There goes my breakfast

A Washington-based human rights organization says that, overall, press freedom around the world stopped declining in 2011.  But while there are positive changes in some countries, the overall picture is not too bright.  Last year, less than 15 percent of the world’s population had access to a free press.

The title of that news is:

Report: Only 14.5 Percent of People Have Access to Free Press

So much for my appetite. And I started to drink more water:

For the first time in eight years, the negative trend that we’ve seen with the declines in freedom of expression around the world was staid and we actually saw some slight uptick and improvement, in large part due to gains in the Middle East,” said Radsch. “Libya, Tunisia, Egypt all went from ‘not free’ to ‘partly free,’ which was a pretty momentous change, and we also had countries like Burma that came out from under incredibly oppressive political rule

That’d be enough to make my stomach sick. Thanks, VOA.

Why I appear to be such a hateful and shameless jackass? Because I am really bigoted. I am just disgusted at how leftists disguised their indoctrination as “free press”. Hey fine for me if you are honest to admit 14.5% of the people are still not subject to our hypnosis with “our belief of dream“. But calling that piece of crap full of farce, gimmicks, useless sensational dabbling as free press? I’d have more respect for hard-core Islamic drilling. At least they didn’t put up with so much drama and claptrap to claim their superiority.

Off the rant, let’s take a look at who the hell wrote this piece of crap in the first place. I just can’t take it serious. The whole fuzz was set up by a Washington-based human rights organization, Freedom House in their freedom of expression campaign. Please, that’s what we need, another Washinton-based USG-NGO. In its wiki page: “As of 2010, US federal government grants accounted for most of Freedom House’s funding”, not to mention the top levels are all associated with the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, the right-on Ministry of Truth (1984 joke if you didn’t get it). And what about the thought police? Well, that piece of news offered a damn big picture of her. The picture says it all. You could find her name in that news. A perfect candidate of an agonized young white woman who looks unfit to get laid and turns to be a feminist freedom fighter. She can’t even be counted as a hipster with that extra pounds of hers. Yikes, I am gonna skip my breakfast.

Feed me more chocolate!

Longevity of the revitalization movement

Anthony Wallace wrote in his famous essay almost 60 years ago:

That regularity of patterned behavior which we call culture depends relatively more on the ability of constituent units autonomously to perceive the system of which they are a part… It is therefore functionally necessary for every person in society to maintain a mental image of the society and its culture…

Whenever an individual who is under chronic, physiologically measurable stress, receives repeated information which indicates that his mazeway does not lead to action which reduces the level of stress, he must choose between maintaining his present mazeway and tolerating the stress, or changing the mazeway in an attempt to reduce the stress.

The main contention is that most cultures were built to withstand certain level of “pressure”, either an outbreak of epidemic, an unassailable foreign invasion, or a heated irreconcilable internal societal strife. While most of the time cultures are able to maintain the homeostasis through digesting waves of “stress” and evolve gradually, a total breakaway from the old culture is not rare in the history of mankind. Wallace called this social phenomenon The Revitalization Movement, wherein new cultures (either newly created ones, existing minor ones, or existing foreign ones) are embraced by the populace over the old ones, in response to the out-of-range societal “stress”.

He was talking about how culture/religion responds to unexpected societal crises, with the claim that all religions arise in response to the crisis, from the origin of Judaism and Christianity in Levant, the Reformation in Western Christendoms, to the rise of Taiping Rebellion in late Qing China. This is where things get interesting. Within a first glimpse, his view seem a bit extreme. But to think further in his thesis, it starts to make a lot of sense. The introduction of monotheistic Judaism with the replacement of Aramaic-influenced Hebrew from Phoenician-related Paleo-Hebrew alphabet coincided when returned Israelites were puzzled why their holy temple was destroyed and their people subjugated into alien dominion. Christianity emerged as a formidable urban religion within the Roman Empire when people in the Roman cities were baffled by the devastation of the two deadly plagues in the 2nd and 3rd century. Reformation came into history after the infamous bubonic plague and years of harsh exploitation from the papal hierarchy. Taiping Rebellion erupted soon after the humiliating defeat of Qing to the British in the First Opium War. All of those changes of religions/cultures could be simplified as a change of belief. And in his assertion, all beliefs are blind, and all beliefs are constructed on some sort of “dream”.

