Arab spring shenanigan


Before I start pointing fingers at what is happening now in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, I would like to remind everyone there’s already an appalling example in the same region: Iraq. Regardless of the strong economic incentives to intervene in Iraq, the biggest legitimate excuse was to liberate the Iraqis free of Saddam’s tyranny. Now people are freed, Saddam was executed, what happened to Iraqis now? (ferocious laughter here) At least we could say the presence of US force merely sustains a paper-thin secular government. Nobody knows how messy it would become after the withdrawal of US troops here in the ancient land of Mesopotamia.

Shifting back to current waves of so-called “Arab Spring”. As far as I could see, it is not about democracy, freedom, or human rights. Instead, it is the sheer consequence of the uncontrolled inbreeding within every Arab clan. Simple, the babies keep popping out in an exponential level, whereas the local economy gets shittier and shittier day by day. Look at the massive percentage of people under 25 in those Arab countries (including Tunisia, albeit having the most rational birth rate), it is no surprise to see that it is just a matter of time when the shit hits the fan. Babies grow up to be agonizing unemployed rabbles, how would they not go on the street and demand changes? Meanwhile, Arabs are far from being enlightened to know what democracy means, and there goes the soft political absorption of public unrest. With average inbred IQ level, lazy economic status, low education level (but Koran education), bursting population, drastic social rioting is then the most likely to erupt at any time.

So when the massive excessive youngsters’ riot finally broke out in the Arab world, it only leaves two scenarios in the society: either the incumbent ruling class miraculously tame the angry youths (this is what Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi, Jordan, and Morocco are trying), or the rabbles grow into a momentum that would rumble the current polity (this is what happens in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya). However, in either scenario the fundamental root of this social unrest would not be addressed and problems would eventually spread to Europe because of its proximity and economic attractiveness to those regions. Of course, the latter option would make the whole process much faster, like it or not. This is what we have witnessed as we speak in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

In the meantime, it is infuriating to see how the Western political elites are responding to such change in the region. It is really not difficult to figure out the causes and effects of this massive social upraising in the Arab world, yet decision-makers decided to appease the leftists’ touching lines and follow their guts and hearts in this one, once again. One thing leads to another. The next thing we know Western leaders back-stabbed their traditional dictator allies like Ben-Ali, Mubarak, and even Gaddafi who turned pro-west in the last decade of his regime. In Tunisia and Egypt there are strong local military presence; so Western leaders only turned their ugly faces to the rioters. In Libya, there isn’t even a common ground for a sense of nationhood; so NATO bombed every possible targets, armed and trained the rebels. Anyway, all these actions now seem to serve one mega sacred purpose: to shed the light of western liberalism in the Arab world.

It is indeed a very noble thought, except that reality does not revolve around some noble dreams. When the plans are completely detached to the reality, we call it nothing but a phony sham. The cornerstone that goes against Western egalitarianism in those places is their strong affiliation to Islam, which has its own detailed description of how everything should work out in a Muslim society (without the presence of an iron secular ruling elites). Evidence? Look at the so-called first legitimate democratic election in the Arab world: Tunisian Islamist party claims election victory, set to dominate writing of new constitution. It is widely recognized that Tunisia is the most modernized and secular-minded Arab state in the region, yet this happens. I have predicted such trend long before the election was held, just did not foresee it’d come so easily. Similar flows would be soon expected in Egypt and Libya, with much stronger momentum.

In the end, the demographic bombs are not defused at all. Islamism is on the rise. More excessive young Muslims would flock to Europe and colonize the ageing population there. For all we know, western ideologies are no longer appealing to the Arabs. The age when they rushed to wear suits and speak English has long gone with the wind. Population bomb + revitalization of Islamism, with the catalysis of western leftism, it’s a picture of one million raving fists swinging in the air. Let’s give it 50 years to happen.


