The limit of chutzpah

Recently Israeli government withdrew a series of TV commercials that aim to lure more Jews from US (with the biggest Jewish population) to the homeland Levant (second biggest Jewish population). It is understandable that Israel, in constant anxiety of the population war with the Arabs, would want all Jews back if possible. Such commercials should have no problem in easily touching the Jews in the States, who have always been very ethnocentric and supportive of Israel all along. But how come the commercials have to be pulled off all of sudden? Well, here is a brief description of those commercials:

“In one of the advertisements, Israeli grandparents sit in front of the traditional Hanukkah candelabra while speaking to their granddaughter on Skype. When they ask the child to name the holiday they’re celebrating, she says “Christmas.” In another, a napping father can’t hear his son’s calls of “daddy” and only stirs awake when he hears the word “abba” — Hebrew for father. A third, shows an emotional Israeli woman marking Israel’s Memorial Day and her non-Israeli partner unable to relate. The adds are all capped by the slogan: “They will remain Israeli, their children won’t. Help them come home.”

Obviously the explicit ethnocentrism made American Jews very uncomfortable. It’s recognized that Jews’ power in the States are inexorably formidable, more powerful than any other group. Without their influence, Israel would not survive and thrive. But explicit orthodox Jewish ethnocentrism seems not much shared among the American Jews, who have in fact in a large extent already began to mingle with different gentiles in the melting pot. This reminds me that there’s a widely known theory that American Jews were the ones who set the fire of leftism ablaze in the West in the 20th century. Ironically, now that the Israeli Jews came up with some explicit messages, which makes perfect sense for them, most American Jews still declared their loyalty to the holy grail of leftism once again. In some sense multiculturalism is one of the masterpieces by the Jews. But I never expect that they would turn their back when their own people advocate for ethnocentrism. For all I know, there’s no people more ethnocentric than the Jews.

I do, however, have a sense of compassion for Israel. Their worry about American Jewish population is quite reasonable and I admire their audacity in explicitly addressing their concerns. But I guess even chutzpah has a limit, as long as the Jews themselves are as well exposed to the poison of multiculturalism. How sarcastic…

Einstein: my relationship with the Jewish people became my strongest human tie once I achieved complete clarity about our precarious position among the nations of the world


Sharia, School, Germany

The German government introduced the “Islam course” to students in public school in the hope of spreading the “peaceful multiculturalism” message to the young generation in Germany. Instead, the Imams come to German public school and start preaching about the punishment of infidels and the superiority of Sharia Law. Alas, how much would it cost to awaken the leftists that their egalitarianism and multiculturalism propaganda won’t work, especially towards Islam?

The whole thing sounds like a big fat joke.

The justification from my ethnic minority culture!

A Victorian man (in Victorian County, Australia) whose three-and-a-half years of sexual abuse of a primary school-aged girl led to her falling pregnant, has been jailed for 10 years

Good grief! A 31-year-old pedophile has molested a girl of 11-year old (since her 9th birthday!) for 3 and half years and even made her gave birth to a baby? What’s even more shocking is that it was written that this despicable pedophile is actually a family friend of that little girl. How messed up is that?! Who in the world would do something like that to a friend’s daughter, FOR over 3 years and knocked her out in the end?! Such a degrading pervert!  With those infuriating questions, I started to dig into a more detailed version of this story with my super googling skills. It didn’t take long before I found this article in a local Australian newspaper website, which further identified the defendant, who was only identified by his first name Douangta, belongs to an “ethnic minority group” in Australia that “can not be identified”. Astonishingly, Douangta and his lawyer even swaggeringly claimed that he was in love with the little girl and there is no such ting as age limit in terms of selecting sexual partners in his culture in order to justify his disgusting and abhorrent behavior. Furthermore, in this post this Douangta dude even attempted to get an abolition for his 11-year old “lover” but didn’t succeed in the end… As far as I can see the dude still does not think he is wrong and only pleads guilty because probably his lawyer suggested him so.

He told Department of Human Services workers that he loved the girl “for real” and wanted to protect her as a husband, explaining that in his culture, it was OK to have a relationship with someone so young.
What a fallacy! He is in Australia, the MODERN CIVILIZATION for heaven’s sake! This piece of news is so disturbing to me that I could not really get the consolation from his 10-years jail sentence (learning what it tastes like to be someone else’s bitch! At least you don’t need to pay for an abolition). I decided to dig more of his story and reveal WHAT this barbaric co-called culture of this ethnic minority is that could justify such modern-civilization-deemed horrible things done by this savage named Douangta! However, all news article chose NOT to disclose the information (one didn’t even mention his minority background and his ridiculous cultural defense), citing that this information has been undisclosed in order to protect the little girl’s identity (since both of them belong to the same ethnic minority). Well, that’s just bogus, I don’t see how disclosing the ethnicity of the criminal could jeopardize the safety of the victim. To me, it is just another shameless excuse to deliberately preserve those pervasive barbaric so-called ethnic minority culture in the “multicultural” Australia. So the press didn’t want to expose this barbaric culture, big deal! I could google it myself!