One can ask whether a large proportion of religious phenomena have not originated in personality transformation dreams… The circumstances of whose origin have been distorted and forgotten, and whose connection with dream state is now ignored…It is tempting to suggest that myths and often, even legends, read like dreams because they were dreams when they were first told…

It is known that the spread of a religion/culture has little to do with individual enlightenment but rather its societal background and the influence of personal networking. In Wallace’s theory the emergence of dominant culture/religion only happened at those critical points when the old cultural structure can no longer relieve the exploding societal stress. According to this theory, all existing religions/cultures nowadays are the evidences of those old revitalization movements. This is such an eye-opening contention to me as I immediately try to apply it to interpret the rise of modern nationalism and more recently, the hegemony of leftism/liberalism in the contemporary world.

Modern leftism got everything it takes to be counted as a religion. It has a central belief exclusively consisting of emotional dreams like human rights, absolute democracy, freedom and egalitarianism. Those beliefs has been reinforced stronger than ever with the invention of mass media over the populace. One could even trace back the emergence of leftism in the era of Enlightenment as a revitalization movement in response to the decadence of social order and ethics with the rise of capitalism and industrial revolution in Western Europe.  This notion would further be propelled into a dominant position over its main competitor nationalism/patriotism that arise from the same societal stress, thanks to the two disastrous global wars and their final victory of both. However, when talking about modern leftism, I think “the inclusion of the savageland, and the escalating deterioration of the traditional societal structure in post-industrialism” deserves particular attention as the kind of societal stress that significantly facilitated the upgrade of modern leftism since the 20th century. The bafflement over the biological diversity, disparity of civilizations, the hollowness of modern lifestyle, serves as a major hit that struck modern leftism to forcibly (and painfully) evolve but have not yet mounted to a critical level to blow up the whole belief system.

In reality, the final blow to this old religion is on the way. The insurmountable pressure is accumulating from the discrepancy between reality and leftist dreams. The upcoming collapse of welfare economy, the foreseeable failure of multiculturalism, the growing frustration of the show business of democracy, and the increasing hostility against the equilibrium among corporate-bank-politician, would only grow bigger. This new window of opportunity will inspire various currently humble cults into the center of attention. Eventually there will be one that would supplant the old and prevail. We dissidents are the pioneers in this upcoming wave of revitalization movement. We appear, for the current religion can not handle the newly encountered stress fundamentally. Hopefully we would also be able to nurture and witness the arrival of the next revitalization movement.

The eyesight of the rodent

The old Chinese idiom “鼠目寸光” (The eyesight of the rodent) likens those who fail to apprehend the overall picture or the inferred allusion over the immediate appearance of an object to the rat whose eyesight never goes beyond what is within one inch range of its eyes. It is a very strong word we use to disdain those who are blatantly superficial and only respond to immediate causes and direct effects. In another way of saying, we use it (at least I use it a lot) to express the despise against the intelligently incapable dumb breed.

Unfortunately, rats are the majority.

Emotionally I hate to admit and would seek every possible way to refute it. But rationally I know this is the truth: most people are stupid followers with the eyesight of a rodent.

Evidences are everywhere in the society. If to think beyond the immediate cause and direct effect of an object were the dogma of our everyday life in the society, then there’s no need for Machiavelli to expound the ancient wisdom of social maneuvering; it would be a waste of time for Hazlitt to explicitly debunk the fallacies of many popular economic mantra; our politicians would focus on governance instead of popularity; and of course we would no longer vote and cheer for those who have a better face and make better jokes on the television.

It is intriguing to see how mankind took the wrong path for self-destructive leftism after achieving so much in our history. I have always blamed two things for the plague of leftism: the god-like superior feeling of the liberal intellectuals and the hypnosis from the overwhelming entertaining business that suppress people’s rationality and logic over emotional and psychological resonance.

