Sharia, School, Germany

The German government introduced the “Islam course” to students in public school in the hope of spreading the “peaceful multiculturalism” message to the young generation in Germany. Instead, the Imams come to German public school and start preaching about the punishment of infidels and the superiority of Sharia Law. Alas, how much would it cost to awaken the leftists that their egalitarianism and multiculturalism propaganda won’t work, especially towards Islam?

The whole thing sounds like a big fat joke.



  1. Crazy. I was hoping Thilo Sarrazin’s controversial best seller which translates as “Germany Abolishes Itself” would come out in English. I emailed the publisher and got this response. This was in June. Maybe you could email her and see if there’s been any change in the plan. I suspect that they’ve been told not to translate it given it basically goes against elite thinking for the past 60 or so years.

    “Thank you for your message and your interest.

    Unfortunately there is no English translation planned, yet.

    Kind regards,

    Anne-Catherine Horstkotte
    Assistentin Auslandslizenzen | Foreign Rights Assistant
    Lizenzabteilung | Rights Department

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