American politics: the ultimate farce in the age of show business

Finally I have to break my rules here and for the first time talk about American politics. It’s not that I couldn’t care less about American politics, which I have to admit I do care very much as long as America is still the superpower and its politics would very much affect our modern civilization. I am just sick and tired of the level of absurdity it discerns. Neil Postman addressed the American politics as the biggest joke in the age of show business, I couldn’t agree more. In General, I am apathetic to those heated debates, for I associate myself with neither the Democrats nor the Republicans. But this time, the farce is going beyond one’s imagination.

Why? What happened? If you keep up with the news, these days the competition for the Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election has been a major mass media sensation all over the place. A few hot shots stirred up the pie. People got super psyched, for they, being hypnotized by the axiom of entertainment since born, have already sniffed the super fun drama that is about to hit the screen. Then it came the live-broadcasting Republican debate show on CNN. One time wasn’t enough, then it came the second time. All gossips spatter around: contagious and touching campaign commercials, sex scandals, ad hominem, the hot daughter, and etc. A glamorous fair for the amusement of American audiences, and the most entertaining actor will eventually win the people’s “heart”.

Wait a second, what was the debate about? Hmm…. That doesn’t seem to matter. For all we know those are the cool guys on the screen, and they rock on stage! Apparently the show producers aren’t quite satisfied with the current rating. So the next stage is planned: Donald Trump will be invited to moderate the upcoming Republican presidential debate.

There goes the last remaining dignity of American politics (if any). It doesn’t even pretend to be serious any more. For the voters of the United States, this is THE popularity contest, this is the American Idol, this is the American Got Talented, this is the Miss America Pageant, this is the Apprentice, most of all, this is the quadrennial carnival of the USA.

Amusingly, Huntsman has declined to participate in that rigged live show and plans to hold a Lincoln-Douglas style debate with Gingrich? Please, this smells like two attention whores scare of being overshadowed by Trump in his TV show and plan a duel to boost their likeness by the people. Well, people need to be entertained, and they provide with entertainment. But using the name of Lincoln and Douglas just to get more sympathy and attention, is, sheer low as well.

And liberals in the West bitch that Chinese don’t have the “privilege” for democracy? The privilege to watch a funny drama? Thanks but no thanks. We’d like to get things actually done.

It’d be the first and the last post about American farce politics.

I'd dig him for the vote

Victory for all

I mean to start an article to question the rationales behind the establishment of South Sudan and its future, but tonight after seeing an exciting piece of news on the other part of Africa (the lighter version of Africa -> Libya), I decided to share my tremendous rapture with you all.


France tells Libya rebels to seek peace with Gaddafi


So, I guess this political farce could be put in an end, that is, victory for Gaddafi! and True Victory for France, Italy and Europe!

Liberal/leftist always like to simplify the situation in a place where it’s essentially different than their cognitive basis, the Western society. In the case of missilery intervention of Libya, Liberal/leftist exactly did the textbook example: that is, demonize one side, that is of course the aging dictator of Gaddafi (who is already willing to bow to the Europeans anyway), and victimize the other side, this of course the helpless rebels, depicted as the dedicated freedom defenders who fight against tyranny, and therefore the West should unconditionally help the rebels on “humanitarian” ethics to defend freedom. What a nice and sweet story that would pump up every young man’s blood, it’s like the hollywood movie in reality, rebels are the true heroes and victory should be theirs.

So France was very much eager to show its righteousness and mega freedom-defender, US was a bit reluctant , learned his mission and got in deep shit in Afghanistan and Iraq. France said, you don’t do it, I don’t mind taking over! Exactly! It’s about frickin time that France, La France, shows the world it still can!  So France aided the rebels, pressing the buttons and send some missiles, and most of all, made a lot of noise on the media, denouncing this refusing that (decrying Gaddafi and publicly recognize rebels). So this made the Libya chaos into a staggering stalemate. Money spent everyday on god-knows-what, no significant effects that are expected by the liberal/leftist received, so real French logic people start to question…..