Crazy thought about Libya

The bewildering speed of the rebel in taking over Tripoli seemed too easy to be done; the Gaddafi’s troops seem disappeared all of sudden. Meanwhile Gaddafi’s “captured” son appeared free to walk on the street to openly embrace the crowd’s cheering… It just doesn’t compute quite well. There must be something missing. Is Gaddafi hiding somewhere like the case of Saddam? But look at those rebels, the way they hold their AK-47, I doubt Gaddafi’s well-trained and well-equipped veterans would have any problem finishing them in a minute or so. Momentarily the rebels and the West are immersed in the joy of a surprising victory without encountering the real enemies…

Where are Gaddafi’s finest men? Where is Gaddafi? Apparently rebels are in town already, without any significant resistance. With a force without organized leadership, the rebel is nothing but a bunch of motley crowd who aim the gun to the sky. It’s hard not to sense some kind of funky business here. Let’s think a bit further, Gaddafi’s primary concern is probably NATO’s bombardment from the sky; that would be the only thing they’d be worried about. Before rebels came to Tripoli the capital has constantly been a vulnerable target for all those precise bombings. Is there by any chance, I mean, any possibility, that Gaddafi is smart enough to trick the rebels in the city where he mastered and knew so well, and at the same time disintegrate his troops into intractable fractions that blend in a city full of the “good rebels” that NATO finds it hard to bomb again? If so, then the situation for the rebel would be disastrous. Major rebel forces would rush to the city, where Gaddafi’s troop could easily nibble out them in days. At the same time, the city combat would too foggy to tell where is the right place to bomb for NATO. Maybe Gaddafi is smart enough to read the Art of War after all.

If not, consider my speculation purely bogus and delusive. But I would definitely do so if I were him…

Funny trivia about flags

After a week’s intense project on country profiles and information compilation, I finally got some free time to write something. I decided to share some of the interesting findings about national flags that came across in my work:

  • My flag is your flag! almost..

That means your flag is my flag as well. However, it doesn’t really mean that my people is your people. I guess it would be fine for the Netherlands and Luxmerbourg to sawp citizens equally, I doubt if Romania, Ireland, and Manaco would ever want to bring the people under the “same” flag to their countries from Chad, Ivory coast, and Indonesia, respectively.

Imagine in a gymnastics competition in the Olympic games (where Romania is pretty good at), a Romanian girl has to compete with a surprisingly good Chadian athlete (let’s say this half Chadian half Romanian girl was raised in Romania but somehow decided to represent Chad to compete in the gymnastics, a sport game where you virtually don’t see blacks at all). In the final round the Chadian unexpectedly overran the Romanian champion and took over the first place by slightly 0.01 point advantage… Then the national anthem of Chad was playing around the stadium (majority of the audiences in their home wouldn’t detect a single difference between Romanian and Chadian anthems anyway, if they would have any impression on either of these two countries). Meantime, both Chadian and Romanian flags were raised up in the air, with the former one slighter higher than the latter one. Momentarily there was a special visual switch to the raising flags in the stadium and then gradually faded into the picture of the crying Chadian and Romanian girls on the platform, I bet some audience would immediately get electrocuted out of their lethargic boredom and shout out loud: “Look at that flag, one white and a black!”
After all, my flag is indeed your flag as well, if you happen to hold the citizenship of those countries.
  • My flag is REALLY just my flag! totally…

As Romanians were still in deep sorrow about their loss in another Romanian flag in the Olympic gymnastics, others would hurry to proclaim the uniqueness of their national flags – that my flag is really JUST my flag! A Nepalese would proudly shout out loud into the sky: “Only Nepal has the double triangle flag in the world!”.

Flag of Nepal

Qaddafi royalists would deride on the Nepalese irregular weird-shaped flag and think all green flag in the world represents Libya. Too bad Formula One did not adopt the green flag as the winning flag for the racers in the last lap, otherwise Gaddafi could claim that Libyan as well.

Flag of Libya

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, fellow countrymen of Paraguay couldn’t help snorting to exert their contempt with the amateur pennon or the green rectangular flag. They would flip over their national flag and show others how prestigious their flag is, so prestigious that it is designed differently for the observe and reverse side.

“What’s the use of prestige anyway?” The Liberation Front of Mozambique begs to differ. They kicked away all those “prestigious” white Portuguese “with love from Russia”. They would rather put those practical lovely AK-47 on their national flag in memory of these babes that helped them sweep away the colonists.

Flag of Mozambique

The Northern Alliance of Afghanistan would never agree with the former black rebels in Africa about how they should decorate the flag. After years of Taliban rule in Afghanistan with only Shahada on the blank flag, the new rulers of Afghanistan can’t wait to switch the flag back to their good old black-red-green stripes with the classic Afghan emblem – a mosque with its mihrab facing Mecca, which was first adopted by the Emirate of Afghanistan over a hundred years ago. Classicism is all what’s it about. They just couldn’t get enough of their good old fashion three-color-stripes on their flag, and therefore decided to add two more mini Afghanistan national flags in the emblem that was placed in the center of the flag to show their passion and admiration for the classic time.

