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The German government introduced the “Islam course” to students in public school in the hope of spreading the “peaceful multiculturalism” message to the young generation in Germany. Instead, the Imams come to German public school and start preaching about the punishment of infidels and the superiority of Sharia Law. Alas, how much would it cost to awaken the leftists that their egalitarianism and multiculturalism propaganda won’t work, especially towards Islam?

The whole thing sounds like a big fat joke.

We are leftists and we are hardcore!

As I was searching interesting news that could keep my attention longer than reading the title, this one pops out into my google news column:

Mercedes Targeted as Luxury Cars Burned in German Globalization Protests

Apparently there’s been some arsonists burning all the good-old German cars in Berlin. Though no one is found or claims to be responsible for the vandalism yet, many suspects that it might be another masterpiece of the hardcore leftists, aka neo-luddite, aka anti-nuclearist, aka anti-globalist, aka just pissed off hippies running out of weed (whatever you name it). I have mentioned couple of times in my previous articles that Germany has a serious issue with obsession and specifically obsession with all these liberalism, gaiaism, anti-modernism “fashionable” stuff recently (here and here). This one goes even further, tossing the message that “Look I would torch your rich bastard’s cars you darn globalist and capitalist, you should all burn in hell!”.

Do those people really understand what they are doing? I doubt it. As far as I could see is there are lots of confused and bored youngsters here following some type of fashionable ideas that look cool and political enough to scare normal law-abiding citizens. I’ve seen so many perfectly healthy young men and women with deadlock and tattoo, and sometimes even with a dog, sitting in the tunnel shamelessly asking money for every passersby. The only other type of people who hang around tunnels and hauptbannhof in the city all day and night is those aging hobos who are always drunk on beers. I take it as they are mentally challenged to be sober. But those young people are there most likely because they think it is fashionable and cool to appear rebellious. Whatever you call them, punks or hippies, I wouldn’t be surprised that they are the ones behind those German car arson in Berlin. In a city full of leftist hippies and punks and experiences regular hardcore leftist revolution every 1st of May, finally anger is shed upon their own national pride.

Off the topic, the only thing that is fashionable and against leftist ideology in Germany at the moment is their growing resentment against the Turks. They have reason to do so. After all, Turks are everywhere and everywhere they are it feels like Turksland rather than Deutschland.

Either way, leftism is conceived when people are really bored with their life and have nothing better to do to kill their time. So people start to get inexplicably pissed off at the society and the government. That is a perfect job description for those vacuous revolutionists. What I was wondering is that if it were during Nazi’s National Socialism era, they would probably be the most hardcore Schutzstaffel to abduct random Jews on the street.

All those “political riots” are usually done by mindless proles, regardless of left of right. It just happens that leftism is the current fashionable idea among the youth,especially when it marks itself together with Gaiaism, emotionalism, and most of all, rebellion! Whatever it is, I am just glad that it wasn’t my car who got burned for their anger over capitalism and the society. Moreover, bad timing for the leftist municipal government in Berlin, as the municipal election is approaching…

Don’t mess with the beer name in Germany

Read the title one more time, DO NOT mess with the beer name in Germany!

Why? Let me tell you a true bitter story of a friend of mine first. Couple of weeks ago a friend of mine from the Netherlands came to visit me in Germany (I was living in Cologne at the time). He was planning on attending a conference in Dusseldorf, which is basically 40 minutes away from Cologne by train. So he came over to my place for a short visit first and we chilled out the first night in a bar. I took him to a regular local bar and ordered some local Kölsch there, since Kölsch is a special local beer in the Cologne region (German word for Cologne is Köln) that you don’t find easily elsewhere, and also I like Kölsch a lot and had been even more loyal to Kölsch than the locals (they always bitch a lot about how Kölsch sucks but drink it anyway). So when the waiter came to take our order, I decided to be a total smug to show off my five-sentence-level German by ordering beers in German (Ordering beers being one of the five sentences that I handsomely learned and mastered). “Zwei Kölsch, bitte! (Two Kölsch please!)” I have practiced this line for countless times to the point that it sounded almost like a typical local shouting out loud for beers with involuntary reflection that doesn’t even have to go higher than the spinal cord. The waiter was almost as cool as me and briskly turned back to the bar for the order. That was a typical smooth order. My showing off worked well to impress my friend at the time, who literally had little clue about my seemingly non-sense German. “Wow, nice seeing you speaking the language here,” he complimented on my beer-slogan, “what’s the beer called again?” “Kölsch,” I wasn’t caring much about his question while still immersing into the complacency of the compliment, “The beer is called Kölsch.” My friend nodded and took it by heart. Then the next thing I remembered we started drinking loads of beers and wandered around the city in the middle of the night like two spaced-out hippies…

