The eyesight of the rodent

The old Chinese idiom “鼠目寸光” (The eyesight of the rodent) likens those who fail to apprehend the overall picture or the inferred allusion over the immediate appearance of an object to the rat whose eyesight never goes beyond what is within one inch range of its eyes. It is a very strong word we use to disdain those who are blatantly superficial and only respond to immediate causes and direct effects. In another way of saying, we use it (at least I use it a lot) to express the despise against the intelligently incapable dumb breed.

Unfortunately, rats are the majority.

Emotionally I hate to admit and would seek every possible way to refute it. But rationally I know this is the truth: most people are stupid followers with the eyesight of a rodent.

Evidences are everywhere in the society. If to think beyond the immediate cause and direct effect of an object were the dogma of our everyday life in the society, then there’s no need for Machiavelli to expound the ancient wisdom of social maneuvering; it would be a waste of time for Hazlitt to explicitly debunk the fallacies of many popular economic mantra; our politicians would focus on governance instead of popularity; and of course we would no longer vote and cheer for those who have a better face and make better jokes on the television.

It is intriguing to see how mankind took the wrong path for self-destructive leftism after achieving so much in our history. I have always blamed two things for the plague of leftism: the god-like superior feeling of the liberal intellectuals and the hypnosis from the overwhelming entertaining business that suppress people’s rationality and logic over emotional and psychological resonance.

Putting aside the discussion about the god-like superior feeling of the liberal intellectuals, I have always assumed that the reason why leftist ideas got popular among the public is because people are clouded by the boondoggling show business for their own judgement. Now I would make the correction: most people are born that way and do not have the character to think independently and rationally. The rabble got empowered by the annoying leftists  (the bourgeoisie, the enlightened Jews, the radical protestants, whichever theory fits you the best) and favor the very idea that sparked their delirium. Traditions, religions, and etiquette, which are created to ensure the alphas to steer the societal dynamic, are ravaged and torn into a thousand pieces.

People are given the delusion from the leftists that they are just as smart as those who came up with this idea in the first place. Therefore everyone should be the same and it’s the sacred human right to spread equality, love, and democracy among everyone. Sadly, the ugliest truth that lies beyond this sheer claptrap, that most people can’t think for themselves and must be guided by the few who could, is buried forever deep underneath the ground.

As a result, the whole human civilization is advancing towards a direction based on a few lucky hunch. But of course there are always people who have both the ability to think beyond surface and the intellectual curiosity, who well acknowledges the absurdity of contemporary social realm. Some of them turn into agonized and morose reactionaries; some become opportunists that take advantages of this imbalance to maximize their own desire.

The question is, since there is no way to enlighten most people intellectually, how are we going to devise an idea that could appeal to the rabble that everything leftists promised is simply unrealistic? A new cult? A new movie? A good-looking sophist on the Television?


  1. @the slitty eye – “The question is, since there is no way to enlighten most people intellectually, how are we going to devise an idea that could appeal to the rabble that everything leftists promised is simply unrealistic?”

    i ask myself that same question every now and again (usually over a half-finished bottle of tequila (~_^) ), and … i dunno what the answer is. i keep thinking we in the west need a joan of arc type character to lead the masses in a “battle” againt political correctness, but i don’t know who that would be or what they would have to do to get the masses’ attention. maybe things need to get bad economically (i mean really bad), too, before they would even start to listen. when times are good, why should they bother?

    btw — HAPPY NEW YEAR! (^_^)

  2. problem is, hbd* chich, is that things in this country have been very good for a very long time. even now, when things are bad, they still aren’t bad enough. that brings us to another problem, if things get bad enough for you and me to seek out a joan~of~arc, they will be really bad for those less intelligent, and those will be the people who will see their calls answered by the government as long as you or i have another dollar for them to steal — for the people crying to the government because they bought too expensive of a house or who borrowed a whole lot of money to get a worthless degree from an expensive university. those of us who hold some moral, humble view of ourself may never see life that bad as we will only be able to see it happening and take measures so that it will least effect us.

    The question is, since there is no way to enlighten most people intellectually, how are we going to devise an idea that could appeal to the rabble that everything leftists promised is simply unrealistic?

    We will never convert some of the avowed leftists, therefore there control of the masses lacking the ability to think for themselves will remain in place until the deaths of the leftists they follow. it needs to start in media. people need to realize that by conforming to the latest culture and style, that they are not being nonconformists or individualistic, but are actually being ultra-conformists.

    unfortunately, most people are not intelligent to act upon their own in society or think for themselves, therefore they just do what they see. this is where the problem lies. as long as the idiot box (television) impants images in their mind, the societal conformance programming will continue. they might have the vision of a rat, but it makes for monkey see monkey do.

  3. Our values and opinions are shaped by people with self interests. Once upon a time, a guy found some rocks on the ground. Through clever marketing and control of supplies, he was able to get every groom in the world to fork out three months of salary to buy this rock as a token of his love to the bride. Yes, if all the supply of diamonds are released, that 2 carrot diamond on your finger is worth maybe $5.00.

    As the interest groups of the lower class gets more powerful(as they get bigger and someone courts their vote), things that are beneficial to them are increasingly going to shape the values of the society regardless of how far it deviates from the reality or far fetch it is.

    The parasitic load on our society is a relatively recent event. New parasites usually have not made the evolution needed to not kill the host. I fear for the host.

  4. Sometimes I feel a bit hopeless and this blog is the only way I could express my concern with sanity. It’s disheartening to see how people are hypnotized (or not capable of realizing at all) away from the true reality. I really hope that our realists could gain more public attention in a positive manner. And we are obliged to nurture that very ground here.

  5. I know this is an old thread but I’ve recently been reading your blog and agree with much of what you write. Thanks for writing. As long as there are still people with similar views around there is still hope. But for the majority 鼠目寸光 it is.

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