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Painkiller tainted with anti-psychotic drugs

This peculiar incident takes place in the land of the former Great British Empire, where British regulators found some packages of Nurofen Plus, a typical painkiller, were in fact filled with Seroquel XL, an anti-psychosis pill which treats schizophrenia and depression.

“The 32-pill packs came from three different batches, each containing around 5,000 boxes, which amounts to a possible half a million affected tablets. … All affected boxes were purchased in south London … People should check to see if they have any affected packets. If you do, return them to where you bought them. If you’ve taken a tablet, speak to your GP

“People who accidentally take Seroquel may experience sleepiness and are advised not to operate any tools or machinery until they know how the tablets have affected them.”

Who would expect to take an anti-schizophrenia pill when all he need is a simple painkiller for his back? The first reaction is: Is this how people get schizophrenia Darn it’s scary how do I even know which is safe to take nowadays! Momentarily the second reaction follows up: Why the heck did this happen?

Indeed, nothing is safe nowadays and you are living a life at your own risk (isn’t that what we do all the time?). However, such news is simply too surreal to believe it’s actually happening right in front of your nose. Seroquel XL is a prescription-only, anti-psychotic drug used to treat several disorders including schizophrenia, mania and bipolar depression. It is even not manufactured by the same company that produces Nurofen Plus. It would be a real miracle if it was a technical error made by the pharmaceutic company. The mix-up most likely occurred at the wholesale chain. I would argue it is 99.99% sure that the whole thing was a deliberate set-up, a clear sabotage done by someone who really hates this pharmaceutic company so bad that they are willing to risk lots of innocent lives just to bring the company out of business. Pure evilness I said.

There are usually two types of suspects in such deliberate tampering: 1.Some incompetent former employee, who should probably be the one to take those Seroqeul XL, simply couldn’t get over with his dismissal and grow into an enormous detestation against his former employer. History told us humanity (emotion) is capable of all sorts of things, such case could be found in the Chinese dumpling contamination incident which evolved into a serious international dispute between China and Japan (some former employee injected pesticides into dumpling bags which were eaten by innocent Japanese consumers). I wouldn’t be surprised if some crazy dude pops up to be responsible for his mastery. However, based on the scale of such sabotage (half a million tablets affected), I would say it is more likely to be done by a group of haters, which raises the second type of suspect: 2. a violent and militant group that ideologically loathes the company who makes this painkiller or has profound economic dispute with this company. The latter one is unlikely to risk its legal and public status in such disgraceful vandalism, assuming those with economic dispute still have a sense of sanity. As far as I could see, a violent and militant group that ideologically loathes the company who makes this painkiller is most likely the one who committed such pure evilness. I’m sure they got a whole bunch of their “moral values” to justify their disdain over other people’s life. Those people are usually fanatic to the bone and would believe everything they do is the right thing to do for their own good. Then the next question is, what type of fanatic ideology group that may go against such pharmaceutic firm? Well, anyone but the animal rights group, huh?  Obviously I am not the only person who suspects the animal rights group. Those news articles decided to blatantly point fingers at them even before thorough police investigation.

Animal Rights and Naked Girls no longer works?

Those animal rights group wouldn’t be innocent from acting violently in their campaign in the past. Pharmaceutic firms are the typical target for them, as they believe animals should not be used as scientific experiments for the betterment of human livelihood. Their overloaded compassion has twisted them so far to the point that they deny their own species’ value of existence and unconditionally place lower biological organisms over their human fellas. Protesting against those animal experiment could be tolerated as most people are fine with a bunch of tree-hugging hippies of whatever they are doing with those chicken and cows. But tricking people to take anti-psychosis drugs? That is just way too much for this self-denial, self-destruction Gaiasm nonsense. My speculation for their motive is that probably as they felt so lonely in those meaningless protest and there are not really many people who actually listen to them, they fly into a rage out of humiliation and become openly hostile to all rest human beings who didn’t listen. So messing up some “ignorant human chauvinists” would be deemed justice and revenge for what the human society has done to those poor fluffy animals.

Those youngsters’ life are way too cozy to have anything better to do for them apparently. Last time I heard PETA was even considering opening a porno website to attract horny dudes into their animal right groups. The wisdom of animal-god gibberish.

When left attacks “minorities”

This morning I have briefly went through this piece of news, which caught my great attention.

Dutch MPs vote to ban religious slaughter

Basically the Netherlands is following the steps of New Zealand, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland to become the latest country to ban halal or kosher animal slaughter in their own country. I always view religion as a guideline of personal philosophy and worldview (albeit being a stupid one), and anything else that does not have to do with this should not be labeled as religion in a free country (e.g. islamic finance, sharia law, and halal/kosher slaughter). I am glad to see the Netherlands is starting to deal with its issues with the Muslim immigration population in its country, this is so much better than left UK appeasement to Islam, which is going to bring down UK to a total sectarian clash forefront eventually (what a pity).

Either way, the most funny part is that the the animal right group is one of the most visible groups that are lobbying for the ban of halal/kosher slaughter. This is such a great combination to push such moves as a group of leftist animal rights group, which is considered as sort of able-to-come-common-ground thoughts in Europe, go against the so-called religious minority, as named by other groups of leftists. It is so obvious that to publicly denounce a religion practice or immigration is mostly likely to be labeled with racism and hatred  and get ridiculed in the mass media. As much as it is the right the move to deal with the practical issues, you need sophisticated public speaking skills to awaken the mass to stop denying the fact that those problems don’t exist and there’s nothing serious out of it. If you are too outspoken, look at that Geert Wilder. Basically if the visible voice beyond this ban is from realists like Wilder or Le Pan, the media tone would be much more different, I am sure there is going to be massive condemnation from the mass media, which is basically controlled by the leftist liberal who thinks all people think alike and should be treated alike. But if it is the animal rights group who accused the religious slaughtering inhumane to the animals, looks like people tend to stand along with the animal rights with a little bit of hidden annoyance against Muslims in their mind. Though animal rights are not something that I find appealing or worth paying attention to, I am more happy to see some restraint of the Islamic gloom in Europe.