The Stolen Warheads

To get out the unpleasant emotion from the tribesmen attack in Xinjiang (which I have 10,000 words to say at once but need to calm myself down), I tried to focus on some other news happening on other parts of the world that doesn’t involve warmonger barbarians. So 10 minutes ago I found this piece of news that absolutely made me laugh and calm down for quite a while:

Romanians recovered 64 stolen missile warheads from a ridiculous theft last weekend. Those warheads were missing on their train to Bulgaria in Romania a few days ago.

“The warheads were found intact in four boxes near the railway station in the village of Chitila, just north of Bucharest”

“Eugen Badalan, a member of the (Romanian) parliamentary defense committee, said the thieves “had no idea what they stole” when the(y) broke into one of the eight cars carrying the weapons on the 27-car train.”

Let me guess:

those thieves didn’t seem very smart. They probably got scared when found out those were not copper wires or big metal plates, then started ditching the warheads somewhere else immediately. But since it has already made a big national joke internationally, they are probably going to get their asses kicked real hard by the Romanian police department, albeit they just wanted to get some metals or coal or whatever they could sell for 30 Romanian Leu (10 US bucks).

Those thieves are definitely not gypsies at all. It would be racist to say those thieves are the filthy gypsies, so the identity of those thieves would eventually be (after they capture them): just some Romanian dumbasses who accidentally stole some missile warheads.