Then next thing you know, France tells Libya rebels to seek peace with Gaddafi.  “Screw you guys, I am going home!” So I guess France learned its lesson? that there is no simple good and evil? Gaddafi is cruel but at least he could effectively control the country of hundred tribes, but hey, still quite a lot tribesmen dig him. Rebels aren’t any better. They are merely some tribesmen who got pissed at getting little oil money from Gaddafi, Benghazi has always been hostile to Tripoli, they are just as cruel as Gaddafi (their attitude towards pro-Gaddafi crowd is no different to Gaddafi’s attitude towrads rebels), but sucks in military big time compared to Gaddafi. So in the end, the bubble of that good-vs-evil fairy tale got poked. France spending million-dollar missiles achieving nothing, I believe that they over the time got more rational after finding the true nature of Libyan conflict and the country of Libya (country? or a sum of hundred tribes that used to be effectively manipulated by Gaddifi), and counting their loss and gain, finally: screw it, we could make a better deal with Gaddafi than the rebels…

Seems Libyan conflict persists, but it’s going to an end. It’s actually much, much better off for an iron dictator like Gaddafi to be in power in Libya than a chaotic “democratic” government that rules over hundred tribes (not to mention the potential African immigrants surge once Libya turned anarchic …). It’s a victory for France, for Europe, for once politicians turn realistic and tear apart the mirage of liberal/leftist denialism.

Those newcomers in the global community

It is really no exciting news to hear the birth of another new country. Do you know? There are simply 31 widely-recognized plus 5 controversially-recognized and 1 unrecognized new-born countries  that are no more than 21 years old (that is born no earlier than 1990, the legal age to do anything in most of US states), prior to 9th July, 2011 (Hong Kong, Macau being unique cases back to China, anything would be unique regarding China anyhow nowadays).  Assuming most of the readers live in relatively politically stable regimes and have little sense of how dynamic and volatile global political equilibrium could be, it must be a shock to see there are so many split break-up of old countries and formation of new countries in the past two decades. I say it’s purely amazing. Here is some collective information of those countries:

  • 23 widely recognized countries in Eurasia were created mainly due to historical ethnic dispute:

15 countries born out of the dissolution of the former Soviet Union in 1991; they are: ArmeniaAzerbaijan, Belarus, EstoniaGeorgiaKazakhstanKyrgyzstanLatvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, TajikistanTurkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

6 countries born out of dissolution of the former Yugoslavia from 1991 to 2006; they are: Slovenia (1991), Croatia (1991), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992), Serbia (1992 as Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, then 2006 as Serbia after split with Montenegro), Macedonia (1991), Montenegro (2006).

2 countries split out of the dissolution of the former Czechoslovakia in 1993; they are Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • widely recognized  countries in Africa and Oceania emerged as a  consequence of historical colonial divisions:

6 countries obtained independence status that result from former colonial divisions; they are: Namibia (1990 from South Africa, as it used to a German colony rather than British), Eritrea (1993 from Ethiopia, as it used to Italian colony rather than part of Ethiopia, though the majority inhabitants  share same roots, culture and religion), Marshall Islands (1991 from US trusteeship, as it used to be German colony, controlled by Japan after WWI, and US after WWII), Palau (1994, from US trusteeship, as it used to be part of the Caroline Islands under first Spanish, then German, Japanese and later US rule), Micronesia (1990 from US trusteeship, as it used to be ruled by Spanish, German, Japanese, and US, chronologically), East Timor (2002 from Indonesia, as it used to Portuguese colony rather than Dutch East Indies).

  • widely recognized  countries in Eurasia founded as a result of ethnic unification:

Germany (1990) was founded based on the reunification of former West Germany and former East Germany after the fall of iron curtain. Yemen (1990), which is in deep political chaos at the moment, was established based on the unification of North Yemen and South Yemen, under the leadership the current unpopular president Ali Abdullah Saleh.


  • 5 controversially recognized political entities in Europe due to historical ethnic  dispute (in an ethno-geographic sense)

Kosovo (2008) declared independence unilaterally under heavy support of the US from Serbia, with its independence not widely recognized.