Putting aside the discussion about the god-like superior feeling of the liberal intellectuals, I have always assumed that the reason why leftist ideas got popular among the public is because people are clouded by the boondoggling show business for their own judgement. Now I would make the correction: most people are born that way and do not have the character to think independently and rationally. The rabble got empowered by the annoying leftists  (the bourgeoisie, the enlightened Jews, the radical protestants, whichever theory fits you the best) and favor the very idea that sparked their delirium. Traditions, religions, and etiquette, which are created to ensure the alphas to steer the societal dynamic, are ravaged and torn into a thousand pieces.

People are given the delusion from the leftists that they are just as smart as those who came up with this idea in the first place. Therefore everyone should be the same and it’s the sacred human right to spread equality, love, and democracy among everyone. Sadly, the ugliest truth that lies beyond this sheer claptrap, that most people can’t think for themselves and must be guided by the few who could, is buried forever deep underneath the ground.

As a result, the whole human civilization is advancing towards a direction based on a few lucky hunch. But of course there are always people who have both the ability to think beyond surface and the intellectual curiosity, who well acknowledges the absurdity of contemporary social realm. Some of them turn into agonized and morose reactionaries; some become opportunists that take advantages of this imbalance to maximize their own desire.

The question is, since there is no way to enlighten most people intellectually, how are we going to devise an idea that could appeal to the rabble that everything leftists promised is simply unrealistic? A new cult? A new movie? A good-looking sophist on the Television?

The thoughts about human evolution

Darwin evolution tells us organisms evolve because of natural selection as to better adapt the living environment. That explains why giraffe has long neck, lion has sharp teeth, and white peppered moth turned black under soot pollution in the industrial England. However, the evolution of our intelligence does not really comply with the Darwin evolution theory. Contrary to the evolution principle, the evolution of humans (since the early hominid species) has always been driven to dissociate ourselves from the nature. The emergence and development of our intelligence allows us to walk out of the forest and create an artificial environment that would fit our own nature. Looking backwards into the development of human civilization, the use of tools for hunting, the invention of animal husbandry, agriculture, the emergence of the urbanized settlement, the structure of polity, industrial revolution, electronics etc, are the indisputable footsteps we left along this human evolution path. Following this logic, I dare to hypothesize that the ultimate objective of human civilization would be one abstract sentence: to dissociate ourselves from the given nature.

Thinking a step further, this seems also to be observed in the modern social mentality as well. I have always said that leftism, an appendix of modern surplus productivity, stem from the very idea that humans ought to be and act god-alike. Thou shalt love others just as much as yourself. Despite the myth about the origin of leftism (with several disputing theories), it is unanimously agreed that leftism tends to associate more with the intelligentsia with extremely high intelligence. While leftism itself has lots of incurable defects and I am sure there are noticed by the smart leftists, its core supporters (really smart people) appear to be rather stubborn in believing there are no other alternatives that would keep up with the advancement of our civilization.

What accounts for the advancement of the civilization anyway? Science and technology? As if the answer is that simple as all science and technology are neutral to our social beings… In my opinion, egalitarianism, that’s what the left intellectuals are really aiming for. Leftists think our achievement in science and technology has reached a milestone where the pursuit of a pure egalitarian artificial world starts possible. You see there are lots of facts that need numerous tests to confirm their existence in our realm. But it wouldn’t make any sense to look for even a slight degree of egalitarianism in this sensory world. In fact the pursuit of egalitarianism, a specious claptrap, has been destined to fail since the very beginning when this idea was nurtured 200 years ago, for it just simply goes against literally every empirical axioms we witness in the nature. Ignore the natural diversity, bell curves, and individual variations to guide our actions, and the only result is failure, for we don’t have the science and technology yet to make all individuals, all races, all species the same. This is THE perfect example of mankind’s desire to dissociate ourselves from the given universe.