Speaking of passion for classicism, there is nothing more passionate and respectable than putting the totem you have worshiped for thousands of years. That is the case for Bhutan, the only country who put a DARN dragon on its flag. You eagle, lion, tiger lame worshipers, there’s nothing more awesome than a darn dragon, not even if dinosaur were still alive! We Chinese would be the first one to exclaim up into the sky, “Alas, our dragon is now in the flag of that petty princedom of Bhutan. Not to mention the first modern national flag of China is nothing but a giant dragon!” Koreans would be the second one to sign, though secretly, “Alas, if only we didn’t listen to China in 1882, we would have got that giant dragon in our flag instead of this Yin-Yan scam…” Well, now it’s pointless; Bhutan got the pure awesomeness. The darn small tiny mountain state of Bhutan.

Flag of Bhutan

  • My flag is no longer my flag! epic fail…

Some respect culture and tradition, some don’t. Some just likes to change their national flags once in a while to confuse everybody, if everybody cares at all. This certainly troubles the organization I worked for, who has to constantly keep an eye on those new changes all the time to avoid political controversies from displaying the old flags. In the past 5 years, there are six countries that have deliberately changed their flags to complicate my work. There are Republic of Malawi (2010), Republic of the Union of Myanmar (2010), Republic of Iraq (2008), Democratic Republic of Congo (2006, by the way, only dictators like to emphasize their countries being ‘democratic’), Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (2006), and Kingdom of Lesotho (2006).

Victory for all

I mean to start an article to question the rationales behind the establishment of South Sudan and its future, but tonight after seeing an exciting piece of news on the other part of Africa (the lighter version of Africa -> Libya), I decided to share my tremendous rapture with you all.


France tells Libya rebels to seek peace with Gaddafi


So, I guess this political farce could be put in an end, that is, victory for Gaddafi! and True Victory for France, Italy and Europe!

Liberal/leftist always like to simplify the situation in a place where it’s essentially different than their cognitive basis, the Western society. In the case of missilery intervention of Libya, Liberal/leftist exactly did the textbook example: that is, demonize one side, that is of course the aging dictator of Gaddafi (who is already willing to bow to the Europeans anyway), and victimize the other side, this of course the helpless rebels, depicted as the dedicated freedom defenders who fight against tyranny, and therefore the West should unconditionally help the rebels on “humanitarian” ethics to defend freedom. What a nice and sweet story that would pump up every young man’s blood, it’s like the hollywood movie in reality, rebels are the true heroes and victory should be theirs.

So France was very much eager to show its righteousness and mega freedom-defender, US was a bit reluctant , learned his mission and got in deep shit in Afghanistan and Iraq. France said, you don’t do it, I don’t mind taking over! Exactly! It’s about frickin time that France, La France, shows the world it still can!  So France aided the rebels, pressing the buttons and send some missiles, and most of all, made a lot of noise on the media, denouncing this refusing that (decrying Gaddafi and publicly recognize rebels). So this made the Libya chaos into a staggering stalemate. Money spent everyday on god-knows-what, no significant effects that are expected by the liberal/leftist received, so real French logic people start to question…..

Then next thing you know, France tells Libya rebels to seek peace with Gaddafi.  “Screw you guys, I am going home!” So I guess France learned its lesson? that there is no simple good and evil? Gaddafi is cruel but at least he could effectively control the country of hundred tribes, but hey, still quite a lot tribesmen dig him. Rebels aren’t any better. They are merely some tribesmen who got pissed at getting little oil money from Gaddafi, Benghazi has always been hostile to Tripoli, they are just as cruel as Gaddafi (their attitude towards pro-Gaddafi crowd is no different to Gaddafi’s attitude towrads rebels), but sucks in military big time compared to Gaddafi. So in the end, the bubble of that good-vs-evil fairy tale got poked. France spending million-dollar missiles achieving nothing, I believe that they over the time got more rational after finding the true nature of Libyan conflict and the country of Libya (country? or a sum of hundred tribes that used to be effectively manipulated by Gaddifi), and counting their loss and gain, finally: screw it, we could make a better deal with Gaddafi than the rebels…

Seems Libyan conflict persists, but it’s going to an end. It’s actually much, much better off for an iron dictator like Gaddafi to be in power in Libya than a chaotic “democratic” government that rules over hundred tribes (not to mention the potential African immigrants surge once Libya turned anarchic …). It’s a victory for France, for Europe, for once politicians turn realistic and tear apart the mirage of liberal/leftist denialism.