The limit of chutzpah

Recently Israeli government withdrew a series of TV commercials that aim to lure more Jews from US (with the biggest Jewish population) to the homeland Levant (second biggest Jewish population). It is understandable that Israel, in constant anxiety of the population war with the Arabs, would want all Jews back if possible. Such commercials should have no problem in easily touching the Jews in the States, who have always been very ethnocentric and supportive of Israel all along. But how come the commercials have to be pulled off all of sudden? Well, here is a brief description of those commercials:

“In one of the advertisements, Israeli grandparents sit in front of the traditional Hanukkah candelabra while speaking to their granddaughter on Skype. When they ask the child to name the holiday they’re celebrating, she says “Christmas.” In another, a napping father can’t hear his son’s calls of “daddy” and only stirs awake when he hears the word “abba” — Hebrew for father. A third, shows an emotional Israeli woman marking Israel’s Memorial Day and her non-Israeli partner unable to relate. The adds are all capped by the slogan: “They will remain Israeli, their children won’t. Help them come home.”

Obviously the explicit ethnocentrism made American Jews very uncomfortable. It’s recognized that Jews’ power in the States are inexorably formidable, more powerful than any other group. Without their influence, Israel would not survive and thrive. But explicit orthodox Jewish ethnocentrism seems not much shared among the American Jews, who have in fact in a large extent already began to mingle with different gentiles in the melting pot. This reminds me that there’s a widely known theory that American Jews were the ones who set the fire of leftism ablaze in the West in the 20th century. Ironically, now that the Israeli Jews came up with some explicit messages, which makes perfect sense for them, most American Jews still declared their loyalty to the holy grail of leftism once again. In some sense multiculturalism is one of the masterpieces by the Jews. But I never expect that they would turn their back when their own people advocate for ethnocentrism. For all I know, there’s no people more ethnocentric than the Jews.

I do, however, have a sense of compassion for Israel. Their worry about American Jewish population is quite reasonable and I admire their audacity in explicitly addressing their concerns. But I guess even chutzpah has a limit, as long as the Jews themselves are as well exposed to the poison of multiculturalism. How sarcastic…

Einstein: my relationship with the Jewish people became my strongest human tie once I achieved complete clarity about our precarious position among the nations of the world



  1. I don’t think that Arab fertility really has a chance of bringing down Israel. If the Arabs ever become too large a minority, the Jews will probably kick them out. That’s one of the reasons why military service in Israel is mandatory for Jews, but not Arabs If it ever comes to that, the Jews don’t want the Arabs to know how to fight back.

    1. RVT:
      Check it yourself:, the Arab fertility is winning and they are inclined to take over in long term. In fact that’s their objective. Probably population war is the only trick they could use nowadays. But that’d be lethal enough to scare the Jews. If Arabs (already 20%) become more significant in the population mix, it doesn’t matter if the army is exclusively Jew or not. They’d fight, one way or another.

  2. Of course it matters: the Jews can fight, the Arabs can’t. If it comes to that, I have no doubt that the Jews would kick hundreds of thousands of Arabs out of Israel. I certainly wouldn’t bet on an Arab victory, no matter what they’re numbers. Arabs suck at warfare, they can’t even destroy Israel despite their massive population advantages and oil money.

    1. it’s not about who could fight or not. Jews of course outsmart the Arabs in every aspect. But still, Jews in Israel are NOT going to kill or deport those excessive Arab babies. Leftism is the mainstream. As hawk as Israeli government is, the only thing they could do is to explicitly voice their concerns and try to recruit more Jews from elsewhere. That means, as long as it goes, without warfare Arabs would outnumber the Jews and there’s nothing they could do to bring down the amount of Arabs in their country. And in the end they would suck out the welfare money from Israel. Don’t think it’s a threat? Look at the good old Europe. See how Africans and Muslims erode the old power step by step without warfare.

  3. Ultimately, the local Palestinian Arabs don’t have to outbreed the Jews in Israel to defeat them because weapons of mass destruction are unfortunately becoming much easier to produce. Some sympathetic Muslim terrorist group or even government with ties to such groups might eventually gift the Palestinians with such capabilities, and then the dynamic shifts in their favor unless the Israelis retain the ability to mount a massive counterattack (granted, they do have nuclear subs for a Samson option if the chips are really down).

  4. “One thing for sure is that the Jews are smart and brave enough to do something about it.”

    To have goyim do something about it.

    You of all people cannot be this naive.

  5. > But I never expect that they would turn their back when their own people advocate for ethnocentrism. For all I know, there’s no people more ethnocentric than the Jews.

    Au contraire. There is no people more ethnocentric than religious Jews. Non-religious, non-Zionist Jews? Different ball game. For instance, see US Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter. When Jan Karski, who’d infiltrated the Warsaw Ghetto and a camp on behalf of the Polish resistance, came to the US to brief Americans in high places on the intel he’d gathered in 1943, Frankfurter said he couldn’t believe him. He later emphasized that he hadn’t called Karski a liar, just said he couldn’t believe him, meaning, I understand, that it was politically inexpedient to believe him.

    Now, by any common human measure, Frankfurter should have thrown his career under the bus if that was what it took to save his brothers in Europe. It wouldn’t have even cost him that-as an unfireable Supreme Court Justice, the worst that would have happened would have been his loss of status as FDR’s confidante. Apparently, though, to Frankfurter, sans religion his Jewish identity meant nothing as compared to his Progressive identity. It’s fairly common-think Chomsky.

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