Transnistria (1990), declared independence after the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, the de facto independence from  Moldova reinforced after the Transnistria war in 1992, recognized only by Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, and South Ossetia.

Nagorno-Karabakh (1992) proclaimed its independence in the middle of the Nagorno-Karabakh war (1988-1994) between Armenian and Azerbaijani, currently only recgnized by  Transnistria, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia (both 2008), both announced their sovereignty soon after the collapse of Soviet Union, both soon engaged in warfare with Georgia shortly after (Abkhazia war and South Ossetia war) and controlled by Georgia after Georgia’s victory, and both gained de facto independence in 2008 with heavy military support from Russia. They are mutually recognized together with Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria. Besides, they are also recognized by Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Nauru.

  • 1 totally unrecognized political entity in the Horn of Africa

The sad and lonely political regime that is totally forsaken by the global community (the other being Western Sahara and that was under de facto Moroccan control)  lies in the upper part of the Horn of Africa, it’s called Somaliland, self-proclaimed independence from the god-forsaken land Somalia after the initial stage of Somali civil war in 1991 (As Somaliland used to be Italian colony rather than British Africa). Interestingly, unlike its former ruling regime Somalia, which turns into a hell place of constant wars and killings and the latest haven of infamous Somali pirates as the forgotten zone/no-go land of human civilization, Somaliland has enjoyed quite nice relative political and social stability, albeit no one really gives a damn.

AND NOW, ONE MORE NEW KID CAME IN TOWN ON 9th July, 2011, what’s the name of that country again? South Sudan?!

Good for the South Sudanese (I guess this is the term, though it is not really a ethnic term), after being long repressed by the Sudanese (North Sudanese?), their arabized north brothers (only a very small of them probably have one or two real Arab paternal ancestor in the past thousand years anyway),  it’s time to start a new chapter for the sons and daughters of the ancient Nubians (or just some random tribes from the South). Interestingly, albeit its ambivalent and questionable excuses behind its independence (the endemic momentum for independence is from neither long-going ethnic disputes nor colonial divisions, but rather religious conflicts which are comparable to Nigerian situation in my opinion), South Sudan surely seems to enjoy more international applause than any other new born countries since Montenegro. Most of other countries act like simply can’t wait to greet the new nation with overwhelming “smile and rapture”.

The difference between a horny rapist and a lecherous dick

So Dominique Strauss-Kahn soon will be acquitted from the rape charge in New York, as the latest shocking findings unveils the victim‘s disguise of a “innocent and devout Muslim woman from Guinea”. Instead it is suggested that the woman is likely to not only offer the housekeeping service to all hotel customers but her body as well, and occasionally plays the victim trick to blackmail some rich horny bastards like Strauss-Kahn for more money. Looks like in this case, the wannabe victim turns out to be the ultimate evil side who planned to set horny dicks up for their shady behaviors, profiting on the lust and shame of whoremonger. Fair enough, so Strauss-Kahn would soon be off the hook in this case, and all the media is now showing sympathy to Strauss-Kahn’s mistreatment in the US and removing the label of a horny rapist on him. Many journals announced his plan to be back to the French politics. Some even predicted his forthcoming comeback to the French politics could impose a threat to Sarkozy in next year’s French election.

So what? So all of sudden Strauss-Kahn could retrieve all his political credibility and turn stain-free as long as people found out that Guinean maid was actually a whore, and a bad whore who violated the whoring business code 101 – not to trick the client? Sure, legally I am sure he is going to be acquitted and set free of the legal prosecution that crushed his IMF crown and potential support for the French leftists in next year’s presidential election. So he will be a freeman once again. BUT it doesn’t mean he could go back being a genuinely kind-hearted old smart Jew economist and politician that posed clean appearance with women while looking dignifying to attract people’s admiration. I am simply amazed how those media made their U-turn opinions on Strauss-Kahn and developed this gentle tone as if once he’s proven not a rapist he is still eligible as a leader of the French people again.

What a fallacy!