The next morning my friend parted and went to Dusseldorf for the conference. I saw him off to the train station and then went to the park to enjoy a nice sunny Sunday (as in Germany it’s rather scarcity and therefore super precious to have good old sunny days). Soon things went back to it was before and life went on…

Very recently I finished my work in Germany and went back to the Netherlands. One day that friend of mine came to me and started to mention his German trip in a very agonizing tone.

“Hey mate, you know your little trick almost made me the enemy of the whole town in Dusseldorf.”

“What? What happened? What did I do?”

“You told me that beer in German is called ‘Kölsch’, so I went to a bar in Dusseldorf and tried to speak some German to order beers. So I said ‘ein Kölsch bitte’.  Guess what, it almost started a riot there, everyone started to hate me immideately…”

I couldn’t wait until he finished the story and start to laugh really hard, “You said what… in Dusseldorf for Kölsch? You know…”

“Yeah, yeah. You don’t say Kölsch in Dusseldorf, you drink  Altbier in Dusseldorf” he interrupted aggravatingly, ” Look at that despicable smirk on your face, you sneaky bastard!”

I was trying so hard to restrain myself from giggling, but finally gave in and burst into minutes of non-stop laughing, “I was referring to the local beer in Köln to you, and you thought that was the German word for beer…”

Classic misunderstanding comedy. We couldn’t do anything but start sniggering at each other. So we reconciled in laughter…

Entertaining story it is. I wrote it down here just to warn those tourists who plan to visit both Cologne and Dusseldorf (if people ever go to Germany for tourism, hmm…), it is not cool to mess around different beer names. The locals do take that pretty seriously; the same you don’t mess around Manchester to hail Arsenal or Chelsea, or speak Spanish to a Catalan in Barcelona. German’s deep connection to beer is not something to make fun of, you would really have the risk of ending up with something drastically different from a glass of Kölsch by ordering it out loud in Dusseldorf.

They are rivals, but I gotta be loyal to the place I lived before. So in the end, I would still prefer Kölsch. 🙂

Holy Empire’s New Clothes

A few days ago I was routinely checking my google news as the first thing to do in the morning (quoted from one of my friends: morning is whenever you first detach yourself from the good-old bed). By random chances a headline caught my attention. The title is: German award ceremony cancelled after outcry over prize for Putin. I was curious to know why they decided to give the award to Putin and why they withdrew the decision afterwards. I had to click on the button to read more about it (as I always do). Here is the story: the annual Quadriga award, which is set by a non-profit organization in Berlin to praise individuals or groups for their outstanding commitment to innovation, renewal, and a pioneering spirit through political, economic, and cultural activities, was proposed to Russian former President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin this year for his outstanding efforts in creating “stability through the interplay of prosperity, economy and identity,” and is, “in the tradition of Peter the Great, a switchman in the direction of the future.” So the Germans wanted to kiss Putin’s ass. Fair enough. If Germany thinks: hey let’s befriend with Russia, because it’s really important to have a friendly Russia to us. I would say it’s alright, though the ass-kissing is a bit overdone and too obvious. But what’s more interesting is that as soon as the German media discovered that this Quadriga award is going to be given to Putin, there was an overwhelming outcry from everywhere (especially in Germany) that hysterically condemned the decision to award Putin for the Quadriga this year.

