1. Microsoft translator says:

    Recalls dance dancing shadows messy play in the coming year and say a China solitary phase plate exposed to wind and rain this winter to spring to the wandering stranger kowtow cherish all things micro-dust of macro awake my heart sad sigh!

    Babylon translator says:

    Recalling that in the coming year * * dancing * * dance film Ling next * * 戯 clamor China * * * * rain lonely exposure to 槃* * This winter and spring to * * to still 飃 parking abroad * * The kowtow do not have * * reluctance of 10,000 property micro * *
    sigh of dust macro * * has our heart of anxiety.

    Hmmm …..

    1. hahaha. Appreciate for the efforts. I don’t think the translation works at all. It’s a little poem of mine for the Chinese New Year. It’s written in Classic Chinese, you’d have to interpret it into vernacular Chinese first and then to English. I’d explain more about the poem and the structure of Classic Chinese poetry if you are into it…

  2. Xu,

    I have a question. I watched a movie in “Modern East Asis” class that supposedly starred a very famous Chinese actress, and the movie was supposedly a Chinese hit. It was about a man who ran a gambling parlor but lost it gambling and because he did, he was not killed during the “Cultural Revolution”. Do you know the actress or the movie?


  3. rjp:

    You need to be more specific. If you have a name I could search it to see if I am familiar with the subject. In principle, I have not been very updated with the contemporary Chinese culture. I’ve seen some films with similar plots, as the scene of Cultural Revolution is always a hot topic for modern mainland Chinese movies.

  4. I watched the movie back in the mid 90s. Don’t know anything about other than the actress was a top actress in China when the movie came out.

    1. yea, she is a big shot in China. back in the 90s she was one of the few outstanding actress in mainland, wasn’t that difficult to guess her out. Those films are actually pretty decent. Surprised that you watched some of those.

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