Great Ming Amalgamated Map

This is the oldest world map that has been well preserved in one piece in China, dating back to 14th century, early Ming dynasty. Africa, Europe, Arabia are disproportionally represented in the west part of the map.

More details: See Da Ming Hun Yi Tu in wikipedia

P.S. I will be on a trip away for a week. The blogging progress has been significantly slowed down these days. I have so many unfinished drafts for the time being, and will definitely finish them after I get back.

The deserted Great Wall of China in Hebei



  1. @the slitty eye – “Africa, Europe, Arabia are disproportionally represented in the west part of the map.”

    well, who cares about those backwaters, anyway? bunch o’ barbarians. (~_^)

    1. Lol. Yea. We used to have this sino centric world view, devising different names for barbarians from different direction.

      Interestingly, Chinese only aware of Rome empire and later Byzantine in Europe. When we encountered Europeans in the 16 17 century English, Spanish , they came from east on the sea. We called them Yi, literally meaning the eastern hairy barbarian. Lol

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