Chinese ladies

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So when I get back to China, I’d go out just like others here to explore what is happening with my own country fellas. Of course the most baffling experience is to deal with the girls here.

I consider myself a fairly outgoing dude with my own game learned from my wild days in Hong Kong and Holland. Talking to girls is always a great pleasure of mine and it usually makes girls think the same as well. Looking backwards, maybe I was spoiled a bit by the feminist women from the West who would put just as much restraint on her body as the other gender. I never pushed too much, nor I have to boast too much with silly stories. Then I read The Game and found out how this thing really works. So I started to consciously pick up girls and try all those theories I read from the book. Most worked like a charm, just like its description. But that was before I moved back to China. Being in China, it is quite easy to stand out of the crowd here for me, and I do get a lot of ladies attention easily. But when it comes to get closer to the aim those golden rules I learned in the past unexpectedly all failed to deliver the goods here (of course if you are white it’s completely different story here, which I’d mention later). No one would give you a “fuck-me” look just because you talk charming, even if you got their full attention and overwhelmingly exerted your masculine dominance in the interaction. Nobody would accept your invitation for a dance, even if you are pretty sure she is absolutely on the hook and it just needs a bit physical trigger, unless she is overly hammered of course, which is not that hard, but the consequence is terrible enough to make you behave well. The worst part is that the young generation in the city lack interpersonal skills. Even at the clubs the only thing they’d do is to play some lame dice game for drinking and flipping their boring trifling Weibo pages on their iPhone. Having said that, I still managed to get connected with three girls from my infrequent local clubs visiting. Got their number, and asked their out.

Turned out it’s even lamer than my clubbing encountering. Of course they are normal girls. Sluts are lowly and sleazy here, definitely not what I am looking for. Those girls, though however they got impressed by your appearance and temperament, they wouldn’t give you a hint for anything further (In their words, being accepted for next date is a great progress I made). What they care the most are your status. This of course fits the description of The Game. But girls here put that characteristic to an extreme level. I have long heard that in China girls judge guys with their social status, financial status before checking if he’s a retard or handicap. Now I have seen it myself. What interested those girls the most was the story of my past (signalling) and the story of what I am doing financially now (financial status). They’d take some ugly girlfriend out on a date with you just to have a second opinion on you. Of course when you ask them out you gotta pay for everything. And she thinks that’s a normal entry fee for keeping my ass from the being kicked out of her potential list…

Of course I am generalizing, of course there are hidden gems somewhere out there. But that the majority of young girls in China get spoiled by Beta-male stinky courtship and they are utterly rational sending their pants invitation under their petty principle of money and status (very strict) are something that happened on 9 out of 10 normal girls you’d meet here. I’ve seen skinny tiny rich dudes with lousy taste for clothes with amazing women (multiple) in the club playing some lame dice, and I ‘ve seen more disgusting betas on the street over-treating their not-so-pretty girlfriends. My understanding is, either you act like a darn beta to please the girl at all cost for some sympathy golden pussy, or you get some dough and that’s all good enough for the game here, regardless how you look, what you dress, how you talk, and how little is your thing. But that applies for a Chinese dude like myself. Whites are different coz girls associate them naturally with wealth and the chance for living abroad already before knowing the dude. And we know almost every Chinese think it’s better abroad. But I ain’t white, and frankly I am a bit complaining about the shriveled booty of the chicks here. So guess I am gonna make some dough first.



  1. Pickup should be a lot harder in China than the West due to a bad sex ratio for men:

    Russia and Ukraine are the places to be in if you’re a man – at least for today. These are countries in which even average men have a chance at a supermodel type of girlfriend.

    For Asian women, Macau should have a favorable sex ratio, but I’m not sure whether you can take advantage of it due to increased competition from non-resident workers from the Mainland. Also Laos looks like one of the better places to be some 10-15 years from now.

    In the future, things aren’t looking too good for those of us not into Black women, or for our male children. There will be an even greater competition for non-Black women. This means the 9s and 10s will be that much more difficult to achieve, only the most alpha of men will be getting them.

    1. Your point is correct. but it doesn’t really matter on gaming in the city. Urban sex ratio is very much balanced in China. Rural sex ratio is the real issue. And what’s worse, most women in the countryside swarm to the cities for better men. So in the city, there has never been shortage of women or even pretty women. In fact, there emerges a large group of high-education background single late 20s early 30s women group in Chinese cities in recent years.

      According to your logic about sex ratio, Hong Kong should be the best place for gaming, since there are more women than men. But the fact is rather the opposite. Local women in Hong Kong in general have quite hard time securing local men for partners, partially due to their higher education background (work…) and high materialistic expectations. Plus they are quite ugly in my perspective, even Hong Kong dudes prefer marrying Guangdong women from mainland China.

