Balkan Trip in June

I will be travelling to Greece, Macedonia, and Bulgaria for the whole June and early July. Though the decision was mainly driven by my genuine admiration of the mellow history that associates with the region, it would definitely be very interesting to observe what is going to happen to the country with the deepest financial trouble in Europe and how the Greek election would turn out in mid-June. Hopefully I will update the blog for some specious stories that occur in the next travelling month.


  1. TSE,

    What do you think of the latest hyjacking by the Uyghurs? I can’t believe how biased the Western media behaved. Many published statements from Uyghur National Congress saying it was a seating dispute. If it were actually a seating dispute, wouldn’t it happen before the plane takes off, while they were sitting down, as opposed to after the plane took off and everyone is comfortably seated? If I called in to say they were Martians, would they publish that too?

    1. A seating dispute, yeah, i read that too. was literally laughing off the chair… You know the Airline rewarded each cabin crew 3 Million Yuan (500K USD) for their bravery in thwarting the Uighur’s hijacking plan…. Hell they are not hijacking, they plan to blow the plane for the virgins… Do you think the company would give that much money to the cabin crew just because they stopped a petty seating dispute?

      And yeah, mainstream media are with cathedral always. Why take it so serious?

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