Who gives a fuck about Ukraine

There are two major riots going on at the moment in the world, one in Bangkok, the other in Kiev. Both are vicious and violent. But one is omitted by the left, the other is given 1000% sympathy all over the Cathedral. All of sudden Ukraine, a name you would only associate with quasi idea of prostitute and Russia, becomes the headline. Riot erupted, shooting and Molotov spree, and all western government claims is to put sanctions on the government officials who endorsed the repression of the obviously-violent protest. Needless to say who’s the purported boogeyman in the picture, but what is really happening in Ukraine at the moment?

Ukraine, like all its neighbors, has been a poor kid in the block ever since the downfall of the iron curtain. The high culture was long gone along with the arrival of Bolsheviks, just like Russia, or any of the former Eastern Block states. People in general only gives a shit about one thing there: money.  This country in 2014 is impoverished in general, massive amount of poor working class selling their own meat for penny and a handful of oligarchs hijacking the country’s economy. Ukraine in 2014 still exports shit loads of hookers and attracts shit loads of sex tourists if not in Kiev at the moment, and it is as firm as the Law of Gravity that every young Ukrainian who managed to get out of the country, either girls turning to be a whore in Amsterdam or boys turning to be a plumber in London, would die to stay the fuck out of their miserable homeland as much as possible. It is almost like their basic survival instinct. Being a Chinese I very much understand that and in some way could feel the way they feel. Given such gloomy societal climate, Ukraine is also heavily divided by the Russian speaking east and Crimea and Ukrainian speaking west. Miners in Donetsk and hipsters in Kiev are both Ukrainian by blood, but speaking two not-much different languages. I once met a Ukrainian girl from the East who speaks Russian and a guy from Kiev who speaks Ukrainian, and a couple of Russians at the same time. The girl only hangs out with the Russians and the guy seldom talks to them. The west hates Russia so much that they would rather keep sending their best blondes to the West so as to get their help to repel the pesky Russians, whereas the east would see Russia as the ultimate protector and ally. After all, it was the Russians who freed them from the evil Muslim nomads and the corrupted Polish Catholic terror. But sadly Ukraine’s too big and too centered to be neutral.

Of course everybody sides with the hipsters in the west except for the usual suspects like Russia and China. Enemy of Enemy makes an even better relationship than friendship. Unless Ukraine disintegrate into West Ukraine, Crimea and East Ukraine, the tension would keep going on and on over and over again, just like the tribal federation of Libya and Syrian turmoil. Even if the hipsters did take over the government, it is not gonna pull Ukraine as a whole out of its Pontic Steppe and put the middle finger into the rectum of Mr. Vladmir Putin. Their trade is deadlocked, and Russians would in no way be inspired by the freedom and democratic spirit of Kievan idle hipsters. Ukraine’s pathetic economy will not get better, no one does actually since the side-switch happened over 20 years ago. There’s only one thing to be sure, that is there would be more desperate young Ukrainians desperately wanting to flee the country in despair. So in case Putin sets up a ban on young blonde exports, there will always be ample supply from Ukraine.

So who gives a fuck about Ukraine? Nationalist would ask: Is there a chance those young people could get what they want in the end – a better tomorrow for their own country? Nah, not with the big brother. There’s no better tomorrow for every one of us.


  1. I listened to you and watched 漢字英雄 only to see the fatso 俄羅斯族 kid.

    China is already leasing the farmland, you should just buy the whole country and replace the people with Henan’s. Win-win

    1. That’s a typical example of so-called Chinese minority scam. He’s hardly 1/16 russian as far as i can see, like so many so-called Manchu, Miao, Tu Jia people in China who want the identity for sheer welfare benefit.

      You shall see shit loads of mixed kids in later episodes, including a Arab-Chinese mix.

      China has set up this threshold of farmland size, it’s virtually impossible to buy farmland and turn them into something else. Thanks to those greedy fuckers in the 90s and early 00s, city dwellers can’t go to the countryside anymore.

  2. Also I am beginning to watch those 袁騰飛clips. Dude’s a good talker, got good heart, but can’t stand his praise for the Genghis Khan. Dude’s against Mao and not against the Khan? Wonder what is the real reason he did make that clip

    1. I haven’t seen the Khan series. But he’s a 憤青, everything that ever happened in China’s borders = Chinese, so Gengis is 中國的地方政權. Or something.

      The 塞北三國 series are pretty good, check them out.

  3. The original Turks/mongols were slitty-eyed people. May I also add that they were complete and utter genocidal psychotic maniancs and not cute asian A* students. They reduced a lot of cities in europe and the middle east to rubble, and slaughtered half of the inhabitants. But this was a vicious, fearless breed of slitty-eye, and not the timid, obedient slitty-eye you find in china’s cities. Anyways dude you are being too heavy-handed in your interpretation of history.


    1. Yes, Mongol with their Turk minions are very very bad. They almost even crush the entire Chinese civilization. There’s a big difference between the nomadic North Asian and sedentary Eastern Asians, if not the size of the eye. It’s like blaming the Greeks for the Viking atrocities in England.

      1. I agree completely. I am not blaming anyone. My own sister-in-law is a slitty-eye (from Zhenjiang). I like the Chinese people and their civilization.

        It’s just that I was reading through your post and every second post you say “Oh filthy muslim turks, oh filthy turks destroying this, oh filthy turks destroying that” and I am sure in your mind you are imagining bin laden arabian people with a long burqa attacking cute white and asian students with his big beard.

        It’s not like that dude, history is more complex. I am turkish and I know my ancestors did bad things (whose didn’t?) but you are too simplistic in your interpretation.

        Also situation in Ukraine is not like that. Ukraine in russian literally means “at the edge” and ukrainians are the “people at the edge” because that’s how they were in relation to Kievan rus. The fight is more between Ukrainian speaking catholic west (closer to poland) and sovok russian speaking east.

  4. It’s always good to see people who aren’t North Europeans who are nonetheless sympathetic to nationalism and tradition. Leftism is an ideological threat to the stability and integrity of every civilization, not just those that stem from northern Europe.

  5. Excellent Article – Great Opinion. My fellow countryman in the United States of America, certainly couldn’t care a less about Ukraine. Out of sight – out of mind. I’m open minded enough to listen, to all opinions. I thank The Slitty Eye, for telling it, like it is. Speaking for myself, I couldn’t give a shit for the Ukraine.

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