      “This means the 9s and 10s will be that much more difficult to achieve, only the most alpha of men will be getting them.”

      Alphas all over the world (including the blacks) are already getting those women as we speak..

      1. Yeah, I noticed too that Hong Kong has very few beautiful women, at least to my eye as a white person. I couldn’t spot a single attractive Chinese woman over there. In the Mainland I did see a few; also in Tibet.

        What I find curious is the way I perceive Chinese girls, even those in the Mainland: either ugly (most of them), or very beautiful (a few). There are very few in between for me, while in my native white country there are many more girls I find cute-ish. I am wondering if Chinese men experience the same thing but in reverse, i.e. White girls at either ends and Chinese girls somewhere in between.

      2. You should avoid such generalization of a population of 650 million women. The diversity within China is comparable to that of Europe. The difference is that blonde and small-nosed Swede would not admit he’s not the same people as southern Sicilians. Fact is places like Guangdong, where Hong Kong is situated, resides people resembling more Polynesian features. Broad nose, dark skin, and small physical figure. However, once you go over a bit up north to Hunan, where I am staying, the girls here are completely of different physcial feature. Sharp face, small nose, and much fairer skin, you would find yourself drown in the city of Changsha. Further up north, as north as Manchuria and the Northern China, girls are much taller and better curved with higher cheeks. There are indeed a lot of pretty median girls in China. If you doubt ask me for some places to visit before you visit China next time.

      3. On the subject of HK women, do you think that they were spoiled in this manner of unrealistically high standards by White cultural influences, feminism in particular (since it is quite rampant in the UK)?

      4. Hong Kong is a damn capitalistic city, it is not not to grasp on the materialistic rush for women who grow up there. There’s little UK influence in Hong Kong. Most youth follow baffling Japanese culture, which in my opinion is quite depressing since it promotes asexuality and skinny beauty.

  2. Interesting blog, TSE. Where have you been plying your game before coming to China (Netherlands?), and what part of China were you clubbing in now?

    1. Well, largely in NL but I’ve tried at some other places all over the Europe… Quite satisfied with the result. Changsha, the central-south of China. That’s where I am right now.

  3. Good information. Things really changed quite a bit since I left China many moons ago. On the bright side, these social forces are highly eugenic. Instead of going for someone for their looks or game, they are going for social and economic status which correlated to higher IQ. The West went through this in the Charles Dickens era, so I imagine this too will past in a few decades when people a no longer just seeking material and power. In the mean time, not producing many as many critical thinking people seems a small price to pay for the intervening progress.

    1. Good point, that’s a very optimistic way of looking into it… But one side-effect is that one successful man usually hoards up multiple pretty girls. It just makes you wanna get dough as fast as possible. haha.
      “In the mean time, not producing many as many critical thinking people seems a small price to pay for the intervening progress.”
      people blindly believe in folk wisdom and majority is right principle… It cultivates a good land for governance, I must say. But there must be a separate educational route for elites to develop their critical thinking abilities as well.

  4. There is a correlation between IQ and income, but less of a correlation between income and actually doing things that make people happy and are productive then there was in the industrial era. Value transferance is the name of the game today. Even most new products are mostly about zero sum status competitions. You get rich easier by ripping people off, not making things. High IQ can be used for ripping off as easily as making things.

    Let’s not forget why we like eugenics. Because eugenics *can* lead to better societies that make people happier and fulfill human needs. High IQ, by itself, doesn’t make a good society. One in which everyone is running some kind of hustle and scam in the hopes of becomming an “alpha” and monopolizing sex may be eugenic, but it isn’t necessarily a good society.

    1. Happiness is a specious term. It’s the eternal contradiction and driving force of societal development and progress. If defining good society as a happy society, then there’s no society better than that of Northwestern Laos, which I got the luck to experience for half a year in 2008, where people are so content with their life that they could happily get drunk and talk bullshit during the daytime for there’s no expectations for life other than hardened sticky rice and some NTFPs….

      1. There are actually disciplined, scientific methodologies to measure which countries in the world are the happiest. On those, Laos does pretty poorly, it is a fairly unhappy country. :-/

        Keep in mind, for every happy drunk guy, there are probably a few more sick and miserable people. These guys are content to eat their sticky rice while the sun is up, but they’re not happy when hardship comes knocking…

      2. Scientific methods to measure happiness? O yea, some ranks Norway, others would rank Bhutan I recall. Laos did poorly coz the survey was mostly done in their only city: Vientiane, where foreign goods, TV, internet flush in, and people naturally loss a sense of satisfaction. The true state of happiness is where one has no desire for anything else other than what he has already, for he is perfectly happy in his condition. That applies to Norway where high social welfare takes care of every one and everyone could on average own three houses in the sparsely populated oil-rich country, and also to those Lao tribes in the mountain where all they know is sticky rice is good for it offsets the hunger.