Burrowing into deeper analysis and specific illustrations, egalitarian perspectives regarding the environment and the nature is best interpreted as gaiaism. For instance, terms such as preservation, conservation, and mitigation etc. have deluged the mass media in recent years. The hegemonic tone has never ebbed since the day they were created in the show business. But why do we want to preserve the nature? Why do we want to mitigate the climate change? Why do we want to protect the endangered species? Of course, there are so many conspicuous explanations that emphasize on the importance of “co-existence” , “ sustainability”, “rights to live” etc. Modern gaiaism has long jumped out of the spectrum of mere environmental problem control. In most western countries people’s livelihood are no longer susceptible under the compromising environmental conditions. Modern gaiaism is all about “value” and “lifestyle”. Beyond all those eloquent apologies, the true interpretation of this recent environmental fad is rather embedded in our own brains: the desire to dissociate from the nature. “We are transcended creatures with our artificial realms and thus we shall do everything we could to leave the old place the way it was, undisturbed and absolutely harmonious.” Therefore some advocates to stop slaughtering animals, some advocates stop pumping the fossil fuels, and some advocates even stop the modern technology for it disrupts the rhythm of the earth…

Western elites came up with the ideas and ensure that most people are well drilled to feel the same way. This luxurious emotion would be magnified manifold before a kid even learns to see the real cruelty of the world. That you think you care about African starving babies is nothing more than a sheer result of repetitious drills from the hypnosis organ. Nevertheless, this all may have worked perfectly fine, if our science and technology drive didn’t stagnate for the past half century. I have no problem with leaving in a real Brave New World where people just fool ourselves to death. At least that’d be a system that works. But once again our reality could not be offset by our intelligence yet, and worst of all, we are still insolently blind to the dire consequences that are about to ravage our incoherent civilization.

As far as I concern our human evolution has entered a dead end. The only way out would be a regrouping after the collapse of what has been built up for the past 50 or even 100 years and consciously refrain us from turning the divine thirst of mankind into a dead cult of leftism. For all I know, that window of opportunity is accumulating its momentum as we speak.

Sharia, School, Germany

The German government introduced the “Islam course” to students in public school in the hope of spreading the “peaceful multiculturalism” message to the young generation in Germany. Instead, the Imams come to German public school and start preaching about the punishment of infidels and the superiority of Sharia Law. Alas, how much would it cost to awaken the leftists that their egalitarianism and multiculturalism propaganda won’t work, especially towards Islam?

The whole thing sounds like a big fat joke.

Arab spring shenanigan


Before I start pointing fingers at what is happening now in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, I would like to remind everyone there’s already an appalling example in the same region: Iraq. Regardless of the strong economic incentives to intervene in Iraq, the biggest legitimate excuse was to liberate the Iraqis free of Saddam’s tyranny. Now people are freed, Saddam was executed, what happened to Iraqis now? (ferocious laughter here) At least we could say the presence of US force merely sustains a paper-thin secular government. Nobody knows how messy it would become after the withdrawal of US troops here in the ancient land of Mesopotamia.

Shifting back to current waves of so-called “Arab Spring”. As far as I could see, it is not about democracy, freedom, or human rights. Instead, it is the sheer consequence of the uncontrolled inbreeding within every Arab clan. Simple, the babies keep popping out in an exponential level, whereas the local economy gets shittier and shittier day by day. Look at the massive percentage of people under 25 in those Arab countries (including Tunisia, albeit having the most rational birth rate), it is no surprise to see that it is just a matter of time when the shit hits the fan. Babies grow up to be agonizing unemployed rabbles, how would they not go on the street and demand changes? Meanwhile, Arabs are far from being enlightened to know what democracy means, and there goes the soft political absorption of public unrest. With average inbred IQ level, lazy economic status, low education level (but Koran education), bursting population, drastic social rioting is then the most likely to erupt at any time.

