Genuine nonsense

Czech Republic granted the husband of jailed ex-Ukraine PM Yulia Tymoshenko asylum status?

Pure ass licking job. I don’t think political corruption is something peculiar in Czech Republic as well. While the west liberals brand this woman as a liberty-defender of the already screwed-up Ukraine and tried everything to protect her as if she is the righteous good guy against the the evil, she is no more than an opportunist who took advantage of the breakdown of the USSR. Why liberal mentality always has to label someone on their interest as the absolute good victim? How could such genuine nonsense become the principle of everyday hypnosis in our society?



  1. So, in your opinion, China can fight for its interests and defend her allies (like Myanmar and North Korea) at the expense of its enemies, but Europe can’t?

    Europe is right to defend whoever is in line with its interests, and that’s Tymoshenko and not some Russian apparatchik sock-puppet.

    1. Of course EU could defend for its own interest. I am not against that. I am against the despicable means they use to glorify and victimize their ally to defend their interest at the moral ground. That annoys me.

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