Trivial story about Strauss-Kahn

Exclusive story about Strauss-Kahn!

Recently I wrote an article talking about his dramatic legal case in New York and predicted that he is probably going to walk out of it but does not justify him being an old pervert. Well, I was talking about him to my fellow French friends in a random BBQ in the neighborhood. And to my surprise, one of my friends told me that she actually once bumped into him in a train in France and got very unpleasant experience with him.

Here is what happened to my friend basically:

She told me it was many years ago when she was 16 (specifically mentioned) on a train to visit one of her friends in Southern France. She was the only one on the wagon. Then Strauss-Kahn walked in and chose to sit at the very next seat next to her while he had all the choice all over the wagon. That was creepy enough for a little teenage girl travelling along. Not to mention he actually tried to talk to her and flirt with her (by direct quote he was asking why my friend was doing along on the train and uncomfortably fawned about the appearance of my friend). My friend told me specifically that he approached her and talked in a very uncomfortable distance for strangers talk alone on the train. She used an excuse to go to bathroom and moved to other wagon shortly after.

This little story was never forgotten by my friend because of the creep she got from that old man, who later she learned from the TV be to THE Strauss-Kahn. Well, my French friends claim that this dude being a sexual pervert is not really something secretive and unknown in France, but people still would vote for him.

Now that I got the first part of the sentence, but not quite sure why French people still vote for him after knowing his pervasive sexual desire. Either way, that even further proves my point: that the dude deserves this black gold digger, it is just a matter of time when he fucked one of those type to blow everything up. What a disgrace!


The difference between a horny rapist and a lecherous dick

So Dominique Strauss-Kahn soon will be acquitted from the rape charge in New York, as the latest shocking findings unveils the victim‘s disguise of a “innocent and devout Muslim woman from Guinea”. Instead it is suggested that the woman is likely to not only offer the housekeeping service to all hotel customers but her body as well, and occasionally plays the victim trick to blackmail some rich horny bastards like Strauss-Kahn for more money. Looks like in this case, the wannabe victim turns out to be the ultimate evil side who planned to set horny dicks up for their shady behaviors, profiting on the lust and shame of whoremonger. Fair enough, so Strauss-Kahn would soon be off the hook in this case, and all the media is now showing sympathy to Strauss-Kahn’s mistreatment in the US and removing the label of a horny rapist on him. Many journals announced his plan to be back to the French politics. Some even predicted his forthcoming comeback to the French politics could impose a threat to Sarkozy in next year’s French election.

So what? So all of sudden Strauss-Kahn could retrieve all his political credibility and turn stain-free as long as people found out that Guinean maid was actually a whore, and a bad whore who violated the whoring business code 101 – not to trick the client? Sure, legally I am sure he is going to be acquitted and set free of the legal prosecution that crushed his IMF crown and potential support for the French leftists in next year’s presidential election. So he will be a freeman once again. BUT it doesn’t mean he could go back being a genuinely kind-hearted old smart Jew economist and politician that posed clean appearance with women while looking dignifying to attract people’s admiration. I am simply amazed how those media made their U-turn opinions on Strauss-Kahn and developed this gentle tone as if once he’s proven not a rapist he is still eligible as a leader of the French people again.

What a fallacy!

The fact that the maid/whore tried to trick him for blackmailing for his lechery may prove the dude’s innocent legally, but it can not offset the fact that the real victim in this legal case is in fact a lecherous dick who failed to even restrain his pants to an unknown Guinean woman who is supposed to clean his sheet. So he likes to fuck around, so does every competent male in this planet. I could understand the urges. What I can’t understand is that as a high profile he could not even just stab some mistresses or concubines (since his rich wife is very open-minded about that, good for him) that could be much, much more attractive and submissive than a random Guinean maid who lived in poverty. He could have been still enjoying his IMF title and his popularity in France while at the same time satisfying his seeding urges. But he chose the random deceitful hooker (definitely not the first time I bet) and all his little dirty secrets got exposed to the sunlight, which could effectively smother his political vitality he has been building ever since.

Womanizing may be a tolerant behavior in politics (Sarkozy is a good example, or JFK, Clinton etc.), as long as you manage it well your PR. People might even like you better than those cold-blooded stainless political wax statues. If you are good with women, then you are perceived as a natural winner and get likable comments such as charming, charismatic, and Casanova etc. BUT, if you step on the landmines of whoring and get exposed, you will be perceived by a total loser, and people decry your shameless behavior and feel you could not be trusted as a person with integrity and dignity. This is the case with the former governor of the New York State, your political career terminated (Berlusconi isn’t going to last long in his position either, at least the media hates him) People want political figures be to the nearly perfect idol for the people, whom the massive imperfect sinners could look up to. Clearly it has been revealed that Strauss-Kahn failed to exert his public image in this way. That said, his political career ought to be over regardless of him being charged or not in this case. In my view, Strauss-Kahn could whore as much as he wants, as long as he is careful enough to choose the good ones and keep its dirty little secret to him and his stupid wife. But now everyone knows. What does it take for you to vote for a mindless old horny whoremonger, who got into trouble because he wanted to pay to stab, to become the leader of a nation? I bet this argument would not even be fully denied by the leftists who Strauss-Kahn presumably represent for. If France did ambivalently give him another chance in the politics, I would do two things -> 1. Drop my Jaw for 5 seconds, and 2. lose all my respect and hopes for France.