So when the massive excessive youngsters’ riot finally broke out in the Arab world, it only leaves two scenarios in the society: either the incumbent ruling class miraculously tame the angry youths (this is what Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi, Jordan, and Morocco are trying), or the rabbles grow into a momentum that would rumble the current polity (this is what happens in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya). However, in either scenario the fundamental root of this social unrest would not be addressed and problems would eventually spread to Europe because of its proximity and economic attractiveness to those regions. Of course, the latter option would make the whole process much faster, like it or not. This is what we have witnessed as we speak in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

In the meantime, it is infuriating to see how the Western political elites are responding to such change in the region. It is really not difficult to figure out the causes and effects of this massive social upraising in the Arab world, yet decision-makers decided to appease the leftists’ touching lines and follow their guts and hearts in this one, once again. One thing leads to another. The next thing we know Western leaders back-stabbed their traditional dictator allies like Ben-Ali, Mubarak, and even Gaddafi who turned pro-west in the last decade of his regime. In Tunisia and Egypt there are strong local military presence; so Western leaders only turned their ugly faces to the rioters. In Libya, there isn’t even a common ground for a sense of nationhood; so NATO bombed every possible targets, armed and trained the rebels. Anyway, all these actions now seem to serve one mega sacred purpose: to shed the light of western liberalism in the Arab world.

It is indeed a very noble thought, except that reality does not revolve around some noble dreams. When the plans are completely detached to the reality, we call it nothing but a phony sham. The cornerstone that goes against Western egalitarianism in those places is their strong affiliation to Islam, which has its own detailed description of how everything should work out in a Muslim society (without the presence of an iron secular ruling elites). Evidence? Look at the so-called first legitimate democratic election in the Arab world: Tunisian Islamist party claims election victory, set to dominate writing of new constitution. It is widely recognized that Tunisia is the most modernized and secular-minded Arab state in the region, yet this happens. I have predicted such trend long before the election was held, just did not foresee it’d come so easily. Similar flows would be soon expected in Egypt and Libya, with much stronger momentum.

In the end, the demographic bombs are not defused at all. Islamism is on the rise. More excessive young Muslims would flock to Europe and colonize the ageing population there. For all we know, western ideologies are no longer appealing to the Arabs. The age when they rushed to wear suits and speak English has long gone with the wind. Population bomb + revitalization of Islamism, with the catalysis of western leftism, it’s a picture of one million raving fists swinging in the air. Let’s give it 50 years to happen.

Who are you?

This is extremely sad, for France and for Europe.

This political correctness somehow reminds me of the Chinese history high school textbook in which Genghis Khan was portrayed as “Chinese hero”, a savage who vowed to tear down all Chinese civilization and graze sheep in China, or the removal of Yue Fei as national hero, as he was fighting not against the barbarian but “Chinese” as well…

Stereotype in retrospect

Stereotype, most of them, are able to stand the test of time. The basic contention here is: the validation of stereotype is like the accuracy of the stereotype itself, 8 out of 10 times in your personal experience those stereotypes could be cast upon the people who could associate with them.

However, stereotype nowadays is usually perceived as a negative term, a term that usually associated with ignorance, prejudice, and bigotry. It is definitely not something that counts politically correct, but most of times, statistically correct. There is an axiom underlined from this argument: everything is bell-curved from biology. If you wouldn’t agree with that, there’s no need to read what I wrote afterwards, since you would most likely turn emotionally to a dead end of reasoning.

For those who share a slice of sense of respect for the mother nature, stereotype, as far as I concern, not only validates in most cases but more importantly helps us to cope with unfamiliar individuals in the beginning. People are intimidated by things we don’t know. The first thing we do when we meet a complete stranger is to figure out at least some of his/her behavior, background, or manners, to match with some well-established stereotype identities, e.g. a well-mannered businessman, a beer-loving German, or a scarfed conservative Muslim woman. As soon as we link the stranger with certain type of stereotypes (a person could fit into different stereotypes at the same time), we would 1. react to the unfamiliar individual based on the image of stereotypes we keep in mind and 2. seek to evaluate more subtle patterns of his/her behavior, background, and manners to the stereotypes created earlier.

In many times stereotypes do apply in general and help people cope with unknown situations. I’d say it’s a valuable experience accumulated over generations. Based on my cosmopolitan experience, I always happen to validate a lot of stereotypes on the people I met in different parts of the world. Everywhere I go, the stereotype image could always find itself a majority status in the people associated with that certain characteristics. Things that are even a bit edgy, like the incoherence with Islamic community and secular society, the behavior and intelligence difference between different ethnic groups, are proven to be valid one by one not only in a holistic statistical sense, but from my personal experience as well.