    2. These social forces come and go depending on the level of development a country is in. As people got more money, they will no longer keep looking for money. We saw this with the West and I don’t believe China will be different. Of course high IQ can be used for good or bad, but in general, vast majority of the high IQ people in our society would be better off by joining the modern corporation. It is legal, and one makes far money compared to ripping people off. The folks who rip people off for a living, like the Gypsies, the Travelers, it turned out they have below average IQ and was not able to find gainful employment.

  5. The situation in the states is the opposite. One could earn ten times as much salary by working in the US rather than China, but it doesn’t matter. Part of that is offset by higher cost of living, but the mentality in big cities here could be summed up as “alpha fucks, beta bucks”.

    Off-topic: how did you finance your travelling around Europe? Well-to-do family? I’ve known a few guys like that who could feign success under the guise of their parents money.

    1. I have lived in Europe for more than three years. I am no pretense to claim myself “success”. Most of the travelling I did was arranged with either local friends or low-budget backpacking, nothing extravagant as you imagine, but quite in depth to go beyond the facade of sheer tourism.

  6. This is really fascinating for me to read as an Asian. ‘I read The Game and found out how this thing really works. So I started to consciously pick up girls and try all those theories I read from the book. Most worked like a charm, just like its description. But that was before I moved back to China. Being in China, it is quite easy to stand out of the crowd here for me, and I do get a lot of ladies attention easily. But when it comes to get closer to the aim those golden rules I learned in the past unexpectedly all failed to deliver the goods here’

    Could you email me and we can discuss a bit?

  7. All of this is fucking true, and not just for China either. As a fellow Asian I’d love to learn more about your game in Europe. Please drop me an email!

  8. Closure to this entry: soon after i wrote this post, I met my future wife in Shanghai. And guess what, she is White. Not that I planned it on purpose, it just happened. And frankly I have never been a very complying player in China. But we are still in China though, reckoning it’s a nice spot to make some career and a few bucks first. Gaming was fun for a while, but now I consider myself past the whim.

    1. Well done, sir.

      I think that it’s for good reason that westernized asians and whites have much more cross-mating than either has with other races. Had it not been for the distinctive epicanthic fold, I think racial theorists would have a much harder time distinguishing the two groups than they have.

      Do a casual google search for “eurasian attractive” to see some of the scientific studies prodicting that your kids (if you have any) are going to be handsome/pretty, in the eyes of both Caucasians and East Asians.

      1. Thanks. Indeed just had a kid a month ago. Kid’s got the mother’s eyes. Just hope that she wouldn’t get too spoiled when she grows up here. Locals love mixed kids and give them way too much attention. So we gotta have siblings for her for sure. But then again, I’d rather to have my kid spoiled in China than being brainwashed in Europe with that left progressism and demoralizing societal values.

        P.S. Most cross-mating pattern is white male with asian female. This applies both in Asia and the West. Westernized Asian males are probably more sexually frustrating in general than Asian dudes in Asia… That’s just another piece of truth that most wouldn’t dare to speak out.

      2. This is true – though if you look at the updated cross-racial stats on OKcupid, you’ll see that the asian male/white female situation has much improved since the original numbers came out, it’s still heavily slanted. But my experience with white women in Asia is that they’re much, much better about this kind of thing, especially if you as an Asian male are willing to up their game, which American asian males tend to dislike game. Whatever they say, a lot of women really do appreciate a good swagger, even if it’s all an act – much as we appreciate a woman cooking for us, even if the food is trash.

        May I ask where the lady is from? In my experience, ancestrally cold-climate/teutonic Euros are more partial to asian males than Latins, though it’s hardly a rule.

      3. you are right. i think the problem with asians males in front of western women is that they have a sense of complexity of inferiority that deters them to act like a swagger. i used to argue it s mostly because of the inferior physique of asian males on average compared to western comparatives, since most asians in the west came from areas in asia where men are not famous for their statue. I can tell you from my personal experience my physique was one of the first assuring source of confidence for me to approach western women, that was of course before i knew the game.

        my wife is Castilian, though she emphaizes on her Basque heritage from one of her grandparent. It’s largely true that north european women are much more likely to get with an asian dude, as it was for my case back then. Spain is actually quite hard to game around, guess i was just lucky and found my wife that way.

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