Former president of the Czech Republic and previous Quadriga recipient Vaclav Havel had threatened to return his prize should Putin be honored. Germany’s Green Party Chairman Cem Özdemir and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales had declared their resignation from Quadriga’s board of trustees in protest against Putin receiving the award".

All week long, (German) politicians from across the spectrum have condemned Mr. Putin, while editorials in the nation’s leading newspapers detailed his record as president and prime minister of Russia. The deaths of activists and the ongoing imprisonment of a rival, Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, on flimsy charges have provided plenty of fodder for the opponents of Mr. Putin, who as a K.G.B. agent was stationed in East Germany from 1985 to 1990.”

Why? Well, because in those people’s mind (liberals I guess?), Putin is no difference to Gaddafi, a dictator who repressed dissents by all means just to retain himself in power. Is he? Is he really the one who sabotaged mother Russia and chopped down liberty, freedom and human rights in his motherland? Let’s see. First, he does enjoy a ridiculously high popularity in his country, which all western politicians are so jealous to the point that they just chose to deny with the massive facts and decry the lack of transparency and political freedom for the opposition party. Sure, Russia is a totalitarian state, but it serves them right. There is a reason why Russian men want to be him, Russian women want to marry him. A simple reason: he made Russians believe in themselves again. He was fighting against some oligarchs, successfully campaigned in Chechnya, and most of all, he gave Russia a new hope for their economy and stability. The west likes Gorbachev but Russians dislike him for his appeasement to the West and the dissolution of powerful Soviet; the Russians like Putin but the west hates him for Putin somehow gave Russians the hope to stand up firmly against the West again. I am not saying Putin is a cool guy or whatsoever. All I am saying is that he doesn’t deserve the public decry from those so-called politicians and celebrities (plus German media).

Unfortunately, this public decry was powerful enough to make the organizers to completely cancel this year’s awarding ceremony, after everyone in Germany started to shout out loud against this decision as if they have mistakenly acquitted a damned murderer. So they won. But what did they win? This is absolutely a blasphemy to the value of liberty and human rights itself, for those smug righteous people have already made the judgement even before the actual trial. As for Putin, I don’t think he would really care for this award anyway. But I am sure lots of Russians would get pissed at the Germans. The bottom line is: Russian is better off WITH him, and the west (liberals and conservatives as well) would keep hating him as usual. As for the award organizer, I would really sympathize them for receiving the collateral damage from the liberal bombing. Having said that, when I looked at the list of award recipients since 2003, I would really like to question the motivation of even putting Putin in the first place in that award, which was previously given to people including lousy politicians like Erdoğan (whose wife wore veil in Turkey), Karzai (an ill-tempered US puppet), and a bunch of hipster hippie musicians and “humanitarian activists” I never heard of.

So I understand Germany just got out of from one extreme and doesn’t really want to go back there. Then you don’t really have to go to the other extreme to prove you are the coolest kid in the block either.


Modern Luddite in Europe

For those who are not familiar with the term “Luddite“, it is an interesting social movement that took place in the early 19th century’s England, where textile artisans went on the street to protest and sabotage loads of mechanized looms in the factories. Those mechanized looms were seen as the devil that took away their textile jobs and therefore became the target of those angry unemployed artisans. At the same time, the invention of mechanized looms in early 19th century marked the start of the epic industrial revolution in England. The productivity of the society skyrocketed exponentially and the structure of the society altered dramatically along with a rapid advancement of technology in every aspect. From then on, mankind stepped into the most glamorous golden age that continues ever since.

There are many ways people interpret the Luddite. Some focus on the class conflict, some on the worsening livelihood of the workers, etc, and some people (including myself) view the Luddite as the founding ancestor for all the anti-development/anti-technology social movement that has been growing to achieve another eruptive momentum. I’ve been trying to figure out a name for those people. One of my friends suggest to call them “Amish wannabe”, I couldn’t agree more. So let’s refer them to the Amish wannabe here.