At the same time, as I mentioned, exception and irregularity do exist too, though in a much lower frequency. Like in the Bell Curve, there are always statistical outliers that would not fit into the stereotypes. Those individual cases, statistically speaking, is still accepted as the stereotype only aims to cover the majority of the group of people it particularly associates with. People with exceptions could not really change the stereotypes or invalidate them most of the time.

I use myself as an example here. People who know me personally and from this blog probably sense that I am very heretic as a Chinese. I mostly indulge myself in the Western atmosphere and could only find a sense of belonging to the Classic China. I am social, outgoing, athletic, and most importantly, appearing to be the biggest Chinese reactionary among all the Chinese I know (quoted from my friend: A Chinese dissent who doesn’t go with Western mainstream either). Though I was raised in China with heavy Classic Chinese influence, people always mistakenly thought I was raised in the West. I don’t really fit into the Chinese stereotype (math nerd or lab guy, whatever your stereotype is) that is prevalent around the globe. Yet everywhere I go, I always have to make double efforts to appeal to others to dissociate myself from their Chinese stereotypes on me (since most Chinese stereotypes ain’t pretty, and neither do most of fellow countrymen anyway). Am I upset every time I was easily labelled as “Chinese”? Of course, many times. For quite a while I held a sharp aversion against other stereotyped Chinese in and out of China, for their presence help consolidating those unwanted stereotypes everywhere (Chinese are everywhere nowadays). People always come with the pre-assumption of the nerdy or coy Chinese dude they met previously or saw on TV to meet me the first time. In the old time I was determined to whitewash those negative Chinese stereotypes from my own example. After a while it turned out people just associate me with a unique category, whereas their perception towards the Chinese remains. After all, those perceptions towards Chinese are most likely to true in most of cases and are repeatedly drilled frequently nowadays. Over the time I just began to accept the fact of being a statistical outlier who has to make double efforts on everything everywhere I go.

What does this say? It says a unique experience of a person who fails to fulfill generalized expectations. But what does it do to the generalization in the first place? Not much. Unless China has 1.3 million people instead of 1.3 billion people, I might put up with delusion that every Chinese is as cool as me. But that’s not the case. Though I sometimes consider myself a victim of stereotypes, I have to say they are most of the time still valid. To me, to others, nothing is fair and some has to try harder than the others. At least I am glad I could have the luck to be aware of all these in an early stage of my life. In the end of the day, to devise a personalized plan to achieve whatever we want is the most sensible thing in everyone’s life.

A real wise guy would recognize the stereotype while be open-minded about the statistical outliers that he/she may encounter in real life.Let’s say you meet a black guy for a job interview. Though you know the odds of meeting a smart black fella is way slimmer than meeting a random white guy, you still construct your own assessment based on the personal evaluation of that particular individual being. Maybe you could have the luck to meet a very smart black guy (I claim that I have met two that are not really interested in dancing and aggression all the time but science and technology instead). Of course when the person fits most of the criteria of the stereotype you should immediately pull out from your sympathetic and guilty emotion to review him/her with the help of stereotype description. This is not discrimination but merely recognizing the difference among people.

Egalitarianism doesn’t really work in reality, noble concept though. The great Chinese philosopher Confucius once said “Education should be tailor-made in order to fit different individuals (因材施教)”, the denial that says all humans are the same and should be treated equally could pose fundamental social and political adverse consequences if it were assimilated in the societal governing guideline. That’s where most of social problems in the modern civilization stems from – leftism.

Then what about coarse discrimination? They are stereotypes too. I call that the prole comprehension of natural differences. Discrimination happens when the stereotypes combine with strong emotional attachment and evolves into a sort of absolute slogan that is universal to all regardless of individual variance. Together with discrimination, misconception always tends to exist among stereotypes, too. Nothing is perfect. But a smart person knows how to adjust the his/her stereotype image based on updating data.

The validation of stereotype is like the accuracy of the stereotype itself, not all are valid, but the majority of them are.

