Month: March 2018

2017 Top 50 Chinese Cities’ GDP nominal per capita Raw Data Compiling

Raw data here. I thought it’d be interesting to compile a list and do some analysis just to prove how rich Chinese is becoming.

Before the raw data, here are some major conclusions drawn from this 2017 data. Among the top 50 richest cities in China:

  1. 463 million people (30% of total Population of China) lives in these top 50 richest cities, with a whopping 4329 billion USD GDP in total, 15835 USD per capita (comparable to that of Lithuania of 2017: 16443 USD)
  2. Southern China is genuinely richer than Northern China, though not much in terms of population at the moment
  3. One city (Erdos) above Estimated 2017 Average EU GDP nominal per capita 36700 USD
  4. 10 cities above Estimated 2017 GPD nominal per capita of Portugal (Lowest among Western Europe) 20575 USD
  5.  49 cities above Estimated 2017 nominal GDP per capita of Bulgaria (Lowest among EU) 7924 USD
  6.  42 cities above Estimated 2017 nominal GDP per capita of World Average 10038 USD

One exception from this chart is that Erdos, being the richest city in China, isn’t actually quite the same picture in reality. Its GDP is mainly boosted by hard-core mining that is usually not happening in any city’s economic profile. So take it out as you might.

P.S. I have always argued that my city Changsha is pretty rich in spite of constant protest from my friends. It turns out that it is actually richer than Beijing and Shanghai. And we pretty much beat Portugal last year. It is projected that we could take out Spain this year if we are lucky. No?


By Region Cities on list By Province Cities on list
North total 21 Guangdong 4
North 13 Shandong 8
Northeast 4 Inner Mongolia 1
Northwest 1 Jiangsu 9
Northcentral 3 Hunan 1
South total 29 Hubei 1
South 8 Hebei 2
Southeast 14 Shaanxi 1
Southwest 3 Sichuan 1
Southcentral 4 Fujian 3
Zhejiang 5
Jiangxi 1
Guangxi 1
Yunnan 1
Liaoning 2
Jilin 1
Heilongjiang 1
Henan 2
Anhui 1

1 USD = 6.3 CNY

City Province which it belongs to Region Population million GDP nominal 2017 Billion Yuan GDP nominal 2017 billion USD GDP per capita (USD)
Erdos Inner Mongolia North 2.01 471.6 74.62 37125
Shenzhen Guangdong South 10.9 2228.6 352.63 32351
Dongying Shandong North 2.09 419.8 66.42 31782
Wuxi Jiangsu Southeast 6.53 1051.1 166.31 25469
Suzhou Jiangsu Southeast 10.65 1700 268.99 25257
Guangzhou Guangdong South 14.04 2150 340.19 24230
Nanjing Jiangsu Southeast 8.27 1171.5 185.36 22414
Changzhou Jiangsu Southeast 4.71 662 104.75 22239
Hangzhou Zhejiang Southeast 9.19 1255.6 198.67 21618
Changsha Hunan Southcentral 7.65 1020 161.39 21097
Qingdao Shandong North 8.71 1125.8 178.13 20452
Beijing North 21.71 2800 443.04 20407
Ningbo Zhejiang Southeast 7.88 985 155.85 19778
Shanghai Southeast 24.18 3013.3 476.79 19718
Wuhan Hubei Southcentral 10.77 1340 212.03 19687
Tianjin North 15.47 1859.5 294.22 19019
Foshan Guangdong South 8.46 950 150.32 17768
Yantai Shandong North 7.01 755 119.46 17042
Xiamen Fujian South 4 430 68.04 17009
Nantong Jiangsu Southeast 7.3 775 122.63 16798
Shaoxing Zhejiang Southeast 5.01 531.1 84.03 16773
Zibo Shandong North 4.64 488.6 77.31 16662
Dalian Liaoning Northeast 7 736.3 116.50 16643
Jinan Shandong North 7.06 728.5 115.27 16327
Yangzhou Jiangsu Southeast 5 506.4 80.13 16025
Fuzhou Fujian South 7.57 712.8 112.78 14899
Taizhou Jiangsu Southeast 5.08 474.4 75.06 14776
Nanchang Jiangxi Southcentral 5.37 500 79.11 14733
Dongguan Guangdong South 8.32 758 119.94 14415
Zhengzhou Henan Northcentral 10.01 900.3 142.45 14231
Quanzhou Fujian South 8.51 753.3 119.19 14006
Chengdu Sichuan Southwest 15.92 1389 219.78 13805
Hefei Anhui Southcentral 9.37 719.1 113.78 12143
Xian Shaanxi Northwest 9.45 720.6 114.02 12066
Xuzhou Jiangsu North 8.71 660 104.43 11990
Changchun Jilin Northeast 8.8 661.3 104.64 11890
Taizhou Zhejiang Southeast 6.03 438.8 69.43 11514
Shenyang Liaoning Northeast 8.29 587 92.88 11204
Yancheng Jiangsu Southeast 7.24 505 79.91 11037
Tangshan Hebei North 10.24 701.2 110.95 10835
Weifang Shandong North 9.27 632.5 100.08 10796
Kunming Yunnan Southwest 7.26 485.6 76.84 10583
Luoyang Henan Northcentral 6.8 434.3 68.72 10106
Harbin Heilongjiang Northeast 10.63 660.9 104.57 9838
Shijiangzhuang Hebei Northcentral 10.78 655.8 103.77 9626
Wenzhou Zhejiang Southeast 9.19 548.5 86.79 9444
Chongqing Southwest 33.72 1953 309.02 9164
Jining Shandong North 8.08 462 73.10 9047
Nanning Guangxi South 7.52 418 66.14 8795
Linxi Shandong North 10.44 434.5 68.75 6585

