonize Africa and repress Islam.



  1. i think a portion may be last stand type actions due to the real or percieved destruction of one’s way of life.

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