“The Clone” the telenovela

One classic piece of news brought you by the leftist media: Islam takes root in land of mini-bikinis and Carnival

The title is a total spoiler, but if you dig a bit further into this piece of bizarre news, you will be surprised how distorted the way they broadcast something that could definitely be seen as a concerning (if not alarming enough) trend in Brazil. The whole article basically tells one clear message: Islam is growing fast nowadays among the Brazilians. And AFP is staying “absolutely neutral” in broadcasting this issue, except for quoting some extremely retarded comments from those newly converts. Here is some funny lines in the news article:

“In a land known more for its mini-bikinis and extravagant Carnival featuring scantily clad women, a small but growing number of Brazilians of various backgrounds call themselves Muslim”

This line shows how great the progress of modern society Brazil has achieved. Not only the blacks in the slums (which is totally omitted in this diversity talk), we could have scantily clad women and completely clad women coexisting in the same city!

“At the seminary, you learn that Islam is one of the monotheistic religions. There is no prejudice against this religion”

So the locals learned Islam from the seminary, and it’s “one” of “the monotheistic religions”. How humble the way he put it! There’s no prejudice at all except there’s no god but Allah and the rest are infidels and all should “revert”(a term specially favored by the Muslims, which I found very amusing) to the truth of Islam one way or another (revert, extra tax, or death). People tend to forget Muslims still live in the medieval age. I don’t see the major difference of a small but “viable” Muslim community to the predominant Muslim country like Pakistan, Iran, or Egypt. As long as they still believe that Sharia system, there’s nothing but prejudice.

“Brazil is a mix, made up of several different cultures. This mix makes Brazilians very adaptable and tolerant.”

Exactly what culture Brazil is mixing with? Amerindians? Boy they’d be happy to hear that if they didn’t get obliterated by the outsiders. Africans? Only if you count drumming and naked dancing into your culture… Even if Brazil is mixing with “different cultures”, how does that make people adaptable and tolerant to Islam? Only leftism could shamelessly admit that to Islam. One Muslim could be friendly, but I don’t think one Muslim street or even a block would have the same attitude towards your daughter’s hot bikini and booty shaking addiction.

“In the beginning, my mother was mortified at the thought of going outside with me. I wear the veil to show I am Muslim and aware that I am part of a minority”

Congrats! Now you are officially a minority, aka the superior group in the modern society. Leftists worship you, media bow to you, we fear you. Nothing better than being a minority in the modern society, provided that you are not a Christian in Pakistan or a Zoroastrian in Iran, or a Copt in Egypt. In the future there should be a float exclusively for the veiled women in the Rio Carnival. After all, nothing better than minorities exerting their super-citizenship.

“After the September 11 attacks in the United States, “there was a growth of interest in Islam, and many people decided to convert,” Pinto added. “Islam was seen as a new form of resistance.” But it was a “telenovela” or soap opera launched just three weeks after the 2001 attacks, “The Clone,” that sparked some Brazilians’ infatuation with Islam. Set in Morocco, the popular show showed a “positive imagine of that part of the world, with a benevolent Muslim hero,” said Pinto.”

This is the best part of the article. It made me laugh very hard for literally 30 seconds. Have to give credits to the person who said such things. So that’s what the Brazilian “reverted” Muslims think: Sept.11 serves as an opportunity for them to appreciate Islam, for the first time they saw someone is hard enough to whip American’s ass? What a great logic to embrace Islam. To make it even better, here comes the telenovela “THE CLONE” (supported by the leftist media of course, they love showing multiculturalism on TV) that push this article to a higher entertaining level. Sure let’s pretend there is A benevolent Muslim here, it’s just I don’t think I am classified as the type of people that hero could be benevolent to. So essentially people are driven to embrace Allah and veil themselves because of a cliche TV show praising Muslims created by leftist liberal believers.

“There is a tendency to think that Brazilian culture, as liberal and sensual as it is, is against the rules of Islam. But in fact, there are many conservative rules that are part of moral and sexual control. Look at how many evangelicals are successful in Brazil!”

