Uighur pickpocket gang

This is, another untold story, of the modern China (I have previously addressed the other untold story: the Wenzhou people).

Any normal Chinese who lives in any of the major cities in China would tell you that such thing is an open secret, an inconvenient truth for the Chinese.

The Uighur are heartless enough to abduct their own kids of 5~10 years old, unanimously ethnically Uighur from the Southern Tarim Basin, smuggle them to the rest of China in the number of hundred and thousand, and force them to become the little pickpockets on the street. I remember 10 years ago while I was still in China the Uighur pickpocket gangs were already widely spread and deeply rooted all over big cities in China, stretching from the hard-core cold-winter Harbin to the subtropical-never-snow Guangzhou. The little kids are usually mistreated, physically abused by the adults so that they could timidly obey to the adults, who usually stay in the shadow to remote control their theft on the street. It’s  an open secret because nobody would want to be bothered with such sensitive issues. People usually chose to ignore them as they are clearly minority on the street, not to mention the pickpockets are usually little kids. Police would never want to make a big deal out of it either. The news media has never (in my memory, never) mentioned the existence of such problems in my city, Changsha, at that time, even though they were everywhere and everyone knew about them. To them, minority crime is always a hot issue that no one would like to touch. At the same time, it has been an incontrovertibly inconvenient truth in China for years. As far as I know, the polices did try to get the kids on the street. But since they were minorities and underage children, they would be soon freed. And the adults are usually off the hook because it’s difficult to get them with solid evidence. Every time the police put the kids on the train to Xinjiang those adults would simply bring them back to other provinces again. It goes on and on, never ending…

I have written an article about my personal experience with the Uighur pickpocket gang many years ago. As much as I am not a big fan of the rabbit-style fertility and religious fanaticism of the Muslim Uighur, I very much sympathize with the misfortune of those children. Today I heard a piece of very inspiring news: 1,332 Xinjiang children rescued from criminals. It seems that Chinese government is gaining confident in bringing the issue out of water to all and publicly admitting its existence and addressing it determinedly subsequently. I remember there was rumor back then that the highly organized Uighur pickpocket gang was somehow related to the Uighur separatists. The profit from such petty crimes must be very lucrative. Oh well, there is every reason to stop them from doing so. Enough said. Just one last suggestion. Instead of giving those kids back to the ignorant Uighur parents who have excessive kids to be abducted and little money to feed them, it’s better to put them for adoption. That’d be a good start to sinicize the Turks.


Peaceful Religion, Peaceful People

Of course, I am talking about the peaceful religion ISLAM and the peaceful people Muslims. But this time the location is a bit different, it’s in Xinjiang, China.

2009 July Uighur Muslims initiated a well-planned riot in Urumqi (迪化) that killed at least 200 unarmed Han Chinese. When this first got exposed by the Western media, the liberal/leftist in the West allied with those Uighur in Western countries and accused Chinese government of using armed force to repress peaceful demonstration of Uighur. The Prime Minister of Turkey Erdoğan even accused China of genocide against the Uighur in Xinjiang. Well, after everyone figured out it was a ruthless and bloody riot from the Muslim Uighur against the Han Chinese, those people then start to talk about “Must respect the minority and protect them from Han retaliation”.

Of course Chinese handled delicately with this case. So only a handful of Uighur thugs were sentenced with extreme penalty, leaving the majority rest safe home making babies with their veiled wives like rabbits after they stormed the Han Chinese shops and beat them to death with knives and stones.

I said: let it be as a lesson to know what those warmonger tribesmen really are and change the strategy to deal with those Turkics. Then this time it happened again. Today the Uighur mobs stormed into a police station in Hotan (和闐), Southern Xinjiang, the stronghold for tribal Muslim warmongers, took hostages in the police station, rioting and wanted to (what they want? like those rebels in Libya?). This is what I read in the Chinese news from Hong Kong (they usually hold a relatively objective views towards such things in China). Funny thing is, once again, I heard two different voices from the English media, how familiar. One ambiguously said 4 people died in the clash with police and accurately quoted from World Uyghur Congress that police opened fire on peaceful demonstrators, which sparked the fighting; whereas the other one, which is more detailed accurately explained (closer to the Hong Kong coverage) that those 4 people are police and hostages held by the mobs in the police station, while also indicating several ATTACKERs were killed as well in the clash.

Honestly, even if the government is really repressing those minorities as demonized by those liberal/leftists in the West, which is literally non-sense in reality (social discrimination, maybe, but systematic repression nowadays? Not a single chance), that is not a justification for such barbaric actions. Having those warmonger uncivilized Muslims does absolutely no good but absolutely toxic to China. They are incapable for modern civilization, assimilation, and coexistence with other groups of people. So the Han Chinese went there and got rich and happy, they think the Chinese took their land and money. But what they never think about is that they NEVER really have or use any of those lands and resources other than herding sheep and building Mosques and crying  By shouting “allahu akbar!” they could well justify their Molotov and machete parties while the local Han Chinese can not really fight back because the central government thinks Uighur are the “minority”.

And to Western liberal/leftists, as long as I despise their behaviors, China is doing on its own. Those guys screwed up the Western civilization pretty much, and no way on earth we could let them mess up China as well. Keep saying that Islam is a peaceful religion and Muslims are peaceful people, and therefore pose no threat whatsoever to modern civilization. And most of all, they should be tolerated and respected a part of cultural diversity.

I say send all those Turkic warmongers to Turkey, good for everyone!