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  1. Hi Slitty Eye

    I am a “da bi zi” with an interest in China. I am wondering whether you believe that the Chinese economy is in a bubble which will implode someday. Bubbles can go on for a long time–especially if it is official government policy to keep expanding them, but it seems to me that a day of reckoning will come eventually. All of the Chinese I know–who are middle-class not rich–want to get out and take as much capital with them as possible. They seem to have a presentiment that the shit is going to hit the fan.

  2. I stirred up a lot of trouble on Robert Lindsay’s blog recently, so I’ve decided to take a hiatus to let the people I chased away return to his blog. Until then, I will just post at blogs on Robert’s blogroll, especially the race realist ones. I am a mulatto.

  3. A fellow overseas Chinese here. Good to see more anti-leftist Asians, seriously. If anything is ever going to bring down East Asia, it won’t be a military or economic threat – but an ideological one from the West.

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