I know media doesn’t want to be labelled as “politically incorrect” these days; but the spread of Islam is DEFINITELY not kind of the positive progress for the social improvement. People have every reason to get worried instead of cheering for the great diversity the modern society has created here. What I see the trend described here is probably more like a bunch of lower social class, probably mostly blacks and mulatto in the slum (the race and social class of those local converts is totally omitted here), turned to the preaching of Saudi oil money, encouraged by the liberals, and incidentally embracing the religion of Arabian desert tribes. To them it’s probably just another way to express their anger over the Brazilian society where their status are highly marginalized, like the Nation of Islam in the US, or the case in India.

I really don’t see the fact that Islam is spreading fast in Christian states (or China in my case) could be ever counted as a positive sign for the prosperity of the country. All failed cases in the Western Europe should give those ebullient Brazilians some good lessons, if they’d listen. Longing for diversity and universal equality is biggest flaw of modern leftism. A hardcore liberal might send his/her kids to the public school full of bullying immigrants from the third world, but his/her neighbor Mohammed would absolutely not be okay with your daughter’s blasphemous bikinis and the sordid carnival.

I do believe that people are genuinely stupid in making our own decisions. It’s way more effective to convince others with touching emotions and inflammable passion about absolute non-sense than reasoning logic and cold facts about the truth that everyone hates to confront. Good luck to those Brazilian Muslims, as they most likely would have.

Edit: This post serves as my personal emotional outcry against the Islam. My biggest cognitive bias and so far I just couldn’t find a better reason not to bash it whenever I can… 

The famous "Clone" show poster

We are leftists and we are hardcore!

As I was searching interesting news that could keep my attention longer than reading the title, this one pops out into my google news column:

Mercedes Targeted as Luxury Cars Burned in German Globalization Protests

Apparently there’s been some arsonists burning all the good-old German cars in Berlin. Though no one is found or claims to be responsible for the vandalism yet, many suspects that it might be another masterpiece of the hardcore leftists, aka neo-luddite, aka anti-nuclearist, aka anti-globalist, aka just pissed off hippies running out of weed (whatever you name it). I have mentioned couple of times in my previous articles that Germany has a serious issue with obsession and specifically obsession with all these liberalism, gaiaism, anti-modernism “fashionable” stuff recently (here and here). This one goes even further, tossing the message that “Look I would torch your rich bastard’s cars you darn globalist and capitalist, you should all burn in hell!”.

Do those people really understand what they are doing? I doubt it. As far as I could see is there are lots of confused and bored youngsters here following some type of fashionable ideas that look cool and political enough to scare normal law-abiding citizens. I’ve seen so many perfectly healthy young men and women with deadlock and tattoo, and sometimes even with a dog, sitting in the tunnel shamelessly asking money for every passersby. The only other type of people who hang around tunnels and hauptbannhof in the city all day and night is those aging hobos who are always drunk on beers. I take it as they are mentally challenged to be sober. But those young people are there most likely because they think it is fashionable and cool to appear rebellious. Whatever you call them, punks or hippies, I wouldn’t be surprised that they are the ones behind those German car arson in Berlin. In a city full of leftist hippies and punks and experiences regular hardcore leftist revolution every 1st of May, finally anger is shed upon their own national pride.

Off the topic, the only thing that is fashionable and against leftist ideology in Germany at the moment is their growing resentment against the Turks. They have reason to do so. After all, Turks are everywhere and everywhere they are it feels like Turksland rather than Deutschland.

Either way, leftism is conceived when people are really bored with their life and have nothing better to do to kill their time. So people start to get inexplicably pissed off at the society and the government. That is a perfect job description for those vacuous revolutionists. What I was wondering is that if it were during Nazi’s National Socialism era, they would probably be the most hardcore Schutzstaffel to abduct random Jews on the street.

All those “political riots” are usually done by mindless proles, regardless of left of right. It just happens that leftism is the current fashionable idea among the youth,especially when it marks itself together with Gaiaism, emotionalism, and most of all, rebellion! Whatever it is, I am just glad that it wasn’t my car who got burned for their anger over capitalism and the society. Moreover, bad timing for the leftist municipal government in Berlin, as the municipal election is approaching…