The fact that the maid/whore tried to trick him for blackmailing for his lechery may prove the dude’s innocent legally, but it can not offset the fact that the real victim in this legal case is in fact a lecherous dick who failed to even restrain his pants to an unknown Guinean woman who is supposed to clean his sheet. So he likes to fuck around, so does every competent male in this planet. I could understand the urges. What I can’t understand is that as a high profile he could not even just stab some mistresses or concubines (since his rich wife is very open-minded about that, good for him) that could be much, much more attractive and submissive than a random Guinean maid who lived in poverty. He could have been still enjoying his IMF title and his popularity in France while at the same time satisfying his seeding urges. But he chose the random deceitful hooker (definitely not the first time I bet) and all his little dirty secrets got exposed to the sunlight, which could effectively smother his political vitality he has been building ever since.

Womanizing may be a tolerant behavior in politics (Sarkozy is a good example, or JFK, Clinton etc.), as long as you manage it well your PR. People might even like you better than those cold-blooded stainless political wax statues. If you are good with women, then you are perceived as a natural winner and get likable comments such as charming, charismatic, and Casanova etc. BUT, if you step on the landmines of whoring and get exposed, you will be perceived by a total loser, and people decry your shameless behavior and feel you could not be trusted as a person with integrity and dignity. This is the case with the former governor of the New York State, your political career terminated (Berlusconi isn’t going to last long in his position either, at least the media hates him) People want political figures be to the nearly perfect idol for the people, whom the massive imperfect sinners could look up to. Clearly it has been revealed that Strauss-Kahn failed to exert his public image in this way. That said, his political career ought to be over regardless of him being charged or not in this case. In my view, Strauss-Kahn could whore as much as he wants, as long as he is careful enough to choose the good ones and keep its dirty little secret to him and his stupid wife. But now everyone knows. What does it take for you to vote for a mindless old horny whoremonger, who got into trouble because he wanted to pay to stab, to become the leader of a nation? I bet this argument would not even be fully denied by the leftists who Strauss-Kahn presumably represent for. If France did ambivalently give him another chance in the politics, I would do two things -> 1. Drop my Jaw for 5 seconds, and 2. lose all my respect and hopes for France.

When left attacks “minorities”

This morning I have briefly went through this piece of news, which caught my great attention.

Dutch MPs vote to ban religious slaughter

Basically the Netherlands is following the steps of New Zealand, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland to become the latest country to ban halal or kosher animal slaughter in their own country. I always view religion as a guideline of personal philosophy and worldview (albeit being a stupid one), and anything else that does not have to do with this should not be labeled as religion in a free country (e.g. islamic finance, sharia law, and halal/kosher slaughter). I am glad to see the Netherlands is starting to deal with its issues with the Muslim immigration population in its country, this is so much better than left UK appeasement to Islam, which is going to bring down UK to a total sectarian clash forefront eventually (what a pity).

Either way, the most funny part is that the the animal right group is one of the most visible groups that are lobbying for the ban of halal/kosher slaughter. This is such a great combination to push such moves as a group of leftist animal rights group, which is considered as sort of able-to-come-common-ground thoughts in Europe, go against the so-called religious minority, as named by other groups of leftists. It is so obvious that to publicly denounce a religion practice or immigration is mostly likely to be labeled with racism and hatred  and get ridiculed in the mass media. As much as it is the right the move to deal with the practical issues, you need sophisticated public speaking skills to awaken the mass to stop denying the fact that those problems don’t exist and there’s nothing serious out of it. If you are too outspoken, look at that Geert Wilder. Basically if the visible voice beyond this ban is from realists like Wilder or Le Pan, the media tone would be much more different, I am sure there is going to be massive condemnation from the mass media, which is basically controlled by the leftist liberal who thinks all people think alike and should be treated alike. But if it is the animal rights group who accused the religious slaughtering inhumane to the animals, looks like people tend to stand along with the animal rights with a little bit of hidden annoyance against Muslims in their mind. Though animal rights are not something that I find appealing or worth paying attention to, I am more happy to see some restraint of the Islamic gloom in Europe.