International Women’s Day

March 8 has always been a communist propaganda just to fuck with the traditionally male-dominated social order. Though it first started in the States at the beginning of 20th century, the commemoration of such event didn’t gain its prominence until the Bolshevik borrowed and adopted it in Russia decades later. Naturally as a significant signaling of left holiness, it was widely adopted outside the socialist states even before Hippies started the Woodstock orgy party (UN took it serious as early as 1957!).

China, even decades after the leftiest singularity of Cultural Revolution, continued to campaign International Women’s Day as a victory of how female gender manage to break through the old evil family role and try to achieve excellence in every aspect of our beloved communist society except of being a good mother. The message was taken for granted even as late as late 90s and early 00s. I remembered seeing the comic description of female steel worker, female rocket scientist, and female rice farmer everywhere on the street on every March 8 when I was a kid. Hell even I took that granted, believing it’s the only truth about women through all my adolescence. Because it’s a top-down state indoctrination, everyone gets the message in a genial manner, even though most of us at that time have never really seen a female steer worker, or a female scientist. But that doesn’t matter.


Fast forward time to the present being, it’s another good old fashion March 8 again! The government no longer gives too much shit literally to print new posters. The country is inundated with commercials to promote female impulsive consumerism with special “women’s day” concessions. Most people don’t even use the old term “Women’s Day” any more. Now it’s a celebration for “the girls day”, “the queens day”, “the princesses day” and such. Here is just one of the posters for this particular day in nowadays China:


Now women resume being womanly finally, who would even remember that this particular holy day was to commemorate that women should never be objectified and restricted for their own femininity and such? Well, thank holy goddess of Nvwa not China.

But clearly the West still very much remembers that. I just got news that tomorrow in Madrid, Spain, the current temporary residence of mine, tomorrow (Mar 8) the city will hold (organized and encouraged by the communist city government!) 127 street demonstrations in various ares of the city. This year’s slogan is against the unequal pay for women in work place, so all public services will reduce to the minimal maintenance level. That means the metro will reduce its frequency by 40-65% (of course because half of the metro people are women), bus service reduced by 60-80% (too many women bus drivers need to protest that day). And of course that includes hospitals, schools, and even fire fighters! Mass protest is expected and encouraged. The whole city would be left in paralysis. Who cares if it hurts normal average working class to get to work on time, women need to get on the street and shout out loud! Oh, did I forget to mention the city government also organized a parade especially for trannies and lesbians one day before?


2016 Women’s Day Depiction in Madrid

And Spain was actually a new kid in the block who has only submitted to the Cathedral 40 years ago.

History has its final laugh.



The silent resurgence of China

At some point Chinese will have to get over with the obsession how the Chinese civilization dominated and nearly perfected the pre-industrial era. Those sympathetic sentiments are absolutely understandable and quite commonly shared by basically everybody else. Muslims always lament about the loss of Al-andalus. Japan wants to restore its bushido dignity. Spanish never get over their little trifling civil war almost 90 years ago. Even Americans now heart making America great again.

I whine too, a lot. If time machine were invented I’d do as much as I can to get on with it and travel way back to the warring period just to do some serious empire building. But that wouldn’t normally happen. So that only leaves me pure bitterness just like many of us. However, it isn’t that hard to see the reason why those people can’t get over the past is pure and simple, that is, the present being sucks big time for the cynics. Self-loathing is a very useful technique for coping with shittier than expected real-life situations. Chinese, for one are exceptionally prevalent in self-loathing.

Chinese used to hate modern China so much. The biggest dream for most Chinese until quite recently is simply to get out of China and not think about what’s next. Chinese even develop this sense of inferiority complex to the West, as if our penile size weren’t even smaller enough to shrivel the last remaining manhood of Chinese gents in front of others.

At some point, I felt desperate and hopeless. But thankfully this finally comes to an end.

If you look at the Chinese media and social platforms, or even talk to some random guys on the street, you will find things quite different than what I just described above. People are starting to find hope and confidence in the nation-building of China for the first time in history.

Next thing you know, Geely went to become the biggest shareholder of Daimler AG, Shenzhen GDP overtakes Hong Kong, and Xi gets to rule long enough to maintain whatever he is starting to do here.

Oh, and also China is finally tackling with own pesky Muslim and Immigration problems.

We are witnessing something that’s comparable to the nation-building of pre-WWI Kaiser Germany. Luckily there isn’t any retarded ally like Habsburg Austria for China.