Where is the modern luddite? It’s everywhere in Europe, at least nowadays. Among all of the different sects, environmentalists are the strongest breed. What do they do? They often attack the very demerits of modern technology and development and compare to the most primitive scenario, which basically to them is the Amish lifestyle or even more primitive than that. Nowadays a farmer should only produce food without fertilizers or pesticides so that the food could be organic and sustainable; electricity should be only from the wind or the sun as concentrated massive scale of electricity generation synthesizes too much CO2 and that’s bad for the environment… But those Amish wannabe, who mostly come from affluent countries with no idea of the real nature, tend to ignore the fact that there is a reason why we use fertilizer and pesticide in the first place, and why fossil energy and nuclear energy (with the exception of hydro power) was favored over the wind and solar technology many years ago and why people start to build centralized electricity grid….  Not to say that modern development and technology is perfect, but as a realist I’d rather to face those environmental side-effects of modern development with more feasible and rational choices, such as more coordination of the global food production and the development of efficient fossil fuel combustion, nuclear fusion or even hydrogen to replace the current massive electricity infrastructure (wind/solar could only play minor roles in the future due to the intermittency and efficiency ratio of the power generation).

But Amish wannabe tends to not listen, and in fact, they make the loudest voice and complaint, regardless if their logic of argument stands. Since the current democracy system always reward the one who shouts the loudest, they tend to prevail in modern Western society. One great example is the absolute denial of nuclear science in Germany -> the phase out of all German nuclear plants by 2020 . Instead of solving the problems rationally, German politicians reward the noisy Amish wannabe with the decision to totally shut down one of the greatest technology in 20th century. Not to even mention that the potential of nuclear science is enormous and it is likely to be the dominant energy source for humans in the long term future (we could even create a SUN and go to other planet with that). I support the upgrade of nuclear, but a total ban of nuclear is nothing but luddite. This backward step is likely to cause two serious consequences -> 1. Germany irresponsibly create huge energy production burden and increase of electricity cost on the European energy market as renewable is far from filling the gap of the nuclear, and probably even more energy reliance on Russia, putting the economy of the whole Europe in jeopardy; 2. Germany could be happy with the wind and sun as much as they want, but others will be the winner to master fusion or hydrogen to obtain the key for eternal energy supply and science superiority (pity for the germans).

This is the case where the environmentalist gained rewards from shouting out loud, but what if the politics did not reward them? This is another very good example of how Amish wannabe react to the disagreement of their opinions: A few days ago a continuous demonstration against the construction of  a tunnel in Northern Italy that connects a planned new high-speed rail connecting Italy and France escalated into a bloody violent riot. Amish wannabe turn extremely violent against anything they think it’s against preservation. Their argument is mostly based on the belief that a tunnel might destroy the scenic value of the nature and destroy the vegetation on the construction site; whereas a new high-speed rail could bring way better stimulation to the crumbling Italian and French economy and even in long term reduce the use of automobiles and emit less pollution and CO2 in long run.

Modern luddite in Europe prevail. We could understand that probably those textile artisans were ill-educated breed who can’t figure out the mechanized looms but demonizing the machines and fear of change. But why modern luddite still exist and get more power in the computerized information era? As far as I could understand, technology improves and upgrades, it doesn’t mean that everyone gets smarter than before. People get more informed these days, but most of us couldn’t really comprehend and digest all the information. Therefore theories and speculations prevail. Especially for the case of technology development, as most of people do not really get involved into this process, they could hardly understand the importance of those sophisticated inventions and designs. While most of the people do not have the level of intelligence to fully appreciate an artificial object (let’s say a teleport gate in the future), they tend to focus on the uncertainty of introducing a new thing into the old world, that is to fear and resist. I recall Robert Conquest’s three laws of politics to further explain the incentives of modern luddite:

1. Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.

2. Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.

3. The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies. (This one fits the best to Amish wannabe’s attitude towards technologies)

In my conclusion I think the Amish wannabe will always exist. But whether they could stall the technology advancement of not, is a question that could be answered in the future. At least in Europe, I think so. Let’s just amuse ourselves to death.