Having known the name of the convict, Douangta, I could just google search his name on the internet and see what type of ethnicity it is associated with the most. Surprisingly, most other people identified with the same name on the internet tend to be living in Canada or the US with Laos or Vietnam origins. Of course those people would mostly reside in the West as they write their name in Latin alphabet on the internet. But Laos and Vietnam origin? As far as I understand about Laos, for I have personally stayed there with the locals for half a year, though they do tend to get married early – which usually means girls get married at 16 or so,  there’s absolutely no such thing as it is OK to have a relationship with someone so young (11-year-old!) among the mainstream lowland Laotians. It is even more absurd to assume that the Vietnamese culture, which is way more advanced than the Lao, would deem having sex with a 11-year-old since her 9th birthday is accepted. In old folk Chinese culture there was something like “Tongyangxi“, which basically means that a family could sell their underage daughter to a richer family as the future wife, provided that the richer family bear the cost of raising the little girl into a suitable age for marriage, which is usually 16/17 at the time (eradicated by the communists after 1949). I assume that Vietnamese culture, which has been under thousands of years of Chinese influence, might probably perverse this custom as well? But still this is by no means saying you could touch a little girl and have babies with her.

If not the Lao or the Vietnamese, then what kind of people this Douangta guy belongs to? It suddenly strikes me that a lot of people who claim of Lao origin and to a lesser extent Vietnamese origin in the United States, Canada or even Australia, are actually those tribesmen and offspring of those people who turned their backs on their countrymen and embraced the US during the Vietnam War! Well, after narrowing down the scope to this point, there is only one type of ethnic group that not only meets such selective criteria but also fits the description of the type of culture that would justify such uncivilized behaviors: the Hmong!

Bingo! It must be the Hmong, the barbaric highland tribesmen who bring nothing but disturbance and unrest in all the countries they originally stayed. Everywhere they stay they bring the problems to the local community (in China, Laos, Vietnam). The Chinese even had to build another Great Wall to keep away those untamed savages from attacking Han Chinese villages and towns. There are lots of Hmong who fled to those western countries after US retreated from the Vietnam War, as they were with the Americans to turn their back against Vietnamese and Lao during wartime.

At this point, I just need the final confirmation to ensure I am not subjectively setting the Hmong up for such ignoble title. I therefore began to look for other similar incidents that involve underage girls and the Hmong on the internet. BOOOOM. Then I found this webpage, a website set up by the Hmong to complain how difficult it is to coexist with the Western civilization and how harshly they get misunderstood because of their “distinct culture”. One of the examples that they use to illustrate the “cultural clash” between the West and the Hmong is

“In traditional Hmong culture, dating is not like it is in the United States. Boys and girls tend to stay apart more, with courtship involving more input from parents and more formal rituals. …… this can often mean that one or more minors are having sex, and can lead to legal problems and even jail for an older boy …… In the Fox Cities of Wisconsin, for example, some Hmong men have felony convictions for sex with a minor when they married an underage wife ……”

Well, that explains it all. This dude, Douangta, claimed that it is normal to have sex with a girl of single-digit age and have babies with her in the Hmong tradition and culture. Australians shall definitely have the rights to know which type of  “culture” he was referring to and what on earth this “culture” mean in the modern civilization. To me, this is no culture, if you could call savage’s traditions like molesting little kids as “CULTURE”, then every living organisms in this world should deserve the term “culture” for their living instincts. This reminds me of a story one year ago about a Gypsy girl in Spain who gave birth to a baby at the age of 10 and happily claimed this was “normal” in her “culture“. Indeed, we have too many this type of “culture” parasitizing within the modern civilization (taking advantages of liberalism/leftism) , and we are not even brave enough to confront them in the face to tell them stop practicing those shamanistic primitive things in a MODERN CIVILIZATION, where people abide by civilized rules and benefit from civilized technologies rather than spears and bows.

Once again, modern civilization assures the freedom of individual beings. It does not mean you could keep your uncivilized cults in modern civilization, it means if you don’t mingle with the majority, you are free to go back to the mountains. But the reality is: epic failure of multi-culturalism.